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Great game so far
ferreira066517 October 2017
Regarding the loot boxes. People don't understand how this works. You do NOT have to spend money on the game more than you already spent. Do you need to do online vendettas and online fortress assaults to get spoils of war to get legendary orcs? Yes. But this is in game already. The people rating this 1 without actually understanding its not a requirement are ruining it for other people making them believe something that just isn't true.

Now that that is out of the way. The game is far better than its predecessor. They took everything that worked in the first game and tweaked it to make it better. The orcs can also cheat death which makes it for a more difficult gameplay. You also got watch who you recruit and kill. If one happens to a be a blood brother of another they will avenge the death of that brother whether they are a follower of you or not. They will turn against you. Also you have to be careful about hitting your follower captains. They can get tired of it and switch back to the other side. Others will switch back for various reasons and once they do you can't get them back. So that really only leaves one option. You can also be ambushed so be careful. I don't feel I am really that far into the game but I think a lot of things opened up now.

But anyways ignore the lootbox bs. I get a lootbox every time I complete an online vendetta and those give you gear on or around your current level. They can also give you legendary gear. I have got one full set so far. They are apparently 54 legendary gear/weapons, in the game that constantly can be upgraded if you fulfill the challenge requirement. This also goes for the Epic Sword of Dominion you could have received with a preorder. Starts at level 5 weapon and I have it up to 30 right now. Keep in mind you can't recruit orcs/trolls higher than your current level. There also seems to be no inventory limit. There is legendary loot boxes that you can get once you have accumulated enough spoils of war which you get for online vendettas and online fortress assaults. You get more for the assaults so you choose which way you wanna go about it. Believe the lootboxthing isn't nearly as negative if it really is at all as people are making it out to be.
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Best Game Ever
mightymuglins6 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This game is by far the best friggin game I've ever played. It is insane. The gameplay is awesome. At first glance it seems to not fit into the lore of the books or movies. Like Isildur being a ringwraith (if you do all the Eltariel quests then that makes more sense) and Celebrimbor having the One Ring before Sauron (still can't figure out how that works) and Shelob being a person (I think this works perfectly fine). But most ppls main problem with the game is Isildur. But with the cinematic after you defeat Isildur it makes more sense. I think Sauron totally could have given him a ring after he died. And also Talion being a wraith fits in, the Witch King could have come back and defeated Talion and made him a "faceless one" as the other Ringwraiths would say. And that would explain why there were 8 basic wraiths and The Witch King in the books/movies. And would explain why The Witch King has control of Minas Morgal in the books/movies. I congratulate the ppl who came up with the story for this game. They should be making movies.
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Denutrion1 April 2018
This game is amazing! Story DOES change Tolkien's a little bit but i don't think that is a problem. I think it's great that somebody made a game based on Tolkien's world, specially game like this. And I personally have nothing against the story in the game. For me, it was very fun experience, great graphics, great combat system, parkour, stealth, elven abilities... Nemesis system is also very fun and unique. You don't need loot boxes to beat the game, of course that then it is more difficult but where is all the fun if it's not hard. You will need to think about a lot of things (example: keeping your followers alive) and you probably will die few times against strong enemies but that is what makes this even more amazing. I recommend it to everyone who likes this type of games and especially for Tolkien fans.
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Ambitious and mostly successful
ericks-8689212 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I've enjoyed my play of the game tremendously. Some say the game is too big, but I was disappointed to learn their are only 4 maps. What is incredible about this game, however, is that a DLC that merely adds another map or two, like the Black Gate or Barad-Dur, with content specific to Shadow Wars, could have enormous impact on the story and develop it.

I've never used the loot boxes, and Shadow Wars have been fine. Just invest the hour or so in getting seven captains (legendary or not) to the highest level you can in the training grounds. If you lose a seige, the experience you get retaking the Fort (killing warlords plus victory) moves you up 2-3 levels, so you'll be able handle the next one. As a post-game mechanic, it's WAY more fun than Riddler trophies, and the time investment actually allows for many more opportunities to play with and see the procedural-genius of the Nemesis system.

The story is way better than the original: way better boss fights at the end of the story, the story itself was way more interesting (the plot twist and setup for Shadow Wars is kind of brilliant in my opinion, and is setup by all sorts of things in the supporting stories). The villains all make a lot of sense from a Narrative perspective: you're a wraith, so the lord of the wraiths tries to assimilate you (fighting them isn't just a bunch of quick time events, but like fighting a character with all your own powers--the fact that they move at lightning speed even when you try to slow down time, that they live on the same "plain" as you is fascinating) you're undead, so someone who protects life or tries to bring back the dead fights you; you control Orcs, so of course some of the, resent that and rebel. Shelob was a really interesting character in my opinion.

Ultimately, this game goes in an ambitious direction, and I hope other games try to use their approach to enemies and landscapes and try to expand on them.

I gave it a 9 because I'm holding out for the DLC, but this is a thoroughly enjoyable game.
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Great Game!
Eugenia12334520 July 2019
I honestly prefer this game than the first one(Not that the first game is bad, but I like this one a whole lot better). Some of the controls I like better and some of the online I like as well.
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A few steps back from the first game
desrocchi16 October 2017
(I won't mention the loot-box debacle and I didn't count it in the review)

tl;dr: they added a lot of things but all unfun

As much as I liked Shadow of Mordor I expected this game to introduce more *fun* mechanics, instead they went a few steps backwards transforming what was pretty much a flawless fighting mechanic to a mess.

First of all every action from Talion takes way too much time, so much that it's very improbable to have him complete one without being interrupted by some other attack. This is also because there are too many enemies at a time attacking you from all sides: being that every single action can be interrupted by any attack and that many enemies have uncounterable attacks you are pretty much engaging in a hit and run fighting style that if very far from being epic. The auto targeting system also cannot understand which enemy you actually want to attack and sometimes you can see Talion doing a 180 and waste an execution on a minion instead of the boss you were aiming for.

Secondarily they overdid it with a uselessly bloated ability "tree": every ability can only have one modifier, no matter how many skill points you pour in it. This makes the progression useless since once you unlock a modifier you are pretty much set, you won't gain any more power by leveling more. Sure, you can choose a more suitable set of modifications for each encounter: but it just means spending more time in the selection menu than actually playing the game.

The loot, even the legendary one, has such poor choice of affixes that some of the requirements needed to unlock them makes you say, "eff it, I'll just throw it away." "Gain 4 elf shot when killing someone while mounting a karagor"? "Increase crit damage of 29% against enemies on fire"? "Gain 0.7 points of might when killing a frozen enemy"? Oh please, don't let me have too much power! -.-

"Land 5 headshots on poisoned enemies", "kill 5 enemies while you are poisoned"... and I should do this so I can have a 22% chance to poison an enemy hit by a headshot? No thanks.

Lastly, they created all these new enemy abilities but did not check to see if some of those were overpowered when added together.

The second warlord I had to face was pretty much invulnerable to any kind of attack from the front, he could not be vaulted or disrupted or frozen, arrow immune, he sticked with his back to the wall so that I could not run behind him, all the while an infinite horde of minions kept coming at me and archers rained arrows from the balconies.

The only weakness he had was that he was vulnerable to executions, so I had to build up enough might to perform one and run like a headless chicken towards the boss hoping no arrow and no ranged attack from his 8 archers and 4 hunters would hit me before finally landing a hit that would take about 20% off of his life.

Once I finally did it I did not feel like I overcame a challenge, I felt like I had to cheat through a badly implemented mechanic.
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