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Episode List


Season 1

16 Sep. 2010
Le Petit Train
Sing along to the Engine Rollcall song in French.
16 Sep. 2010
Edward Laughs at Thomas
Edward cannot help but laugh at Thomas' extraordinary funnel, but the little blue tank engine manages to rise above the teasing.
14 Jan. 2011
TBT: Hiding Henry
To stop the rain from spoiling his lovely green paint and red stripes, Henry hides in a tunnel and refuses to move.
14 Jan. 2011
TBT: Thomas in Trouble
Thomas gets in trouble with a policeman for not having cowcatchers and sideplates.
14 Jan. 2011
TBT: James' Grumpy Day
James is angry because Edward is late again.
18 Feb. 2011
TBT: Edward's Exciting Endeavor
After the big engines tease Edward, a driver and fireman feel sorry for him and decides to take him out for a run.
18 Feb. 2011
TBT: Disruptive Delivery
Some naughty cows stray onto the line and break Edward's train of trucks.
18 Feb. 2011
TBT: Henry's Favorite Forest
There is one place on Sodor that Henry loves the most - the forest.
18 Feb. 2011
TBT: Thomas and the Special Announcement
The Fat Controller has a plan and summons all his engines to the station.
14 Jun. 2011
Cranky Breaks
Cranky breaks his crane arm when he tries to lift Thomas.
14 Jun. 2011
Thomas Saves the Clown Show
Thomas successfully delivers Mr. Bubbles' bubble liquid and saves the children's clown show.
14 Jun. 2011
Thomas and Rosie
Thomas and Rosie play in a muddy puddle.
14 Jun. 2011
Thomas and the Puddle
Thomas doesn't think his game of "splish, splash, splosh" is very fun when he races through a muddy puddle and soaks Sir Topham Hatt and Alicia Botti.
14 Jun. 2011
Rocky Helps Thomas
After being knocked off the tracks by a giant snowball, Gordon fetches Rocky to lift him back onto the line.
14 Jun. 2011
Hero of the Rails: Thomas and Spencer
While racing Spencer across the island, Thomas' brakes fail and he ends up running into a seemingly-deserted woods.
14 Jun. 2011
Hero of the Rails: Thomas Meets Hiro
Thomas finds an old broken-down engine called Hiro in the woods.
14 Jun. 2011
Hero of the Rails: Thomas Surprises Spencer
The morning after their race, Spencer is surprised to see Thomas so cheerful.
14 Jun. 2011
Hero of the Rails: Thomas Tells Victor
Thomas has to tell Victor about old Hiro. Victor is always happy to help a friend.
14 Jul. 2011
Sir Topham Hatt's Twin
Thomas mistakes Sir Topham Hatt for his brother, Sir Lowham Hatt. He realizes that he could have avoided a lot of delay if he'd asked a question to start with.
14 Jul. 2011
Bertie Breaks Down
Thomas finally finds the real Sir Topham Hatt with a broken down Bertie and he is not amused.
14 Jul. 2011
James Painted Pink
James is getting a new coat of paint. Workmen just finish his pink undercoat when Sir Topham Hatt sends him on an important job. James is not best pleased.
16 Aug. 2011
Diesel, James, and the Pink Paint Troubles
Painted pink, James tries to hide from Devious Diesel behind some coal cars.
23 Sep. 2011
Being Percy
Being small, Percy has trouble being heard at Brendam Docks.
23 Sep. 2011
Edward and Charlie
Charlie and Edward have a fun time out on the tracks.
23 Sep. 2011
Charlie's Joke
Charlie thinks Edward is too old to be fun. Edward doesn't agree.
24 Oct. 2011
Being Gordon
Percy tries to be just like Gordon.
24 Oct. 2011
Kevin Helps Out
Kevin has a go at fixing Sir Topham Hatt's car.
24 Oct. 2011
Apologetic Percy's Lesson
Percy learns that he is perfect just being himself.
23 Nov. 2011
Proud Percy
Percy puts everything right after a spell of poor behavior.
13 Jan. 2012
Toby & Bash
After a busy day, Toby takes Bash back to his shed at Arlesdale End.
13 Jan. 2012
James and Toby On Call
Toby is to assist James who is the rescue engine for the day. James doesn't think he needs help from an old steam tram.
23 Feb. 2012
Percy and the Mail
Percy is so busy being like Gordon that he steams straight through Maithwaite without stopping to pick up the mail.
23 Feb. 2012
As Good as Gordon
Feeling as good as Gordon, Percy offers to take Alicia Botti to Knapford.
23 Feb. 2012
Fun Edward
Trying to show Charlie how much fun he can be, Edward decides to chase after Bertie and the mechanic so that he can fix Sir Topham Hatt's car.
23 Feb. 2012
Thomas Meets the Giraffe
Thomas has to take a giraffe to the Animal Park, but leaves the docks without waiting for its keeper.
30 Mar. 2012
Thomas and the Giraffe
When he arrives at a low bridge, Thomas has trouble getting the giraffe to sit down.
30 Mar. 2012
The Snowy Owl
With the help of James and Thomas, Toby discovers that the Whistling Woods isn't scary after all.
27 Apr. 2012
Edward Feeds the Giraffe
Edward and Percy gives Thomas' giraffe some apples and leaves to eat, hoping it will persuade the animal to sit down.
27 Apr. 2012
Thomas and the Soccer Team
Sir Topham Hatt puts Thomas in charge of assigning the engines' jobs on the day of Sodor United's big soccer game.
31 May 2012
The Scaredy Engine
Toby realizes that you are never too old to ask for help when he gets a fright in the Whistling Woods.
31 May 2012
Trouble at the Animal Park
When Thomas arrives at the Animal Park, the giraffe he's transporting refuses to wake up. Thomas has to go back to the docks and fetch the animal's keeper.
14 Nov. 2012
The Animal Park
Thomas collects more leaves and apples for the Animal Park to replace the ones the giraffe ate.
14 Nov. 2012
Emily and Percy's Apple Accident
Emily and Percy quarrel over a car of apples and it ends up tipping over.
3 Dec. 2014
Gordon and Rocky Rescue Thomas
Gordon isn't strong enough to rescue Thomas from the snow, so he fetches Rocky.
5 Dec. 2014
Thomas and Rosie's Rainy Day Game
It's a rainy day on Sodor, but that doesn't bother Thomas and Rosie who decide to play a game with the muddy puddles.
18 Apr. 2013
Thomas and the Piglets
Farmer Trotter sends Thomas to collect some straw from Farmer McColl for his pigs.
8 May 2013
Thomas and the Buzzy Bees
Thomas is carrying bees, but he loses them while passing a field of flowers. How can he get them back in their hives?
16 May 2013
Percy's New Friends
By being quiet and gentle, Percy is able to make friends with some animals in the woods.
23 May 2013
Thomas & His New Tall Friend
Thomas is given a tall giraffe to take to the Animal Park.
6 Jun. 2013
Thomas and the New Piglets
Thomas delivers the straw to Farmer Trotter's Pig Farm just in time and soon the new piglets are born.
4 Jul. 2013
Henry's Good Deeds
Rare bird, the Sodor Warbler, has returned to Sodor and Henry is to deliver a nesting pole to Bluff's Cove for it.
20 Feb. 2014
The Buzzy Bees
Using a flatbed of flowers as bait, Thomas persuades the bees to return to their hives and he safely takes them to Farmer Trotter.