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18 Aug. 2017
California Girls
It's Holly's debut episode and she's featuring the 1984 lost classic California Girls!.
25 Aug. 2017
Heavenly Bodies
Holly has her legwarmers on for a great workout because Heavenly Bodies is on.
1 Sep. 2017
Vice Academy
Holly is in training to become a vice cop like the ladies in Vice Academy.
8 Sep. 2017
Hot T-Shirts
Its time to look at the soft underbelly of the rough and tumble world of wet t-shirt contests!.
15 Sep. 2017
Hamburger: The Movie!
What was a worse career decision for Dick Butkus? Working for the XFL or starring in HAMBURGER: THE MOTION PICTURE? Oh and we introduce a new contest on the show this week.
22 Sep. 2017
Hot Splash!
Holly brings a movie with a lot of heat but not much splashing. She also introduces a new segment called 'Holly's Midnight Male Sack!' with letters from the audience. Oh and STREGA is in this one!!.
6 Oct. 2017
Hot Times
With Holly J. coming down with something, Chad needs a fill-in hostess this week. A topless pizza girl gives him an idea.
13 Oct. 2017
Summer Camp
Holly's back and getting ready to go to Summer Camp. Helpful hints on how to avoid being the victim of a panty raid highlight this epic return from illness for Holly.
20 Oct. 2017
Takin' it Off!
Holly thinks she's hosting a movie about taking clothes off. But a crafty crew person knows her secret weakness. Will HOLLY be the one to be "Takin' it Off" find out by watching the latest exciting episode of MIDNIGHT OWL TV.
27 Oct. 2017
Halloween Special!
Holly's all dressed up for Halloween but this week's movie is CURSED. It's Holly Vs. Holly this week on Midnight Owl TV!!.
10 Nov. 2017
Midnight Owl Bikini Contest Double Feature!
Midnight Owl TV's bikini contest double feature. We show the history of the sport of bikini contests and even have one of our own!!.
24 Nov. 2017
Beverly Hills Girls
Holly rocks out while watching Beverly Hills Girls.
1 Dec. 2017
Hooters' Choice
The fans were given a chance to pick an upcoming episode and they chose Rock Video Girls!!.
8 Dec. 2017
The Big Bet!
This week we find out about Holly's side job as a bookie. We also have a special feature on the legendary Sylvia Kristel. Oh and ERIC FREEMAN shows up!!!.
29 Dec. 2017
Hollywood Hot Tubs
It's the season finale and both MOTV hostesses are present and accounted for - in a HOT TUB!!.

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