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Season 1

14 Sep. 2018
Together Forever
Bored suburban married couple, Oscar and June, go on a ski trip that changes their lives forever.
14 Sep. 2018
June must deal with the aftermath of the ski trip, so she decided to fly to Hawaii, which changes her life forever.
14 Sep. 2018
The Lake House
June and Oscar are reunited and must learn to live in a brave new world.
14 Sep. 2018
Oscar and June meet their new neighbors and learn about the way things work in the afterlife.
14 Sep. 2018
Another Place
Oscar helps Mark prepare for a date; June and Kase make a discovery.
14 Sep. 2018
Andre and Sarah
Two Riverside realtors forge a connection.
14 Sep. 2018
Oscar becomes jealous over June's platonic friendship with Kase, so Mark helps him prepare to leave. Meanwhile, June and Kase explore the town together.
14 Sep. 2018
Goodbye Forever
Oscar has had enough, so June faces a decision whether to help Oscar build a boat and escape or go her separate way.

 Season 1 

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