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This is a wondrous and moving account of a remarkable life that puts us right there with Goodall to share directly in her discoveries.
Village Voice
There are no loose ends or wasted time; everything builds to a rising crescendo that makes you feel like your heart is going to burst. The immense strength of this remarkable woman is on such powerful display that, twenty minutes into the film, tears welled from my eyes and did not stop, even after I left the theater.
Jane will delight those familiar with Ms. Goodall and provide a vibrant introduction for newcomers.
On almost every level, in almost every way, Jane is an exemplary work of documentation, storytelling, and filmmaking.
One of the best documentaries of the year so far.
Few films this year offer up such lush and beautiful formal components as Jane (Glass’ score is, to be noted, also very lovely), but Morgen has also made a film of deep emotional beauty, the kind of satisfying, stick-with-you fare that any filmmaker would love to make.
No stranger to found footage, Morgen (“The Kid Stays in the Picture”) has tapped into NatGeo’s treasure trove with a bracing immediacy.
A deeply felt, loving tribute to a truly remarkable woman.
Jane provides as much insight as we might hope for (in visual media at least) into a personality whose life might seem well-documented to the point of redundancy.
Jane boasts one thing that its predecessors did not: a treasure trove of truly stunning 16mm footage shot in the early 1960s by famed nature photographer Hugo Van Lawick (who would become Goodall’s first husband).

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