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Season 1

A Happy Place
On their first mission Dr Parry and Barry search for a woman who is suffering from acute menopause. Brought on by post trauma and the loss of her husband. Or has she really lost him?
Be My Guest
Sam and Jake are under quite a lot of financial pressure due to Jake's redundancy. After much deliberation the couple decide to rent a room to unsuspecting guests. They have several guests and all goes swimmingly until Daffyd arrives.
Suspicious Minds
Mary's beloved dad died a year ago. Two Elvis impersonators reveal that all is not what it seems and that her beloved dad might be the concoction of rose tinted glasses.
Dianne has her own successful online review channel. She has a good following and spends all her time working on it. One day she receives a gadget that changes everything.
Building Bridges
Frank Bridges considers his life and the decisions that he's made to bring him to his current position. In reflection has his life played out the way he's wanted it to so far?
Summers Gone
Summer Bridges is the daughter of Frank, a local businessman with questionable ethics. She's lost.. James and Lexa meet her and try to help her find her way home.
Animal Magic
Documentarians encounter people unable to have relationships due to lifestyle choices and fate. They discover a farm is not as it should be. There is a dark secret and a supernatural story is revealed.
Mr Write
Daniel, a writer, works in a bookshop. A gutless character, steals his masterpiece, sells it as their own work. There is usually a price to pay for this sort of dastardly deed, and someone always pays for it.
Diet of Worms
Gloria, a musician and compulsive eater. The food starts to communicate with her. She develops a taste for insects and worms, then pets and kids. One bite too many which leads to searching for help.
Kumar leaves Sri Lanka to search for a new home. But it's not as easy as he was hoping. He hides in France illegally where a woman helps him find work in a hotel. A diamond salesman visits and his journey continues.
Wrong Game
Burton's story of how he came to reside in Stranding House, helps Dr Parry realise there is more to the residents than at first appeared, and is forced to make some serious decision.
White Bites
Barry is a carer. He cares for his mother Beryl. Through the vale of Beryl's dementia Barry soon learns of a secret that she has hidden from him until now.
Mistaken Identity
A good doctor is one that listens and prescribes the best method to be most effective in healing. Charles Parry is one such doctor.. or is he?

 Season 1 

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