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Almost done with this show...
kandlfun9 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Some good moments here and there, but I, and many others, are getting tired of the gender identity/sexual orientation card being played in such a self-righteous manner.

If a boy forced a kiss on a girl who then kicked the crap out of him, it would be considered attempted rape, and that boy's name would be smeared all around town, just like on the show.

Then, if that boy returned and tried it again, because, you know, he wants her real bad and she just doesn't realize that she wants him too, well, he's a real sicko.

But, if that guy wants a guy, and gives him an unwanted kiss, well, then, go ahead and make sexual advances. And, if that boy kicks the crap out of you, well, he's just plain evil and we'll all applaud your choice to try again, because, you know, 2017. We're all accepting.

Come on, writers. Lose this weak plot line. Keep the character, sure, but on one hand you have a pan-sexual "hero" and, on the other, a straight white guy whom everyone blames for a rape that we don't even know he did. He's shunned at every turn by everyone, and the "hero" gets loving attention and a listening ear from anyone who sits to talk with him.

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The Waiting Room
bobcobb30123 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Better than the last two episodes, but the show is still really reaching with some of these plots. Even with the Bryan Hunt situation, which we knew was coming, the show feels like it is killing time until the season finale.

It's not the worst apocalyptic show out there, but it is certainly not as great as some critics are calling it.
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sofia555325 July 2019
Seriously! Wtf did I just watch? This has to be the biggest piece of s*** to ever reach tv! I can't even begin to describe what's wrong with it because the real question is "what's not"?
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