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Marlon fans will love it
iamad-1387713 August 2017
First off, don't read the negative reviews. Watch this movie with an open mind and just enjoy it. Good movie

Naked is a movie about a guy with a little touch of the cold feet and he is forced to live his final moments before walking down the aisle over and over until he can get it right. A simple story but it's creative and also has a nice message at the end. Did I forget to mention it's full of laughs too.

Naked is a good movie, lots of laughs. Some might compare it to "Groundhogs Day" but that's not the case at all, two totally different movies. Marlon Wayans is awesome as the lead and he's solidified himself as a lead actor once again. The supporting cast is just perfect. Regina Hall plays her part and the chemistry between Marlon and her is perfect. Dennis Haysbert as the father in law was just hilarious and Loretta Devine as the mother in the law. Perfect casting in my opinion. Brian McKnight was a nice touch also.

Naked had a good story line. It's not amazing but it was creative and very entertaining. That's why we watch movies right? To be entertained. It's a Netflix movie, nobody is making you spend 20$ at the movies to see it. If you don't want to watch it than turn on Hulu but if your a Marlon Wayans fan get the popcorn out and prepare to laugh. All around good movie in my opinion and definitely worth watching.

I really don't understand you couch critics, you take every chance you get to criticize and put down a piece of art. That's what all movies are "art" and you either enjoy it or don't look at it but we don't have to come online and trash the art because it's not your cup of tea. I honestly wonder what the reviews would have been like if the movie starred Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis with Ed Sheeran singing in it and Flo from progressive being an evil mother in law.
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Honestly a fun movie, just enjoy it
fairleyk1112 August 2017
I personally found the movie very entertaining, I really enjoyed the humour and as long as you don't take it too seriously it's a good movie.

I haven't seen the original movie this is a remake of but you should still give this a chance, it has its moments, and I'm glad I watched it.
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Worst remake ever
fettbob11 August 2017
A really mediocre movie. Not very original and steals a lot from Groundhog day. Watch the original- with the same name- but translated into Swedish- "Naken"- to see a movie that is much more funny and really a personal favorite. The original tells a story while this barely shows or leads to anything.
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Bad direction!
j-kathrine11 August 2017
I'm so sorry to see that Marlon, once again, end up in a bad movie... I'm sure he is a talented actor...if he gets the chance (but then he has to stop producing his own movies and be more aware of the directors).

The acting is not great, but I really believe that it could have been good (even though it's basically just a remake of Groundhog Day). The movie is not good... There is no substance, surprises or great scenes, and I truly believe it's the producers and directors fault, and not so much the actors.

I am very surprised that this is a Netflix production...
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estherlaups20 August 2017
As a Netflix production this is a terrible movie. I've never had the need to sign up for an account on IMDb as much as this before, just to give a quick review so everyone can avoid this movie. The acting on the main character was not bad, but the storyline is terrible, from beginning to end. I'm not sure why I stayed on to watch this but it couldn't have been worse.
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Utterly terrible
pals198611 August 2017
Poor acting, poor script and essentially a copy of groundhogs day, but an African American lead.

I'd would recommend that everyone avoids this movie.

I've never felt the need to post on IMDb before, but this was so bad I've made an exception.

I think I've done my good duty today by saving possibly thousands of people 2 hours of their lives.

I'm a little surprised Netflix sponsored this actually, they are mostly great. I think I know the reason, but I'll let everyone else make their own mind up.
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Not Bad
akter-113 August 2017
This is my first time writing a review but I was compelled when I saw the negative reviews of this film. Usually, films like these are reviewed with a higher regard when the characters are Caucasian.

If you switch the actors to Ryan Reynold and Margot Robbie, I believe the same people that hated Marlon's version, would love that version.

I look at the script first. It was a light hearted fun movie. A great movie to get stoned and enjoy a Friday night at home. The acting was no different than if the races were reversed.

