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The Absolute Pinnacle of the Superhero Narrative
Better_TV17 April 2018
When I watched this show as a kid, I thought it was the biggest show on television. How could it not be? It aired in the evenings and was so... mature, for lack of a better word. It had voice real celebrity actors who weren't just phoning it in, who were selling these dramatic stories without a hint of irony.

The writing was thoughtful and intelligent, reminding me of some of the other dramas my parents watched on the major broadcast networks... and yet it was a superhero cartoon. I am far from the first person to say that the dialogue and conversations on this show are so good, it's almost a disappointment when the inevitable earth-shaking superhero battles break out.

But the show pulls those off brilliantly too. JLU has some of the most exciting fights you are ever going to see these characters wage outside of the comic books. There isn't a single live-action fight in any of the DC movies that even comes close to the level of action this show provides on an episodic basis - and I don't say that lightly.

The three seasons of this show are an absolute love letter to comics fans, with dozens and dozens of ancillary DC characters getting the animated treatment for the very first time. It not only works from a narrative standpoint, adding more diversity to the classic lineup of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, etc., but it also creates a wonderful Star Trek-like feel on the Justice League watchtower. Plenty of scenes show characters commiserating and enjoying their leisure time on this futuristic moon-based headquarters, and it adds a fantastic familial feel to the show that, again, makes it feel more like a mature sci-fi show or broadcast drama.

I treasure this show, and I also fear that the respect and gravitas this series showed towards the superhero narrative is a thing of the past. Sure, it's easy to have a cheeky Marvel movie where the characters crack jokes about how stupid they look, and it's easy to have a self-serious DC film that tries to make viewers forget the heroes are wearing costumes. But it's tougher to actually pay tribute to the original comic books in a thoughtful, developed way, to respect the men and women who actually created the narratives from which these pop culture icons have stemmed.

That's something this show did day-in and day-out, episode by episode. It's why it stands apart from other animated American TV productions, and why it deserves every bit of praise I can give it.
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Darker, more complex and more mature than its predecessor!
TheOny1327 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know why this title was separated from the big Justice League title since its only an extension of the justice league members count. While Justice League had only the major 7 members in it, this one has so many that the title is suggestive for how many superheroes were in it.

For start, this series has a lot of new ideas. There were countless episodes with new twists and original screenplay that just makes you want to see more. Then the more mature character of the show is actually because of the fact that almost each episode is centered around a certain superhero of the Justice League. So the viewer gets to see the situation from that superhero's perspective while the show also develops his character over the episode and over the whole show eventually. And there are sometimes unknown heroes that I for once never heard of them up until then than get episodes that develops them so much and make you care for them especially for the human side of them.

That's the other thing I love about the show... the human side of the superheroes. It's not like everyone is invincible or a contest to see who is the strongest but rather a story about everyone and their relationship as they save the world and also their development as the show goes on.

I cannot recommend this show any more than this. It's what every superhero show should be: character-driven story with interesting and ingenious plots that make for great and unpredictable episodes that keep you wanting more and satisfied for each one of them.
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The justice league at it's best!
trexman-798768 May 2018
This review is actually for both Justice League and Justice League Unlimited because to me Unlimited felt more of a continuation than a reboot.

To start off this is probably the best place to see how the justice league should be like,not the movies, and while comics are great, this is still a cut above most of the justice league comics.

There is not a single episode that I would call bad, in fact all of them are good to great with some being one of the best episodes I have ever watched, and what really sells it is the characters, and not just the main seven who have some of the best character development around, but even side characters like the Question, Green Arrow, and Huntress to name a few, all get fleshed out quite well that you can't help but love them.

The art is not much to write about, but it gets the job done and when things start running the animation usually keeps up with some great scenes animated in there that help complement the well written story.

The story is where this show shines, I mean holy hell do they know how to write good episodes with some even deserving awards, they connect seemingly unconnected episodes to each other bringing the whole thing together as a package (this happens mostly in Unlimited) nicely tying it all up into something special, but that isn't everything, what really made me love this show as fan of comics and superheroes, is the way they pay respect to the comics, it is clear that the writers, voice actors, animators, sound designers and anyone who worked on this show love the comics and they show that love with great pride, and that more than anything is what, at least to me, makes a show something to write home about.
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A Bold Yet Effective Reboot ("Justice League" Spoilers)
kiehjohn11 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"Justice League Unlimited" is a continuation of the animated series "Justice League". Until recently, I was unaware of Unlimited's existence, despite the original animated series being my favorite as a kid (as well as serving as an early introduction to my favorite superhero, J'onn J'onzz, AKA The Martian Manhunter). When "Justice League" was first aired in mid-November of 2001, it's animation quality was top-notch for its time. However, in the three and a half years it took to reach a third season, large strides had been made in animating technology and (subsequently) animation quality in general. As a result, the series was rebooted with better animation and renamed. However, unlike many other series, they DID NOT "change" their animation, but rather they improved it. Rather than using new methods, they simply improved the animation quality, and thus achieved a cleaner, brighter, smoother animation without changing their signature animation form and look. Also, the addition of superheros in the continuation (while being mostly for plot convenience) solves several problems, such as the resignation of Hawkgirl, as well as also serving to introduce other DC heroes, which was actually my main problem with the original series. The Justice League of the original series seemed to be isolated, and a magnet for all evil throughout the universe, yet hardly any other DC heroes from those extensive distances were introduced, nor were any of the minor heroes seemingly close to the main characters' powers. There were a few other minor negative spots (mainly poor grammar and plot holes) and a few other things were changed as a result of the unmentioned time-skip between the occurrences of the original's finale and the first episode of the reboot, but after getting over the minor changes, (Hawkgirl can't REALLY be gone... right? Please tell me I'm right... please??....) I came to find that this reboot is a rare occurrence of a continuation that rivals the greatness of the original series. I would definitely recommend this series and suggest any fan of the original series or DC Comics in general watch this series.
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Justice League/Unlimited Batman TAS are the GOAT of superhero animated series
bwanabeast9126 December 2018
Whats not to love ? It had superb animation, brilliant writing/plot, the og voice cast and one thing i loved about JLU was that they added alot of characters besides the original 7 . My favorite being The question and also loved lesser known characters like vigilante, b'wana beast etc. This is the kind of brilliant writing i wanted for the live action justice league which was kinda boring, the writers for this series should have been hired . If u are looking for an action packed great plots this is the show to watch
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A true superhero spectacle!
Animany9417 December 2018
The 2001 series was a Justice League fanboy's dream come true and a great series in general, but with its continuation "Unlimited" WB Animation's team reached new heights!

