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Another good episode
liwaak25 July 2018
This season has been so good, the best season of the series for sure. Let's just hope that the last two episodes really stands up. I kind of feel sad for Octavia because she was put in that position and I just hope that she finds her self again. 10/10
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Too many betrayals and every one with a new agenda every episode!
Sys1em29 July 2018
I like season 5 dont get me wrong, but with the amount of people changing sides is getting really overwhelming

First Clarke and her child, from one side to another. Belame and changing sides and making his own plans Deusa and changing sides and changing sides again Kane and changing sides

It is just too much betrayal and too many sides they take every episode
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Impossible choices
ilklucg23425 July 2018
So, this review is going to consist of two parts. First, my non-spoilery review, and after that, a spoiler discussion/reaction about the episode.

This was an intense and disturbing episode. The more that was revealed about the Dark Year, the more shocked I was. The plots tied in perfectly with each other, and the episode ended at a really intense situation, that has me scared for the next two episodes. As of right now, this is probably my favorite season of the whole show. Who knew that a show, whichs 3rd season I hated, could catch itself in such an amazing manner and have me at the edge of my seat the whole time? I am most certainly impressed.

The acting of everyone was top notch. There is not much more I can say to this, without going into spoiler territory.

But I definitely recommend watching this episode. This season in general. It is just an amazing journey.

(SPOILER FROM THIS POINT FORWARD!) As soon as the "previously on The 100" started playing, I had to pause to get some food. Because I don't think I would have survived it otherwise. Even then, I wasn't ready to start the episode. But once I started, I immediately regretted the food part, due to Abbie vomiting. Which was delightful. As soon as McCreary walked in to the room where Clarke and Madi just tried to save Abbie, I thought now it would escalate. But it didn't. They somehow had a casual conversation in the next scene and I was just like "???". So yeah. I mean, of course, he spilled some threats and everything. But I would have expected him to immediately get rid of the two.

The Murphy - Raven - Shaw dynamic is amazing and I want a million more scenes of that please.

One thing that starts to bother me is Clarke kind of not giving a damn about anyone else... I mean, I do understand her motivations, but I would have liked to at least see more remorse or inner conflict from her.

It was obvious that they resorted to cannibalism in the dark year, but I was surprised to see it reavealed that early on. It definitely made me wonder what else was in store for us this episode.

Oh, and I also want more of this Murphy, Raven, Echo and Emori dynamic. Because yes. HOWEVER How freaking stupid was that plan? AND WHY, SHAW? WHY? <-- Back when I thought they'll be captured. Then I was like: YASSSS show me them badass fighting skills!

The dinner scene was really hard to watch. I was definitely not prepared for this.

I want to use this platform to express my deepest respect and love for the character Diyoza. At first I disliked her, now she is one of my favorite characters. I really hope she survives this season.

The Bellarke family really has a rough spot this episode. I still feel bad for Octavia, even though she did a lot of stupid and gruesome things in the past few episodes. But I really held out hope for something in the Dark Year to be responsible for her actions.

I had this theory early on, which I already commented on the YouTube-Video of the promo of this episode, that I think someone was pregnant (Abby) and Octavia had to shoot the baby. At least that's what it sounded like to me. But Abby suggesting that Octavia makes it a crime not to be a cannibal was extremely rough and disturbing. And Octavia acting on it and killing those who refused was even more screwed up. I do understand the mindset, though. She wants them to survive. Without food they die. When they are starved, they are not useful anymore when they're dead, so killing them now before its too late is sort of logical. Screwed up, but logical. But it was still extremely hard to watch.


But Kane's decision to turn against Wonkru was shocking, to be honest. It made sense. But still. I was not prepared for this. And I am not prepared for the losses we are probably going to suffer.


