"GLOW" Pilot (TV Episode 2017) Poster

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Britney Young: Carmen Wade



  • [Sam looks at Carmen's birthday photo] 

    Sam Sylvia : Your eyes are closed.

    Carmen Wade : That's what happens when you blow.

    Sam Sylvia : Can you blow with your eyes open?

    Carmen Wade : Okay.

    [Carmen blows with her eyes open and points at her eyes] 

  • Ruth : So what's our backstory?

    Carmen Wade : Our what?

    Ruth : What's motivating this? Why are we fighting? What's... what's driving you to come after me and grab me by the hair and throw me to the ground? It has to be something.

    Carmen Wade : He told us to.


    Ruth : Look, there's still a lot of girls here, which means anyone could be cut. We have to go above and beyond. Trust me. I'm an actress, and I know what I'm doing.

    Carmen Wade : Okay.

  • Salty 'The Sack' Johnson : Next.

    [Ruth and Carmen crawl into the ring, preparing to do the hair mare. Carmen is about to grab Ruth by the hair when Ruth backs away] 

    Ruth : Please! I beg you! I am not your enemy!

    Carmen Wade : You stole.

    Ruth : Bread. For my family!

    Sam Sylvia : W-What the fuck is this?

    Salty 'The Sack' Johnson : Just do the move.

    Ruth : We are. We are. We're just motivating it with backstory.

    [pause, then Ruth reminds Carmen of her next line] 

    Ruth : [singing]  There is a law...

    Carmen Wade : There is a law, and you broke it. And now, you will pay the ultimate price.

    [Carmen extends her hand before Ruth approaches to have her hair pulled] 

    Sam Sylvia : Okay, all right. That's it. Number 30, number 22, thank you.

    Ruth : What? Why?

    Sam Sylvia : What do you mean, 'Why?' I gave you basic direction. You didn't follow it. You're both out.

    Ruth : There are no scenes to read, no character work, so yes, we improvised.

  • Sam Sylvia : Jesus Christ. Fucking actresses. All right, I'm feeling generous. Sophie's Choice, why should I pick you and not her? Go. Girl fight.

    Ruth : I'm a real actress. I will work my ass off, and I will make you believe me when I do stuff, even if it's just hair pulling.

    Sam Sylvia : Well, that was a very nice pitch. Very earnest. What about you?


    Carmen Wade : My dad's Goliath Jackson.

    Salty 'The Sack' Johnson : Holy shit!

    Sam Sylvia : Holy shit, why?

    Salty 'The Sack' Johnson : He's a giant. I mean... he's a legend in the ring, but he's also literally... gigantic. And the brothers too. Mighty Tom Jackson and Big Kurt Jackson.

    Sam Sylvia : No shit.

    Salty 'The Sack' Johnson : The Lumberjacksons.

    Ruth : The Lumberjacksons?

    [Salty shakes Carmen's hand] 

    Salty 'The Sack' Johnson : It's an honor to meet you.

    Carmen Wade : Thanks.

    Sam Sylvia : Hard sell, but I'm gonna have to go with the dynasty. You're out.

    Ruth : Why? Because my dad was a high school science teacher and not some famous giant?

    Sam Sylvia : Maybe. Or 'cause I don't like your face, or your ass. I-I-I don't know. Maybe I like both of them too much. I-I don't... I don't have to explain myself. That's the beauty of being a director. You're out.

    [Ruth walks out of the ring] 

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