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Season 2

19 Mar. 2018
Hasty Departure
Hera and Sabine liberate a shuttle to find they have unexpected cargo.
19 Mar. 2018
Unexpected Company
Ahsoka secretly joins a mission of Anakin and Padmé's.
19 Mar. 2018
Shuttle Shock
Finn and Rose work together to avoid dangerous creatures on the way to Canto Bight.
19 Mar. 2018
Jyn's Trade
Jyn helps a thieving youth learn a lesson.
19 Mar. 2018
Run Rey Run
Rey is cornered while scavenging parts from a Star Destroyer.
19 Mar. 2018
Bounty Hunted
Maz Kanata helps Leia and Chewbacca with a plan to free Han from Jabba the Hutt.
19 Mar. 2018
The Path Ahead
Luke learns an important lesson while training with Yoda on Dagobah.
19 Mar. 2018
Porg Problems
Rey is distracted from her training by mischievous porgs.
4 May 2018
Chopper and Friends
Chopper crews the Ghost with two Ewoks to help take down stray TIEs over Endor.
4 May 2018
Monster Misunderstanding
Queen Amidala solves the mystery of why a monster is attacking the docks of Naboo.
4 May 2018
Art History
Sabine and her brother attack an Imperial outpost that is defacing a statue of Tarre Vizsla.
4 May 2018
R2-D2 helps Chewie investigate a pair of porgs that have been tearing wiring out of the Falcon.
4 May 2018
Perilous Pursuit
Rey and Finn take a snowspeeder to escape snowtroopers on Starkiller Base.
4 May 2018
Traps and Tribulations
Luke and Leia help Kneesaa and Wicket stop a Gorax by fixing Ewok traps.
4 May 2018
A Disarming Lesson
Ahsoka gives Ezra a lesson in trust when she disarms and attacks him.
25 May 2018
Hondo teams up with IG-88 to capture Qi'ra.
25 May 2018
Star Wars Forces of Destiny: Volume 4
After being double-crossed by Hondo on her own ship, Maz tells some stories.

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