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Wake me when it's over
lor_28 July 2016
Jacky St. James' inane creation of "hotwifing" as a porn genre was D.O.A. but her distributor continues to milk it, previously by adding those fashionable Big Black Dicks to the equation and now adding another mildly racist factor to the mix: actresses of Asian descent in a vain attempt at a marketing hook.

The result, directed by Jacky's cameraman who gets to helm assembly-line porn on his own, is mere adjunct to the jail-bait genre which is perhaps porn's most popular dumb trick lately. These so-called "Asian" girls are petite, and that is what matters in regards to the big White dicks they deal with here. The BTS documentary short is revealing While two of the girls are authentic imports from Korea and Japan, the other two are all American girls from Detroit and North Carolina, merely demonstrating that beneath the crappy surface sleaze of pornographers baiting an audience, there is an underlying ecumenical spirit at work. The American Dream: any young beautiful woman can head to Hollywood and prostitute herself for fun and profit.

The Japanese star Marica Hase is pleasant to look at and even in her 30s passes as a fresh, sweet, young thing. Morgan Lee from Detroit has already become a popular fixture on the gonzo circuit, though actual acting roles have yet to come here way. The trivial set-up segments in this feature, wherein the protagonists establish the absurd "hotwife" phenomenon by purportedly talking on the phone to their husbands to get their open-marriage marching orders are redundant and poorly done.

Typical of the low-end approach and attitudes, the idiot interviewer in the BTS criticizes one of the girl's traditional looking garb as being old-hat, almost getting a real conversation going as she takes umbrage briefly at his remark. In the 1950s the condescending attitude toward oriental women in our society was taken for granted but ignoramuses in the Adult field persist in the Suzie Wong stereotyping, anything to make a buck.

For the record, the possessive "My" of the title emerges as merely confusing because in this edition the New Sensations honchos were too cheap to hire actors to portray the cuckolded (by choice) husbands. To say "my...wife" implies some participation by the husband, at a minimum as narrator, but the hubbies are merely fictitious and the possibilities of drama or interaction, perhaps if it is concerning an outwardly traditional marriage with an Asian husband too, lending his young Asisan wife out to Whitey, are lost in favor of mindless no-content sex.
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