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Great show for cineasts!
sherlock-holm16 October 2018
This show is great! It's paced excellently, it looks awesome, it's got all of the people you would wanna hear talk about horror and it's got one of the best tv intros I've seen!

Edgar Wright, Tom Savini, Greg Nicotero, Elijah Wood, Quentin Tarantino, John Landis, are just some of the people talking about the horror genre. It's insightful, interesting, fun, and it's all made for the people who love the horror genre. So, watch it and enjoy the best show of horror out there!
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Good stuff for any horror geek out there
TwistedContent2 November 2018
First off, I gotta oppose to those reviews that give 1/10's because "it's political". I understand exactly why they call it that, but the political stuff is ultimately not that biased & there's not much of it, it really does not "sit on the nose". As a life-long devoted horror cinema & literature fan, I can only enjoy 40 minutes of awesome, known horror people talking about their favorite thing passionately. I have to admit, that some of the information the series provide is already an average horror geek's general knowledge, but it does not lessen the excitement to watch the series. Each of the 40minutes-long episodes is dynamic and consistent enough for the episode to feel like it's only 20 minutes long. An easy, informing, entertaining, laid-back watch. And If you're not much into the horror genre, then, well, you won't find any of this interesting. My rating after seeing 4 episodes: A solid 7/10.
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Zombie episode was a letdown.
ironhawk-3033630 October 2018
I was very disappointed by the first episode, which is about Zombies. Much of the episode was devoted to AMC's shameless self-promotion of their Walking Dead tv series. As for the history of the Zombie sub-genre of horror, this show really lacked substance. The film-makers took all the credit, never mentioning the writers who were the real creative forces. How can they completely ignore the fact that THE WALKING DEAD tv show is based on a comic? They later discuss RE-ANIMATOR without ever mentioning the original story by HP Lovecraft. Worst of all, there is not a single mention of Richard Matheson's 1954 novel I AM LEGEND, which laid the groundwork for modern zombie films, including George Romero's NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.
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For the fans
Bryan-7 November 2018
Lots of great cameos by influential film buffs, such as Tarantino, and actors show up regularly too. Each episode focuses on a different aspect of horror and moves along at a nice pace to fit as many movies in as they can. I can't picture myself watching this more than once but for what it is it's great.
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Terrific series, smart and funny commentary, no dull moments
Justin_Nichols17 October 2018
Watched the whole thing through the AMC app and I am seriously impressed. I'm not a big fan of Eli Roth's films, but he definitely knows his horror/thriller history and you can see his love for them and for movies in general. The quality of this series is way above similar efforts, from the camera work on the interviews to the writing and editing -- really slick and fast-moving. Way, way better than James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction, which was slow and boring. There are tons of different experts, most of them big-time filmmakers and actors but also horror scholars who have some really interesting takes on what made these films classics. The segment on The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is particularly great: it puts the shock and gore in context of Vietnam and slaughterhouse workers who lost their jobs to machines. But there's also lots of cool stuff about makeup effects, etc. And plenty from Stephen King and his horror writer son Joe Hill, who along with John Landis and Quentin Tarantino always have something funny or interesting to say.
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A surprisingly intriguing series..
Cox-Rocker24 November 2018
I'm a huge fan of horror movies, and I knew pretty much everything that was said in terms of history and what not, but I was still throughly glued to the series during the show. Each episode is done well, we get great speakers, and the show doesn't feel biased. My personal favorite sub-genre of horror is slashers, so I was pleasantly surprised it was a 2 part episode. I highly recommend this for horror movie fans, people who are curious about horror movies, or any movie fan in general. It's very informative, entertaining, and flows nicely. It doesn't drag on and never feels repetitive. A very fresh and exciting documentary.
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1 episode is a catastrophe.
Hit0kiri9 January 2019
First episode is supposed to be about zombie movies but more than half of the episode they speak about Walking Dead TV show. The didnt even mention Resident Evil movie which went further than all other movies in zombie species. And more it was Resident Evil movie that brought zombie topic back on the screens in 2000s not "28 days later". Nothing about "I am a Legend" too. So this episode is a commercial and has nothing to do with history. All other episodes are good and informative. Sad that there were nothing about sci-fi horror movies like Aliens and so on. But maybe they release it in near future.