I think people are brainwashed to view films with people that they are told should be a certain way. WAS it Oscar Worthy? No. But it is what it is. I wish we all can find that childlike energy that is within us and just let go and be free. I miss the 80's.
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thejoannahearts24 March 2018
I fell asleep two times trying to watch this. Took about 5 hours to get through the whole thing. The main lead lacks debt in his acting and the storyline is poor.
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lousy replica of the "Groundhog Day"
alexandrossourtzis15 December 2017
You must be veery bored to watch this film. Just another lousy replica of the "Groundhog Day", where someone is trapped it a time loop and has to "find love' and change himself to "someone better". I really believe that it could have been good. but it's not.
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Laughing out loud-!!
hyeinpark-1192719 August 2017
This is a feel-good movie with good themes of throwback that represent some of the best music, funniest comics from Black culture. I think Wayans and Regina Hall played their part beautifully. Always worth the risk watching movies that deserve better appreciation. Recommend for weekend fun.
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Glad I took a chance on this movie.
prolozra16 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Is this going to win an Oscar? No. But it is entertaining. It managed to keep my attention the entire time and while there were a few overly cheesy moments it still panned out to be pretty funny.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Scott Foley. The only performances that I found a bit over the top were the maid of honor and the mother. I know it's a goofy comedy and it's not their acting skills, just the direction of the characters that made them seem unbelievable.

It's a revisit, if you will, to a modern Groundhog Day which I've always loved the premise of so I knew I'd probably enjoy this movie. Another unoriginal movie in a way, but that's Hollywood for you nowadays.

Watch this and laugh. It's not deep, it's not meant to be. It's meant to be entertaining.
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Bad acting and direction
klausmillerbe11 August 2017
The acting was really horrible. It was like he was reading a prompter without being believable at all. Looked more like a video description of a stand-up comic explaining a joke. Only thing positive is maybe director of photography. But does it matter if everything else doesn't want you to continue watching this movie and ask part of your life back. Why did Netflix advertise this, it's not up their standards at all.
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Odd movie...
twiswall-264219 September 2017
So for needs not be said (though everyone else said it)...its a groundhog day ripoff. However, I liked the was just different enough and there were so many aspects that were (despite the nakedness) wholesome. However I felt like the movie about half way through started getting extremely boring...somehow it needed to be sped up a bit. Now I will add that in an age where race is jammed down our throats at every turn...I did find it a bit racist that of the only 5 white characters, two were bad guys and one was a hooker (albeit a nice hooker?). Then in an age where hands up don't shoot is the mantra, the only good white guys were the cops...but I can't help but feel there was a gay undertone to I guess thats how they got away with having "good white cops."

Anyway the movie showed promise in the beginning and I actually liked the ending...but I had to skip 20 minutes or so to get to the ending as I was dying I was so bored with the middle.
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Worst movie I've seen in a while
roccodonovan3 September 2017
Absolutely terrible movie. The acting is downright annoying. Marlon's character is the worst and poorly acted. The movie is illogical and full of discrepancies. I did not laugh once during this movie and it actually put me in a bad mood due to how horrible it was. I would not recommend this movie unless there is literally nothing else to watch.
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Don't Get Trapped In Naked's God-Awful Time Loop
Marc_Action13 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Marlon Wayans stars in a comedy about a NYC substitute teacher, Rob Anderson, who's about to marry the love of his life and doctor, Megan Swope (Regina Hall), but the night before the wedding Rob goes out for a few drinks with his best man/best friend Benny (J. T. Jackson). Rob then wakes up stuck in a hotel elevator naked the next morning. On top of that, Rob finds himself in a 1-hour time loop that prevents him from getting to the wedding--no matter how hard he tries. Late to his own wedding, Rob changes his strategy every time he loops back to the elevator in order to get to the wedding on time before it's too late.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Groundhog Day started the whole time loop genre back in 1993 that many other films have recently started copying to varying degrees of success. Naked is one of those films that tries to put a different spin on Groundhog's ingenious plot. But instead of the day repeating, Naked writers condensed the loop to just one hour, and instead of Rob trying to get the girl, he already has her--he just has to get to the wedding. However, apparently Rob isn't just mysteriously late, he's also a major screw-up and afraid to commit to anything, even a long-term teaching position offered to him. This begs the question though, how did Rob end up engaged to a successful physician in the first place?

Anyway, Naked has a few good laughs, but as a comedy, there aren't enough laughs to overcome the stale feeling one gets from watching a movie based on a recently overused plot. Naked's many inconsistencies and bad acting (in particular by Wayans) don't help either. For instance, "one hour" is not nearly as effective (or interesting) as "one day" when it comes to building up a legitimate story within the time loop phenomena. The writers also never give us any explanation for how Rob got stuck in a time loop and how he managed to get out of it. Maybe it was all a dream? Could be, but I guess that part is left up to viewer interpretation. Only, you really don't care because the movie is so unbearable and overly long.

