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The video begins with four young girls in outfits inspired by Madonna's iconic "Like a Virgin" performance at the 1984 MTV Video Music Awards, who mime the opening lines of the song. Madonna is shown exercising alongside, wearing an animal print dress and a studded, pink motorcycle jacket. She finishes and comes out in a colorful hallway, drinks water, kisses a man and walks through the corridor, crossing Diplo at one point. As the chorus starts the scene cuts to four Japanese dancers making choreographed moves in a bathtub and inside a bar as Madonna joins them. Ora and Rock appears mouthing the phrase "Bitch I'm Madonna". The second verse starts with Madonna crawling along the hallway, getting entangled in balloons, meeting Diplo again and finally the camera pans away to reveal a number of sock puppets in neon glow swaying together to the song.

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