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PopCultureThoughts.Com (Season 1)
popculturethoughts15 June 2019
AMC's seven-episode docu-series about, well, the history of horror hits just about all the right notes. Divided into six categories over seven episodes, the show covers ghosts, demons, slashers, vampires, creatures and zombies with clarity and succinctly articulated ideas, thanks to a generous amount of footage from the movies themselves augmented by an intriguing array of talking head interviews. While many of the participating interviews are some of the usual suspects (including Jamie Lee Curtis, Stephen King and Mick Garris, among others), it's interesting that producer-creator-host Eli Roth has chosen a diversity of unique voices, and it gives the series compelling, wide-ranging perspectives on all things horror. It's a good place for non-fans to get acquainted with the various themes running through the genre over the decades, while genre fans will find plenty to appreciate.
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Mostly very good
stantims229 December 2018
Most everything about the series is good: topics, interviews, clips. The only reason to remove a star is that each episode picked one film to do a deep-dive on, and it chewed up too much time for the episode.
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Brings on the gore
juliddcross19 October 2018
I guess they put this on so late because it's filled with gory kills -- yay! The zombies episode was really good and crammed full of information, with lots about George Romero (makes sense). Edgar Wright talks about Shaun of the Dead, which is one of my favorite movies. He and Eli Roth are both smart and hot. Can't wait for the slashers episode!
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Informative, educational, historical brings back memories of the horror classics!
blanbrn13 November 2018
"AMC" network has done it again as this series is a big winner, it features film director Eli Roth talking about the horror genre with episodes that are broken down into different topics. They range from footage and discussions with directors, stars, and film historians, who give their opinions and take on the classics and what made the horror genre so respected today and how it shaped pop culture. Showcased are slasher films, creatures, monsters, demons, vampires, and ghosts, now that bring back memories it makes you enjoy the horror works much more when you find out info and receive opinions on them from the likes of Stephen King, Jamie Lee Curtis, Linda Blair and many others. And the footage and scenes are top notch as each episode shows how the showcased topic lead to other creations and branch out to respect thru the years. Overall cool fun series to watch for any horror pop culture fan.
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Everything you want in a horror series
Countess_Suprema23 October 2018
Top names in horror who rarely if ever give interviews, including Stephen King. Great clips that break down the filmmaking -- like how the shower scene in Psycho was put together, or the way Wes Craven shot Drew Barrymore's kitchen scene in Scream. Interesting commentary from people who know their stuff -- shows how people like George Romero and Edgar Wright used these films as allegories for what was going on in society at the time. But the show also has lots of funny parts -- these are smart people with great senses of humor. A real horror fan needs a good sense of humor!
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Great! But too many spoilers for a new/young fan.
vampture11 March 2019
I binge watched all the episodes and loved it BUT, I've seen all the movies discussed. There are way too many spoilers for a new/young fan. They reveal and discuss endings and that's a sin to me.

I've never liked any Eli Roth movie but went away from this with a new respect for him for putting this together. Now I'm watching his 'Death Wish' and enjoying it. I like Eli with a cast of adults I guess... but I've really hated all his past movies with obnoxious teens.
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Eli isn't qualified and is pandering to big Hollywood
chimera-7695823 February 2019
It was great to see the stars of classic films. Seeing Alex Winter or Dee Williams is a horror movie fan's dream. Greg Nicotero is the only one in a recurring cast of three qualified to talk on the subject. Roth and Rob Zombie make mediocre to terrible films that don't go past the slasher genre. Over aggrandization of people who arguably make family horror comedy and are are commercially successful over some true classics is sad. I respect Greg for his contributions to the genre, but Roth and Zombie are arguably in qualified and biased to their genres, and films that are not going to live on. A lot of great choices in films were defeated by choices of commercially popular films like Roth wants to be notice by bigger directors. Watch to see some classic actors and writers make commentary. Yet take it with a grain of salt due to the lack of speaking to true classics of the genre. It was made with safety that might give Roth a budget for a better film, hopefully Rob leaves his poor choices in pursuing cheap slasher films that increasingly features his wife, who has the acting talent of her husband's directorial talent. Fun to see classic film actors, sad to see the lost curated in such a cheap commercial way.
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