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Wendy Hoopes: Anna Sadler


  • Chris Sadler : [about a suspect in Haley's disappearance]  I wanna look that son of a bitch in the eye.

    Olivia Benson : It's not gonna be possible.

    Chris Sadler : Well, what are we supposed to do? Just sit around the hotel, waiting by the phone?

    Anna Sadler : Chris, It's okay.

    Olivia Benson : I can assure you that we are doing everything in our power.

    Chris Sadler : Not good enough. I... I want you to promise us that you'll find her.

    Amanda Rollins : We wanna be realistic. We ask you to hope for the best, but prepare...

    Chris Sadler : No, I'm not preparing for anything, all right? Haley needs me. She needs me to keep believing that she's alive. I'm the one keeping her alive. The only one.

  • Anna Sadler : You stupid...!

    James Turner : I love her!

    Anna Sadler : I bet you fed her that nonsense about "the fugue" and "two voices". Works every time, doesn't it, Jimmy? That and a few glasses of Chardonnay?

    James Turner : Anna, stop!

    Anna Sadler : How many seductions is enough? Huh?

    James Turner : This was different. This was real.

    [Anna scoffs] 

    Chris Sadler : Anna... what are you saying?

    Anna Sadler : We slept together. James and me. It was one time... one time... seventeen years ago.

    James Turner : Anna?

    Anna Sadler : [to James]  So you wanna talk about real? Yeah, it's real. Do the math.

    [James slowly begins to realize what she's trying to say] 

    Anna Sadler : That's right, Jimmy. She's yours. You've been sleeping with your own daughter!

    [James starts groaning and yelling] 

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