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Echu and his itchy chum!
khunkrumark24 April 2017
Echu and his itchy chum!

Just when you thought the early Japanese monster/sci-fi movies were awful, this South Korean stinker shows up and manages to be worse... a lot worse! All the elements are here... serious scientists in starched white coats, a small boy who befriends the monster, ridiculous rubbery costume, silly, fawning women and terribly dubbed audio.

This time, the friendly bunch piloting The Satellite Of Love are up to the task and deliver an above average entry to the latest reboot of a cult comedy classic started almost 30 years earlier. It's the ninth movie of the new series to be lambasted by the MST3K crew - and so far (I'm watching them in release sequence) it's one of the best.

This is a welcome addition to the new series, especially after the previous dud 'The Loves Of Hercules.'

Best gag: "He shows no mercy... or interest!"
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Repticilus in South Korea
paultapner15 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Another episode of Mystery science theatre 3000s return, and it's another monster movie a la the first episode Repticilus. That was a monster in Denmark. This is one in south korea. And in many ways follows the same plot.

It has better visual effects, but all being done with models and a man in a monster suit makes it look desperately dated.

It has the usual perfunctory characters from scientists to military men and ladies who just stand around in the background while the men do all the talking. But it's even worse than Repticilus because it has a child character, of the kind designed to appeal to kids and thus be utterly utterly annoying. And then some. You thought the lead in the film from the episode cry wilderness was bad like that? This one is worse.

The film takes far too long to get going. Goes round in circles in the middle. And drags terribly at the end.

But it's a great episode because of a superb gag hit rate. So many of these stuck for me. So I won't spoil anything.

On the satellite no guests once again, and Kinga and Max only in at the start and end once again. And the in between bits aren't quite as memorable as some, but are still good. It does end with a good musical bit though. A really fun episode.
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Pop Culture Thoughts
popculturethoughts1 December 2018
If ever there was any doubt that 1954's "Gojira" led to a slew of cheap imitations beyond its own pale sequels, look no further than this 1967 South Korean cheapo monster movie. Incomprehensible even by ridiculous monster-movie standards, the movie is jaw-droppingly bad, with the kind of dubbing you'd normally find in a high school AV club experiment rather than a professional movie, and the MST3K gang has a hell of a time sinking their teeth into this one.
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