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5 Apr. 2016
Episode dated 5 April 2016
Dave's topics include headscarves on flight attendants, offensive hairstyles, and Hillary Clinton's opinion on the rights of the unborn.
5 Sep. 2017
#RegressiveNews: 5th of September 2017
Ecosexuality is a thing. is forced to censor one of its users. University of Texas professor Frank Dykes wants to "queer" higher education.
12 Sep. 2017
#RegressiveNews: 12th of September 2017
Dave discusses renaming hurricanes after political enemies, "fetishizing" skill in video games, an epidemic of rape in Sweden, hackable sex robots, and more.
19 Sep. 2017
#RegressiveNews: 19th of September 2017
The new Emmy award ceremony is a three-hour Trump-hate fest. An electoral commission suggests banning internet trolls from voting. A Washington Post writer claims that Donald Trump is literally killing him.
26 Sep. 2017
#RegressiveNews: 26th of September 2017
The Free Speech rally at UC of Berkeley fizzles out. College students approve of violence against "fascists". A headline at the Independent mistakenly calls Sonequa Martin-Green the first black lead in "Star Trek".
3 Oct. 2017
#RegressiveNews: 3rd of October 2017
A MAGA hat thief complains of genocide. A political science professor exposes his wrongthink on feminism and transgender rights. An SJW course instructor encourages criminal justice students to take on same-sex partners.
10 Oct. 2017
#RegressiveNews 10th of October 2017
Dove apologizes for its supposedly racist soap ad. It is now only a misdemeanor to intentionally infect someone with HIV in California. Michelle Obama is embarrassed by too many white people in governance.
16 Oct. 2017
#RegressiveNews: 16th of October 2017
Dave creates a list called Leftist Business Strategy in 20 Steps.
24 Oct. 2017
#RegressiveNews 24th of October 2017
YouTube removes a video by Paul Joseph Watson called "The Dumbest Liberal Ever". Protesters plan to "scream helplessly into the sky" on the anniversary of Donald Trump's election.
31 Oct. 2017
#RegressiveNews 31st of October 2017
Don Lemon laughs at the idea of anti-white racism. Buzzfeed writers discover they have abnormally low testosterone. A bisexual college student is censured for criticizing the anti-gay laws in Muslim countries.
7 Nov. 2017
#RegressiveNews: 7th of November 2017
An academic paper called "Black Anality" condemns "anal ideologies". A white man in Portland, OR, is slammed for running against three black women for a council seat.
14 Nov. 2017
#RegressiveNews 14th of November 2017
The EU creates a mega-army. Small desks create a hostile environment for fat students. The comedian Hari Kondabolu is offended by Apu of "The Simpsons".
28 Nov. 2017
#RegressiveNews 28th of November 2017
CNN wants to ban the term "fake news". The New York Times pathologizes masculinity.
5 Dec. 2017
#RegressiveNews: 5th of December 2017
Google has 10,000 persons to censor YouTube. Facebook is banning women who call men "scum".

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