So once again, all I can say is that this is my favorite season of this show, even beating season 2 and season 4, and I cannot wait for the two part finale.
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Still feel like I'm watching season 2 again.
sauconyrun25 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
While season 2 and 4 are my favorites. This season has too many mirrors/similarities to season 2.Hopefully the last 2 episodes will change my mind as we now have Wonkru matching into Shallow valley like the grounders marching into Mount Weather.
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I expected more..
isabellaluiza0828 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Of all the current post apocalyptic shows was the most compelling series. All four seasons well structured, but this fifth ... the series begins to extend more than it needs. Out of nowhere a spaceship appears, considering that during all these decades were in space and one of them, full of criminals and miners appears and decides to return to the ground. Both sides instead of an acceptable agreement choose a war. A war in the only fertile soil remaining after the explosion of radiation. It's very pretentious, they're selling us superfluous stories and a war with no sense whatsoever. I hope the season ends with dignity and that the series has a sense and mastery to finish when it still makes sense. Personally the biggest flaw of the series today is rendering episodes for money, prolonging stories without necessity, making the viewer an idiot and hoping that we do not notice the play.
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I don't think I want to eat food again
lizzyb-5620525 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Let's be totally honest, watching fake cannibalism is still as bad as real cannibalism. I can not get the image of human flesh cubes out of my head. I think we only needed to see them eat the cubes once because I think I've become a little bit insane from watching it happen so I guess I can bond with the fellow whack people of Wonkru. Marie Avgeropoulos was 10/10 amazing as always and to watch Octavia basically get rid of her emotions is so very sad cause I love her and now she'll never be loving, family-first Octavia again, aka she's scared for life. Plus I'm glad Abbey is finally going on a drug detox cause I just need all the characters to be themselves again because I'm getting so confused with what's happening when. P.s. Abbey made Bloodreina, so if I could I would kill Abbey, no take backs necessary. I'm really hating all those space people. They are illiterate nobodies who really crashed the 100. Not gonna lie, I'm excited for a lil bebe to be on the show but let's be honest, the kid probably dies straight away. Anyways, we need to see more of my favourite gang, Spacekru, cause they're the only peeps that are still the same personality wise and that is needed to make season 5 better cause I feel like season 5 should have focused more in those characters to make season 5 good cause it's really bad at the moment tbh, but the 100 is life and I would never stop watching it. Most disappointingly, I'm still chilling waiting for bellarke to happen *hint* *hurry up and make it happen* *hint*. Also the ending of the episode, it wasn't much of a shock or a big cliff hanger cause I feel like all the other episodes have ended very, very similarly. ALSO, what's with spacekru basically acting like Clarke is Echo and just tried to kill Octavia. Firstly, that was Bellamy that tried to kill Octavia and no one is getting angry at him, Secondly Echo did it first so hate on her, and thirdly remember Clarke 'died' for them basically and now that they saved her from dying that one time in like episode 3 or 4 they're treating her like the enemy of SpaceKru. GROW UP AND LOVE CLARKE AGAIN SO BELLARKE CAN HAPPEN.

Okay, so I had so much fun doing this for the first time I might make it a weekly thing. Like and subscribe to see more videos like this and I might be back next week. Please express your love and hate cause passion is great. GraCIAs
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The Hundred
MistrTxxas27 July 2018
This season went on a completely different path than from the trailer I saw. It isn't the worst season of this shows history, however it isn't the best either. I hope this season can make up for it, with the last two episodes. On a side note- where is the child that Jaha told Octavia to keep watch over? Why does this show just cut people from this series?
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thompsonj-4214726 October 2018
This is a very intense episode of a great series. Just a great show.
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Holy cow!
kap-crp24242 August 2018
Octavia was the key to the dark year, for entirely different reasons than what I thought. What a reveal! This had one of the most intense scenes I've ever seen. Octavia got to show some acting range at last and she was great!
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So much pros and cons.
ououzaza28 March 2020
Pros here is
  • The story is surprisingly good and make sense.
  • Characters development is insane. The 100 split up and walk their own path, it's kinda cool thinking about that.

  • Too many betrayals and defectors in each episode. I mean, people switching sides too much that it confused me. It makes the story unreliable. Childish maybe. But that's it.

The episode is good, intense and as always, enjoyable.
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Slightly disappointed!
me_theuninvited9 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Let me just say The 100 remains one of those shows for me which gets better with every passing season. This show and Marvel's Agents of Shield. Both shows are underdogs. And ever since The 100 decided to shorten the number of its episodes, it has gotten even better. Coming to this episode: Throughout season 5 'The Dark Year' was name dropped. I had high expectations from it since The 100 usually delivers. But unfortunately, not this time. The idea of cannibalism wasn't necessarily bad. The execution was. Why was everyone eating the flesh as if they were eating their usual breakfast? There was no kind of reluctance.I know they had to do it, but it would have been better had they shown that people were not willing to do it. Secondly, Octavia started killing people who did not want to eat it. Why? They were going to starve anyway, so why kill them? It seemed a bit unnecessary. That being said, the other developments were nice, especially the Clarke-Madi thing. Something tells me they might be against each other when it all comes down.
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