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  • The story is a psycho-drama full of turns of events right from the opening scene and well after the credits. Icaro, a man in his late thirties with a wife and a child he loves and a safe job in a bank, is all of a sudden reminded of his boyhood ambition when Ombra, an eerie creature belonging to his cradle-day memories, reappears in his life. With Ombra back, nothing can ever be the same. Ancient dreams and hidden skeletons plummet the protagonist into spiraling insanity as present and past collide.



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  • Icarus is a particular child, a dreamer who wants to become a poet. Just like in the famous myth, Icaro flies; his is a flight made of words in prose and rhyme. His desire to take flight has always caused him "only hate and trouble". In fact, Father Elio does not want him to cultivate his passion and never misses the occasion to remind him that we must have "feet on the ground". Elio is a violent and discharges his aggression on his son and his wife Eva, who often remains powerless in front of her violence. Ombra, an eerie, mysterious character, who from his cradle is at his side, supports Icaro and his ambitions and protects him from his father's violence. During a long journey, Icaro, together with his three friends, in a tormented and sublime night meets and falls in love with Selene. They decide to marry soon after and Icaro slowly forgets his deep ambitions. The night of the meeting with the beloved woman, in fact, Icarus has chased away Ombra and without him the ordinary life swallows him. A few years after the wedding, they decided to move into a house overlooking a rock, facing a mountain of irresistible charm. Here, in this eagle's nest, their only son, Febo, is born. At the birth of his son, Ombra, who remained on the sidelines to monitor the exploits of Icarus, unexpectedly re-emerges. He returns from Icarus and reminds him of his terrible past and his important desires. When these ancient dreams, forgotten monsters and painful memories resurface to his memory, Icarus falls into a vortex of dramatic events.

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