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  • Darnell Hayes : [From category "They out here sayin'"]  They out here sayin', the new iPhone wants for fingerprint, "for your protection.

    [Doug buzzes in, surprising the host] 

    Darnell Hayes : Oh, ok then, Doug.

    Doug : What is, I-I, I don't think so, that's how they get ya.

    Darnell Hayes : Yes! Yes! That's it!

    Keeley : Yes, I don't trust that!

    Shanice : Me neither.

    Doug : No, I read that goes straight to the government.

    Shanice : Hm!

    Darnell Hayes : Well, that is not bad Doug!

  • Darnell Hayes : Doug, I don't know what's going on, but the board is yours.

    Doug : Well thank you so much, Darnell. You people are fun. Can I say that? Is that ok? Can I say that?

    Darnell Hayes : We'll give you a pass this time.

    Doug : Okay, let's go to... Big Girls for $200.

    Darnell Hayes : Okay, the answer there: Skinny women can do this for you. Doug?

    Doug : What is, not a damn thing?

    Darnell Hayes : Yeah, you damn right! You damn right! heh heh.

    Doug : Yeah, cause, you know, my wife, my wife, she's a, she's a sturdy gal.

    Shanice : [High-fives Doug!]  That's my man right there!

    Darnell Hayes , Shanice , Keeley : Go Doug! Go Doug! Go Doug!

  • Darnell Hayes : They out here saying that every vote counts. Oh, Doug again!

    Doug : What is, come on, they already decided who wins, even before it happens.

    Darnell Hayes : Yes! Yes! Yes! The Illuminati figured that out months ago! That's another one for Doug!

  • Darnell Hayes : The mechanic says you owe $250 for new brake lines. Doug?

    Doug : What is, you better go to that dude in my neighborhood who'll fix anything for $40.

    Darnell Hayes : Why, why, you know Cecil?

    Doug : Yeah, but my Cecil's name is Jimmy. And he fixed my refrigerator, my air conditioner and my cat.

    Darnell Hayes : Yeah, yeah, everybody's got a guy. Woo, you all right, Doug!

  • Mark : It's a hundred floors of frights. They're not all gonna be winners.

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