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Staten Island Holiday Spectacular

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3 Aug. 2017
The Q-Pay
Host Joey Fatone joins Joe, Sal, Murr and Q to go behind the scenes of this episode of Impractical Jokers. See Murr let his hair down and find out what happens when the guys get recognized while shooting.
10 Aug. 2017
Rubbed the Wrong Way
Join host Joey Fatone as he sits down with Joe, Q and Murr to talk about this episode. Find out how easy it was for the guys to snag digits in the food court.
17 Aug. 2017
Flatfoot the Pirate
Sal and Joe hang out with host Joey Fatone to discuss tonight's episode. Joe reveals which Jokers are each other's favorites, Sal learns about FOMO, and Colin and Casey Jost stop by. Plus, a sneak peek into next week's episode.
24 Aug. 2017
Remember the Pact
Murr and Joe team up with Joey Fatone to talk about tonight's episode. Find out which of the guys has been "vanbumbled" by family and what exactly lives in the folds of Murr's blankie. Plus, get a sneak peak of next week's episode.
31 Aug. 2017
Silence of the Lame
Murr, Q and a late arrival sit down with host Joey Fatone to talk about tonight's episode, Silence of the Lame. Plus, Lori Greiner of Shark Tank gives her take on some of the Jokers' most memorable (and terrible) product pitches.
14 Sep. 2017
The Walking Dread
Host Joey Fatone chats with Impractical Jokers Murr, Q and Joe about their latest episode. The guys share what went on behind the scenes at the Botanic Garden, and actress Victoria Justice pops by to reveal how she met Joe.
28 Sep. 2017
Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Murr and Joe hang with host Joey Fatone to discuss their latest episode and share bonus clips. Comedian Roy Wood, Jr. brings some photos, and Joe talks about facing down an angry Mets Mom - and pitcher Noah Syndergaard.
5 Oct. 2017
The Party Crasher
Joey Fatone talks with Joe, Q and Murr about tonight's episode. Find out how Murr could have easily broken his neck and what it would take for actress Tristin Mays to go on a date with him.
12 Oct. 2017
Dover and Out
Joey Fatone corrals Sal, Joe and Q, plus Comic Book Men's Bryan Johnson, to discuss tonight's episode. Q walks us through his cringe worthy punishment, and Bryan shares some amazing vintage photos from his friendship with the guys.
2 Nov. 2017
G.I. Jokers
After such an epic season finale, you won't want to miss out on the aftermath, as host Joey Fatone sits down with the Impractical Jokers to recap one awesome episode, and an amazing season. Plus, Murr's wig gets a very special goodbye.

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