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Not worth watching, unless you are a fanboy
mabor0shi20 December 2018
If you are thinking "I really liked the show, so this should at least be worth my time." you are just like all the people who wasted their time watching this. Don't be like us. It seems like it was made by fans of the series as a student project during freshman year at Anime Junior College. It is barely animated, very short, devoid of plot, and uninteresting. Still, it is slightly amusing and it kinda has the characters you like from the series in it. If you want more of the series, try watching it over again, this time dubbed or subbed version, whichever is new to you.
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Upbeat and fun TV-Series
peterfmodel17 August 2019
This is a common occurrence with anime. When you look at the story and the animation you may be quick to dismiss a show as childish or silly, but if you watch it you discover it very entertaining and anything but childish. No Game No Life is a classic example. The animation looks cheap, the story seems silly, yet when you watch the show all these elements fall into place to create an excellent story. The animation style works very well considering the upbeat and fun feeling of the show. The story seems silly, but in reality holds an amazing amount of depth. It has some fan service and you need to ignore that, but it's not overwhelming. This is a real fun story which I would highly recommend Season 1 TV-Series to anyone, except a minor.
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