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Season 1

13 May 2019
After a young boy crashes through L.A. traffic with his dead nanny in the back seat, Syd and Nancy discover a connection to a drug cartel.
13 May 2019
Sydney's search for Knox uncovers Nancy's past. The Bens investigate a murder committed during a live stream.
13 May 2019
Con Air
L.A.'s Fines investigate a body falling from the sky whilst the Ben's investigate cars being dumped in remote locations. Nancy's past is catching up with her and creating problems.
20 May 2019
Déjà Vu
McKenna agrees to help Syd get the stolen fentanyl into police custody without anyone guessing their involvement. Izzy's strange behavior distracts McKenna and Syd sees a ghost from her past.
20 May 2019
While fighting with their own personal complications, Syd and McKenna try to find the killer of a transgender woman; Syd must face her past as the hunt for Knox intensifies; McKenna helps Izzy deal with her grief.
27 May 2019
...My Lovely
The Bens investigate the killing of the transgender woman. Dante' gets Nancy's help whilst Syd figures out her scavenger hunt.
27 May 2019
Book of Secrets
Syd deals with Joseph having another daughter. Nancy the Bens and Dante chase Arlo. Carlene continues Knox's operations.
3 Jun. 2019
Dead Men Tell No Tales
Nancy has to face Patrick about Dante. Patrick enlists Carlene's services. Syd has to make a decision about her sister's shooter. The Bens investigate a murder that isn't what it seems.
3 Jun. 2019
Dangerous Minds
Nancy's past keeps getting more interesting. The Bens continue to investigate Squeakie's murder and the heist. Bishop gets targeted to try and get to Knox. Carlene becomes more interesting and powerful.
10 Jun. 2019
Enemy of the State
Isabel does some digging in Nancy's past. Nico has a big decision to make. La's Finest continue to investigate Squeakie's murder and the heist. Nancy embeds herself further into Bishops operations.
10 Jun. 2019
After a stunning discovery. Syd and McKenna debate who they can trust moving forward while also investigating a death that took place at a scenic Los Angeles park.
17 Jun. 2019
Carlene makes a power play and deals with the consequences. The DEA makes things difficult for the team. Warren tries to break from Carlene. Syd, Nancy and the Bens search for Carlene. Isabel gets to face her Demon.
17 Jun. 2019
Bad Girls
Carlene continues with her extortion plan and escape. Warren is given an ultimatum. The team search for Carlene to recover the kids.

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