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21 Mar. 2017
What Is Surge of Power?
In this first episode, Surge of Power is discussed, starting with the first Surge of Power project, "Surge of Power: The Stuff of Heroes", introducing cinema's first out gay superhero and the sequel, "Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel".
26 Feb. 2017
Surge Meets John Barrowman
Surge interviews openly gay actor, John Barrowman, at Salt Lake Comic Con. Barrowman rose to fame as the pan-sexual Captain Jack Harkness in the popular British science fiction TV show "Doctor Who."
1 May 2017
The NBC Interview
Surge discusses an interview on NBC News where Vincent J. Roth was invited into the NBC studio on April 3, 2005 to discuss the movie and its upcoming screening of 'Surge of Power: The Stuff of Heroes'.
15 May 2017
Surge Meets June Lockhart
Surge interviews actress June Lockhart at The Hollywood Autograph Show in Los Angeles, California. Lockhart is best known as Maureen Robinson, the mother in the 1960s TV show 'Lost in Space'.
5 Jun. 2017
Sequel Sneak Peak "Comedians" Scene
Surge treats viewers to a sneak peak at 'Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel' by showing an entire scene from the sequel, featuring the Las Vegas comedy team of Tony and Lloyd.
19 Jun. 2017
Surge Meets Rebecca Staab
Surge interviews actress Rebecca Staab at Echo Park in Los Angeles. Staab is the original Susan Storm in the original "Fantastic Four" movie made by Roger Corman in 1994.
2 Jul. 2017
What Does the Surge Emblem Mean?
Openly gay superhero, Surge, answers fan question on how the Surge emblem was created and what does it mean. Surge invites executive producer, Vincent J. Roth, to explain how he came up with the Surge emblem.
16 Jul. 2017
Surge Meets Reb Brown
Surge interviews actor Reb Brown, Steve Rogers Jr., aka Captain America, from the 1979 TV movie.
1 Aug. 2017
The Stuff of Heroes Theatrical Premiere
From the red carpet of the 'Surge of Power: The Stuff of Heroes' theatrical premiere. This event marks the release of the first movie and memorializes Surge as cinema's first out gay superhero. Featuring Nichelle Nichols and Noel Neill.
21 Aug. 2017
Surge Meets Kevin Sorbo
Surge interviews actor Kevin Sorbo at Salt Lake Comic Con. Kevin Sorbo is famous for playing Hercules on the hit TV show 'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.'
4 Sep. 2017
The Battle Suit
Display of the Surge of Power 'battle suit' at the famous Masquerade at San Diego Comic Con in 2004.
19 Sep. 2017
Surge Meets Walter Jones
Surge is at Salt Lake Comic Con and interviews Walter Jones, the original Black Power Ranger from 'Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.' Walter portrayed the Black Ranger in 85 episodes of the original American series.
3 Oct. 2017
The Fox News Interview
FOX News was at the World Premiere of "Surge of Power: The Stuff of Heroes" on August 29, 2004 outside the Arbor Cinema theater in Austin, Texas.
17 Oct. 2017
Surge Meets Jack Coleman
Surge interviews Jack Coleman at the Hollywood Autograph Show in Los Angeles, CA. Jack is gained broad attention for his role of Noah Bennet on the hit television series 'Heroes'.
21 Nov. 2017
Surge Meets Paul McGann
Surge interviews Paul McGann at the Salt Lake Comic Con. Paul McGann became widely known to American audiences for his portrayal of the Eighth Doctor in the Dr. Who movie, series, and audio books.
22 Dec. 2017
Christmas Special: Surge Meets Spider-Boy
A special Christmas episode. The photo of the young boy in the Spider-Man costume was so popular we gave him his own episode. Watch Spider-Boy interview Surge at New Jersey Comic Expo.

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