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The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • The movie does not portray Sharon Tate's murder, and in fact depicts the Tate Massacre in an alternate history entirely different from what happened in real life. With Tate surviving and the Manson gang getting killed by Dalton and Booth. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Three members of the Manson family arrive at Cielo Drive, intent on carrying out the now infamous Tate Massacre, but as opposed to real life events they stop at Rick Dalton's (Leonardo DiCaprio) house first. They attempt to bring all the occupants of the house to the living room to be murdered, but are killed by Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt), his dog, and Rick in brutal fashion. Afterwards, Rick strikes up a conversation with Jay Sebring and Sharon Tate who invite him inside for a drink. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In the film many of the production aids to Rick Dalton especially stunt coordinator Randy and his wife Janet, have the notion that Cliff Booth murdered his wife when they were on a boat together. The only evidence we every get in the film is a flashback moment where his wife is nagging at Cliff and he gives her a dirty look while pointing a harpoon gun at her drinking a beer before cutting back to the present. As in classic Tarantino Fashion this is left very ambiguous and open ended as to what really happened.

    There are three theories as to how this could have happened.

    A) He did really murder his wife and shot a harpoon at her forcing her into the water to drown. As to why he did this was he was probably frustrated with her, as he seemed dissatisfied with her and her very demanding attitude, he also seemed to be intoxicated and would not have had very good judgment to control his feelings. If this is what happened, he seems okay with is as he is not very disturbed by it or is seen wishing any different. As to how he got away with it, there probably was not enough evidence to support the charge. Unless they were able to match the harpoon with the gun, he also could have claimed he accidentally fired and had no intention to kill henceforth getting a manslaughter charge.

    B) He did not kill her, and she fell off the boat and Cliff was unable to save her.

    C) He did accidentally fireda harpoon at her and she fell in the water This is the most likely theory as it would explain why he does not deny his wife's death at his own hands, and how he got away with it so easily. Either her body was never found, which would be a major loss in evidence giving Booth an easier way out as he could not be convicted without evidence. Or he was found guilty of manslaughter and took a plea deal for a lesser sentence. Yet Rick Dalton denies that Booth ever committed such an act as he has know him for quite a while, had he had taken a guilty plea Dalton and the media would have surely known about it, thus playing into the film's plot. As later mentioned in the movie, he only served 2 weeks for hitting a police officer, making the last option very unlikely.

    So in short it is highly likely Cliff Booth had something to do with his wife's death, yet it's unlikely he did it on purpose. As his character is seen as a helpful and caring person, as he puts up with Dalton's shenanigans, such as busing him everywhere, working on his house, and basically acting as his personal assistant. He also denies oral sex with the teenage girl as he believes she is a minor, and does not want to go to jail for sex with a minor. So even if he killed her by accident he was never found guilty for murder, manslaughter or others. His reaction on the roof make it look like an accident about which he is at peace with himself. Edit (Coming Soon)

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