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Supergirl - S02E03 Welcome to Earth
j_forbesy24 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Like the other CW Superhero shows, I am waiting for that week that Supergirl just doesn't hit with me. After two great episodes featuring Superman, I was sure this was the week where the show gets toned down and had a slower episode. It wasn't.

This was yet another fantastic episode. Like I've previously mentioned other weeks, the villain of the week format worked well again this week because it allowed us to focus more on the surroundings rather than the story line for the episode. This episode had a bit of a bookmark on it as it was the return of Lynda Carter. Carter portrayed Wonder Women in the 70s and it was great to see yet another previous superhero in the CW universe. CW have really started of making good use of previous appearances with the Flash having numerous appearances by actors and actresses who have portrayed a superhero or villain. I thought Carter's overall role as the president was pretty good. Her character really was the driving force of the plot that played out in this episode. What makes me excited is her last scene where we can see that she clearly is an alien. This suggests to me that we are going to get much more of her this season which will be great.

I really liked the underground type bar. It's something that is logical that a group of aliens would have a place to gather and be themselves. I really liked how it revealed to us that Supergirl and Superman aren't so special in this world and there are a lot more of them then we as the audience think there is. Extending from that, we got to see Martian Manhunter enter there at the end where we got our first look at Miss Martian. I think this is really going to open us up to a good story line in the future now that Martian Manhunter now has someone to interact with similarly to how Supergirl and Superman worked together in the opening two episodes. Just keeping on the aliens, what this did for me this episode was further my belief that keeping Supergirl out of the same Earth as the other CW shows was the best thing they could do. I didn't want characters the characters like Oliver as the Green Arrow to appear as a lesser force than they slightly do now. In comparison to the heroes on the other shows, Oliver has experience that enables him to fight equally along side them. If they were to put Supergirl into the fold, then her, along with Superman and Martian Manhunter would become to big of a powerhouse. The fact that the Supergirl Earth is contained on it's own Earth allows the show to bring in more aliens and people with out of world powers and keep it in tone with what the show is.

Something I noticed this episode which I just touched on with Miss Martian was that we are starting to see our three main powerhouses in Supergirl, Martain Manhunter and Alex all have someone to bounce off. While Supergirl had Superman to begin with, I feel that Mon-El is going to take that role for the rest of the season and be Supergirl's partner. In the comics, Mon-El is viewed as a brother to Superman. This makes me think that he may take up a Superboy type role to Supergirl. As mentioned, we now have 2 children of Mars on the show. This episode also brought as a similar character to Alex with Maggie. I really liked her addition to the cast and I thought that she acted as a great foil for Alex. We haven't seen Alex have a human partner out on the field so I'm hoping that Maggie is going to play that role for Alex this season.

Overall it was a really solid episode. I liked how they were able to continue the quality and show that while Superman was a great asset, he wasn't making the show as good has it has been. I liked how we got introduced to some new characters this episode and I'm looking forward to see how they will handle them all in a team sense.

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Season Two Still Proves Strong
scarlettyforest24 October 2016
In many ways, the third episode of the CW's Supergirl was a definitive answer to the question, "How well would the show hold up without Superman?" And the answer is: really well, actually.

This episode introduced the Daxamite Mon-El, who seems to be a great addition to the cast. Chris Wood's chemistry with Melissa is a welcome presence, and he and the writers did a good job of making you care about the character (something that had been needed following the host of aliens that featured in season one that I really did not care for). Similarly, I'll say once again that Snapper Carr's addition to the show balances out Kara's optimism really well and makes for interesting discourse and food for thought in watching their interactions. The episode also ended on an exciting note with the introduction of a famed character (who I won't spoil in case rumours of her appearance haven't reached you yet).

On the other hand, the episode had some issues, mainly being a 'villain of the week' style character, but people forget that in the Flash and Arrow's early days and still even today, a villain of the week is pretty common place. The only other issue is that I'm not really sure what Lena Luthor, billionaire philanthropist, is doing talking to a member of the press to openly, but its not a biggie.

All up:

+ Mon-El


+ Lynda Carter + Maggie Sawyer

-'Villain of the week'

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a pc liberal message Warning: Spoilers
Not surprising that this episode would air only a few weeks before the election. A female president (wonder who they had in mind?) grants amnesty and citizenship to all the aliens. For the other world aliens, not the real world illegal aliens. But the intended message is clear.
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Too Much Politics
fama170011 April 2018
This was the episode of Supergirl that made me cancel it off my DVR schedule. I don't like getting beat over the head by politics in shows, particularly when handled so dishonestly. I started watching it again on Netflix because I was hoping this episode might be an aberration (it generally was).

Lynda Carter still looks great, but she turned in a performance here so poor, it's difficult to explain. Her lines were read like she was having trouble seeing the cue cards.

On a positive note, the action in Supergirl is really well handled - brisk and violent - and Melissa is fabulous as always. Lena Luthor is a welcome addition to the show and mesmerizes in every scene she's in. Easily reason enough to keep watching. It's almost like they added her when they figured out Lynda Carter couldn't cut it.
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Far, far too political.
timjtraver2 September 2018
So openly and shamelessly politically biased that it's almost embarrassing.
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An Uneven Episode, but It's Clearly Superior to Season 1's Direction
ThomasDrufke24 October 2016
Tonight featured several comic-booky things, like the first real appearance of Mon-El (who will perhaps become Superboy down the road), Lynda Carter playing the president who's doubling as an alien supposedly, and an ending reveal of Miss Martian. And that's just the beginning of things. But it was far from a perfect episode.

In fact, tonight was probably the weakest episode this season in terms of a cohesively structured story. I mean, for the first 35 minutes it's suspected that the new super-powered being from Daxum, Mon-El, is behind the attacks on the President. Of course, one can expect a twist or two, but to then just have Scorcher appear out of nowhere to be the villain? It just didn't sit right with me. Thus, the episode feeling disappointingly uneven.

But I am admittedly having more fun this year than last. Sure, there are still way too many cheesy lines, particularly with the villains or at Catco, but it's a far more engaging show than it used to be. I think that's in large part due to the additions of interesting characters like Lena Luthor and Snapper Carr. I didn't like Snapper playing off of James as much as I liked him against Kara's optimism last week, but it's nice to see that Kara isn't getting away with everything in her first few weeks as a reporter.

I also appreciated the presence of the former Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter. I don't know how often she will return, but would have to be better than those villains of last year right? Even if it's somehow her last appearance, she definitely made an impression. Plus, how funny was that little jab at Trump by having Kara say "how did anyone even vote for that other guy?".

I even enjoyed the new character of Maggie Sawyer, who seems to be playing Alex's love interest? Maybe? Overall, it just seems like this show is handling the writing for its characters lightyears better than they did last year. It was an admittedly uneven episode, but a fun one nonetheless.

+Some fun comic stuff

+Maggie Sawyer

+Real world links and themes

-Very uneven with 'Scorcher's' random appearance

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