Loretta Devine, Dennis Haysbert, Scott Foley, Cory Hardrict, and Eliza Coupe all have small roles here with a cameo by Brian McKnight. Devine is always a delight to watch while I kept thinking Dennis Haysbert, with that cool baritone voice, would break out any minute with an Allstate slogan. It's just too hard to picture him in anything other than an insurance company commercial nowadays. Side note--both Marlon Wayans and Regina Hall look eternally youthful even though they are in their mid-40s. WOW! What are they doing?

Anyway, Naked simply cannot match the freshness, comedic delivery, acting, or screenplay of the film it copies. There is one thing though that Naked does do very effectively--viewers will get the feeling they are trapped in that one-hour time loop with Rob, and in this movie's case, that's not a good thing.
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Naked: A surprising hit
Platypuschow26 April 2019
Not to be confused with the bleak British drama of the same name, Naked is a Wayans Netflix original movie and oddly enjoyable.

I'll be honest I assumed it would be the pits, Netflix doesn't have the best record with comedies and Wayans hasn't made a decent movie in a fair long while.

Naked embraces a plot type that I enjoy, namely the time loop. Seen in the likes of Groundhog Day (1993), the Happy Deathday franchise and the recent television series Russian Doll (2019) I always find it rather intriguing.

Here we see a man wake up on his wedding day in a broken down hotel elevator, stark naked. Everytime the church bells sound he returns to the same spot and is forced to relive the same period of time again. You know the drill, with each loop he learns more and more and gets closer to achieving his goal.

Here they did a fantastic job with the concept and the balance between comedy and a competent storyline. I laughed, I cheered and I walked away happy.

Naked does exactly what it sets out to do, bravo Netflix.

The Good:

Some real laughs

Heartwarming feel good film

Makes great use of its concept

Solid cast

The Bad:

A couple of jokes are cringe inducing
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Thankfully I won't have to groundhog this dud again
mariesmith-8568418 August 2017
Yes, we've seen it all before. The endless repeating Groundhog Day where the protagonist has 24hrs to solve the worlds ills. Only in this case he doesn't have the day, no, he has a whole groundhog hour to rectify his loser like tendencies and marry his sweetheart on time. This is a supposed comedy starring Marlon Wayans as substitute teacher, eternal child and commitment-phobe.... yadda yadda yadda..... I actually fell asleep watching this but guessed almost line for line what happened, then wasted even more time rewinding this terrible film just to prove myself right. Wayans wakes up naked in an elevator on his wedding day but just can't seem to get to the church before the day starts again. Wayans is a nice guy I'm sure, but this film is anything but. It's predictable and a little boring. I didn't laugh once and the only thing I was interested in seeing was the end credits. Save yourself a couple of hours and do something more interesting. Like watching paint dry, counting sheep and looking at clouds
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Time loop with a tasty view of a very athletic and naked Marlon Wayans
zendatrim16 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Giving it a ten, why not its not often you get to enjoy a tasty body over and over again Marlon Wayans is sure a fit dude.

OK no this is not a rewrite of ground hog day, yes it has similar time loop but so do a lot of other movies now. Its so not like ground hog day.

Poor Rob (Marlon Wayans) has been waiting to marry his fiancé for a long time and finally the day is arriving. He wakes up in an elevator stark naked and the story starts. He has to work out how to get to the church he has about an hour before he ends back up in the elevator again.

What transpires in each time loop is really funny well i thought it was perhaps i am too easily pleased, and i was routing for him to get there and stay there.

There is a plot, its not just the same thing over and over again.

I loved Loretta Devines character as the mum, i like her anyway.

I found it entertaining and funny, it has romance, and great for people who are going to get married Don't forget things as you will have to go back again to make them right.

Ah well it was fun, it was free on netflix, it was fun to watch and an added bonus of eye candy.

Not sure what people want out of films nowadays, i have seen a lot worse. I wasn't bored, and the time went quickly and i was so glad the ending went right for him after all his hard work getting to stay at the altar lol.
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A movie that has to be seen to be believed.
DarkVulcan2914 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Watching this movie makes me really admire Marlon Wayans, cause like Will Ferrell he's not afraid to make a fool out of himself in hopes to get people laughing, that takes real dedication.

