"Veep" Iowa (TV Episode 2019) Poster

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Selina Meyer



  • Selina Meyer : You know what I would like to tell people, but obviously I can't?

    Gary Walsh : Say it here.

    Selina Meyer : I should be president...

    Gary Walsh : Yeah?

    Selina Meyer : Because it is my goddamn turn! I was the game-changer!

    [Gary agrees] 

    Selina Meyer : I took a dump on the glass ceiling, and I shaved my muff in the sink of the old boys' club. But for three years Hughes kept me chained to a radiator in some basement in Cleveland. So as far as I'm concerned, America owes me an eight-year stay in the White House, and this time, I want a war!

    Gary Walsh : Ye-es!


    Gary Walsh : All right. Do you want me to read that back?

    Selina Meyer : Oh, we can't use any of that. It sounds like I'm shouting from a balcony in Munich.

    Gary Walsh : [Gasps]  Like Evita!

  • Selina Meyer : [after watching Jonah's disastrous interview video]  What? Wha...

    Kent Davison : Actually, since this segment first aired, Jonah's numbers are up over 3%. He's tapped into something.

    Amy Brookheimer : Yeah, his stepsister.

    Ben Cafferty : Well, it's playing big with non-college educated white males, and... college educated white males. Basically, white males.

    Selina Meyer : This entire country is getting more disgusting by the second.

    Kent Davison : That's a demo we're targeting mostly on Facebook.

  • Selina Meyer : If I ever needed a miracle, it is right now.

    Richard Splett : Ma'am, there's been a mass shooting in a mall in Phoenix. Twenty-seven people have been killed.

    Selina Meyer : [Everybody reacts in shock and sadness]  Hohhh...

    [Something dawns on Selina. Dan, Kent and Amy have the same idea] 

    Selina Meyer : This can... work for us?

    Dan Egan : Yes, because we couldn't possibly announce now out of respect for the victims.

    Selina Meyer : Halle-fuckin'-lujah! We have to send that shooter a nice thank-you card.

    Richard Splett : Actually, he shot himself before he could be apprehended. I'll send something to his wife.

    [Continues to read about the incident on his smartphone] 

    Richard Splett : Oh. Actually, he shot her first.

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