So much more is added to the DC Animated Universe: more heroes are brought on board without sacrificing quality of development, updating the animation, getting previous DCAU series significant treatments within JLU.

I loved it as an animation fan, superhero fan, Batman fan and a Comics fan in general.

I recommend it to everyone who loves action and good storytelling and every DC fan out there!
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Best animated show ever!!
belldog822 October 2018
I know theres a lot of animated shows that could be considered the best, Young Justice and Batman the series to name a few, this one stands out because of its consistent writing. I cant believe they canceled this show. I just wanted to put my 2 cents in and praise this show. If you haven't checked it out, do so!! You wont be disappointed.
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Emotionally awesome
romanedgar1 August 2018
Pure heart With stories that make one a better leesin
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Best DC cartoon alongside Young Justice
WeAreLive12 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I know it has been a few months ever since I reviewed the first but the wait is finally over.

This is the best DC alongside it's predorserror (Justice League) and Young Justice.

Instead of just Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern/John Stewart, Flash/Wally West, Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl. We have even more heroes like Green Arrow, Question, Black Canary, Captain Atom and many more and a bigger league. In all honesty I had no idea who half of these DC characters were until I watched this show.

We even have guest characters like Green Lantern/Hal Jordan, Speedy, Batman/Terry McGinnis, Captain Marvel and much more.

The only flaws to the show was that we don't always see the original league together in every episode like we used to, the episodes aren't always two parters and some episodes can get a bit mature compared to the previous series but still safe for both kids and adults. Also I wasn't too happy about the fact that Supergirl left the League to join the Legion of Superheroes and some of the league members like Etrigan, Vibe, Crimson Avenger, Nightwing (cameo in the episode: Grudge Match) and Creepy had very little or no screen time. But that couldn't be helped because of the amount of episodes this show had: it could have lasted for another season or so.

I am just glad the incident with Hawkgirl towards the end of the previous series was fixed and that she was a member of the League again.

The voice acting, animation, art style and character development was good. I really wish today's superhero shows had all of these qualities. But instead kids are stuck with garbage like Justice League Action, Ben 10 2016 and Teen Titans Go!

My favourite episodes are For The Man Who Has Everything, Kids Stuff, Hawk and Dove, Fearful Symmetry, The Return, Dark Heart, Wake the dead, The Once and Future Thing Part 2: Time Warped, The Doomsday of Satisfaction, Clash, Question Authority, Flashpoint, Panic in the Sky, Divided We Fall, Epilogue, Shadow of the Hawk, Flash and Substance, Dead Reckoning, Patriot Act, The Great Brain Robbery, Far From Home, Alive!, Ancient History and Destroyer.

I liked how in the episode The Great Brain Robbery when Lex Luthor swapped bodies with Flash who was voiced by Michael Rosenbaum (the actor who was Lex Luther in the Smallville series) got to voice Lex Luther but in Flash's body.

The ending was good when they had all of the heroes come together to fight the invasion of Apkolipse and the return of Darksied but I honestly never expected a key character in that episode to die.

If you haven't seen Justice League Unlimited, then what are you doing here? Go and watch along with it's predecessor you don't know what you are missing out. Trust me you won't regret it ;)
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Too many heroes
jascinth30 November 2017
Not as good as preceding justice league but so as long Superman is there, the score will be 10.

There's just too many superheroes involved & I actually hoped for Superman appearance in every episode I watched, even counted the scenes.

Overall, it's worth to watch & you will crave for more.
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One of the best Superhero toons ever.
mhorg201815 July 2018
DC Animated strikes again. Staying true to the heroes, this show contains nearly every single animated hero from the DC verse. All done very well and some of the stories (such as the one where Kara/Supergirl remains in the future) are quite moving. Very well done.
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Great show not because of batman. Its a great show because its not about batman
Wisesoldierthe618 September 2019
This show is fun and the animation is flawless. There isn't just 1 story. It's basically DC Hero show where each hero gets their own story for different episodes.

batman took the back seat and no one cared which is probably why it got cancelled.

To the trolls giving me numerous unhelpful ratings. Don't stop I love the attention.
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