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25WR30 March 2019
Groundbreaking first person- shot music video by the Guns 'n Roses of techno that taunted the hell out of the Western pre-internet mainstream media.
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The Fat of the Song
Horst_In_Translation21 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
"The Prodigy: Smack My Bitch Up" tells you the name of the English band performing and the song you are about to hear in this 4.5-minute music video. It's from 1997, so already over 20 years old and this one was directed by somewhat legendary music video director Jonas Åkerlund from Sweden and works like this are the reason why he is so well-known still today. What can I say, I lo´ved this one back then and I still do today. You don't need a great deal of lyrics to come up with something creative here and the music video is at least as good as the song. Sure you don't need to be a party-goer like the character we follow in first-person perspective in order to appreciate the art, style and overall creativity in here. It is all just as good as the ending when you think that's it and then a major plot twist happens with the mirror scene that urges you you to watch it all again from a really new perspective. Having porn actresses in here doesn't hurt either as May was probably just right for the part. That's all I guess. What an amazing year 1997 was for music (videos). Today's artists and generation can only dream of quality in that quantity. My favorite from The Prodigy and this one's really prodigious. You don't wanna miss it. Not many better ways to spend five minutes.
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