Tomorrow Is Ours Poster

(2017– )

Episode List


Season 1

17 Jul. 2017
Épisode 1
A violent explosion occurs in the bay of Sète. A worried mother goes looking for her son, Maxime. Her life is turned upside down when the body of woman, her own sister whom she hasn't seen in over 15 years, is found on a beach.
18 Jul. 2017
Épisode 2
Chloé tries to understand why her son is in custody. An unidentified woman, who was on one of the wrecked boats, was found on the beach. But who is she?
19 Jul. 2017
Épisode 3
Chloé and her mother, Marianne, find Anna in a coma. Chloé wants to understand what happened to her sister. Why did she come back to Sète after 17 years? Why did she hide who she really was from Maxime?
20 Jul. 2017
Épisode 4
Chloé meets Martin, her sister's companion. He is undercover in Sète, looking for proof to clear Anna's name. Chloé investigates with him.
21 Jul. 2017
Épisode 5
Anna has woken up with amnesia. She learns she's pregnant, but doesn't know from who. Chloé helps her regain her memory.
24 Jul. 2017
Épisode 6
The investigation shows that a bomb was placed on Anna and Lyès' boat. Thus Anna and Maxime are exonerated. But who placed the bomb and why?
28 Jul. 2017
Épisode 10
Anna has a memory flash, Bart was supposed to be with them on the boat. They waited for him, but he didn't come. Why? Was he a target too?
9 Aug. 2017
Épisode 18
Anna decides not to reveal anything to Bart and ponders leaving town. However she sees taking her unborn baby away from his family as a problem.
15 Aug. 2017
Épisode 22
Karim thinks Léonard is trying to protect someone. Actually, Léonard is trying to appease Eddy, who may be the bomber.
22 Sep. 2017
Épisode 50
The police starts tracking Eddy down while Elisabeth tries to stay one step ahead. Lucas worries about Audrey's disappearance.
27 Sep. 2017
Épisode 53