A soon to be groom(Marlon Wayans) finds himself naked in an elevator with no clue on how he got there, and with an hour away from his wedding, suddenly finds himself stuck in a time loop just repeating the hour over again until he improves and makes it to the wedding.

Like Groundhog Day no explanation is giving on why the main character is stuck in a time loop. The problem here is that the film tries so hard to be funny, where I was seeing that I had troubled getting invested to it, there where one or two moments with Wayans that gave me somewhat of a chuckle. Marlon Wayans and Regina Hall are the only ones here I enjoyed, but everybody else is pretty much a foot note. Not great but has it's moments.
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This Wayans movie was actually good...
paul_haakonsen13 August 2017
Given the recent streak of swing and misses from Marlon Wayans, then I was somewhat hesitant about actually taking the time to sit down to watch this Netflix production. But I still did so, on the off chance that he might actually have struck gold this time.

And I must say that I was genuinely surprised with the level of entertainment that "Naked" turned out to be. This was definitely one of the better Marlon Wayans movies in quite some time. Now, with that said, I am not saying that this is an outstanding movie in the comedy genre, but it was a definite improvement on his past many movies.

I must admit that I found it good to watch Marlon Wayans in a comedy that wasn't a spoof on other movies, so it was something new and refreshing to watch. But then again, the concept of the movie with the same time frame looping over and over, leaving the character in the movie to repeat the same events over and over have been done previously in other movies such as "Groundhog Day".

The story in "Naked" was actually a good combination of comedy and a good story arc, which made for a rather good viewing experience. It was a combination of the storyline, the characters, the events of the story and the dialogue that worked quite well together.

Aside from Marlon Wayans, then "Naked" does have some good talents on the cast list and some familiar faces if you are no newcomer to comedy. These include Regina Hall, Dennis Haysbert and Loretta Devine.

If you enjoy comedies and Marlon Wayans movies in particular, then you should definitely take the time to sit down and watch "Naked".
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Had it's moments....
moviebuffchick11 August 2017
A movie about a man reliving the same hour over and over is expected to be silly. It starts out lighthearted... then it hits you with some painfully cringe-worthy stereotypes that promote struggle love and are impossible to overlook. It's also cheesy and goofy... all of these movies are though.

Overall this is something silly that I wouldn't rush to see. I give it a 4 for giving me a few LOL chuckles... but most of them were really random jokes that kinda came out of nowhere and caught me off guard.

Full audio review with NO spoilers on YouTube/Twitter @moviebuffchick1
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elailiesi13 August 2017
My boyfriend and I watched it together and had a really good laugh. He'd give it an 8, I'd give it a 10 for it's genre, so 9 it is.

It was really great, from the beginning to the end. Surprising twist and turns, good acting, directing, nice message.

It doesn't have that much in common with Groundhog Day, and if you just expect a comedy and a feel good movie you'll love it.

Wish there were more movies like it!
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A good way to waste time.
tom-406359 November 2018
The film is almost irredeemably poor. The only saving grace is the leading man's performance- he is a genuinely funny actor.

Some of the supporting actors (like the cops) are well cast too, but overall the movie is one to avoid.
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Poor mans ground hog day
robrhlphotographylee9 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
If you want a comedy with time loop watch Groundhog Day. This is a very poor in comparison. It's a time loop so that he can grow as a person and truly capture the love of his life. Except in GHD he does truly grow as a person and turns out to live be what he once hated. In this he simply listens in to the guests conversations so he can steal a few workable lines so everyone thinks he's a better person. Also I was told this was a comedy. I was lied to, the acting is poor the story thin the jokes are few. Hardly worked up a grin let alone let out a laugh. The amount of time he has seems to differ depending on what part of the story is going on. At times he barely has time to do one thing other times does every thing with time to spare. Wish I was in a time loop and learnt not to watch this
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Watch Groundhog day or Edge of Tomorrow instead
decaluwedieter16 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Same basic principle, inferior execution.

I could see this movie being mildly entertaining for kids (teens at best), but it's too dumb for adults.

Marlon Wayans is playing the same role as he did in the Wayans Brothers, this is a pity, he seems to be a talented actor but stays too much in his comfort zone. Tiring to see the same old attempts at humor. I like Marlon the most when he's not trying to be funny.

The only refreshing thing about the movie is that they changed the time limit to 1 hour instead of 24 hours.

Might have laughed one time during the whole movie (at most). Avoid, unless you're into masochism.
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