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18 Jan. 2019
Ski Trippin'/My Fair Pete
On a winter ski trip with her friends, Daisy remembers that she doesn't know how to ski! Pete is worried that he won't be able to impress his Mama when she comes for a visit.
15 Feb. 2019
Super-Charged: The Big Cheesy/Shenannygans
During the Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling Chase, a cheese wheel spins out of control! The Happy Helpers work as nannies for two children in London and take them on new experiences!
29 Mar. 2019
You Quack Me Up/Tree House Trouble
Donald decides to win the pranking contest for April Fool's Day. When Chip and Dale have a roommate squabble, they ask the Happy Helpers to find them each a new home.
5 Apr. 2019
Mickey's Spring Grand Prix/My Little Daisy
Mickey hosts the Spring Grand Prix to take his friends around town. The Happy Helpers find perfect plants for customers on Mother's Day.
17 May 2019
Mickey's Fun-tastic Field Day/Clarabelle on the Mooo-ve!
During Fun-tastical Field Day, Donald tries to do all the competitions himself; the girls reunite for a race so that Clarabelle can try to become a Roadsterette.
7 Jun. 2019
Super Charged: Donald's Roadster Round-Up/The Daisy Dance!
While on a quick trip to the convenience store, Donald and Pluto accidentally lose all the roadsters along the way; the Happy Helpers take over teaching Clarabelle's dance class.
14 Jun. 2019
Super-Charged: Two Close Friends; Mr. Bigby's Big Night
Mickey and Donald accidentally become handcuffed together. The Happy Helpers help Mr. Bigby throw an anniversary party for his wife.
5 Jul. 2019
Goof Quest/Llama Drama
Goofy and Donald team up with Uncle Goof to treasure hunt in Peru. The Happy Helpers discover the only way to deliver a package is to travel by llama up a mountain!
2 Aug. 2019
Hi, Jinx!/Pete's Junkyard Helpers
Mickey and Emmy Lou meet Jinx the cat and get the gang to help find the kitty a new home. The Happy Helpers run Pete's junkyard while he takes his Mama to lunch for her birthday.

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