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"When you lay eyes on him, the devil's a real let down"
john-d66514 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Let me break it down for you. Pablo Came, Pablo Rose, Pablo Fell. I am not fully familiar with the true story so i will keep it to the show, but wow this was the best 2 season ride i might have ever watched on television. Where do i start?

The writing was superb, i mean razor sharp, and the acting, i mean doesn't Wagner Moura deserve an Emmy? Boyd Holdbrook and Pedro Pascal nailed it as well, Holdbrook's voice is perfect for narration, and i couldn't be more satisfied. Instead of dragging out Pablo's story out 4 season's with 5 filler episodes each they decided to make 20 amazing episodes that each one kept you hooked.

I tried to space it out in regards to watching it (like i always try with Netflix) but 3 weeks was the best i could do. What a great show and i didn't even see it coming, those shows are my favorite. But now i ask, what in the hell are they going to do for Season 3?

Besides the obvious of no Pablo i cannot see Murphy being brought back as it makes no sense, his passion was Escobar and i'm sure he is spent, not to mention it's based on a true story so they have to go by it some what.Javier Pena and the Cali Cartel just ain't enough for me i'm sorry, i will no doubt watch going forward because the show is phenomenal however i do have my doubts.

Then again,Who cares? keep the wave moving, i'll keep the faith on my end as well. Bravo to Netflix once again, they created the already created but never told.

"The problem is, Pablo is never more dangerous than when you almost have him" -Steve Murphy
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Tops its first Season in nearly every way
themanofhope19 October 2016
Narcos: Season 2 is possibly the best season of a television series l have ever seen. What was so insane about Season 2 of Narcos is how it still managed to have the exact same time slot of episodes compared with Season 1 yet take place over the course of a year rather then 15. One of peoples greatest fears when going into Season 2 was how can the show maintain that same fast paced setting and energy with such a short time frame building to Escobar's death. By fleshing out the character and making you sympathize with him before his untimely end. This show made me root for Pablo when he was running on those rooftops in the final minutes of the show. It made me want him to win, to escape for two reasons. The amazing writing and Wagner Moura's indescribable performance. Wagner Moura was so good as Pablo i would go as far as saying he did a better job at portraying a drug dealer then Bryan Cranston ever could. The guy just has so much charisma and optimism while still managing to be extremely ruthless. Pena was also further developed in Season 2 which reaches my only complaint. Murphy was given nothing to do. His narrations were reduced as well as his screen time and while in Season 1 he felt like a piece of the puzzle, hear he just felt like an empty space. On the other hand, Pablo's wife had a lot more to do this season and his entire family had a much larger role. The season was also much more brutal then the first and decreased the sex while upping the action. There wasn't a single dull scene or moment in the entire season. Every episode just built on the last with satisfying climaxes and beautifully brutal shootouts. The finale also did a great job at setting up Cali for season 3 which I am very much looking forward to as well as setting up a new journey for our good friend Pena.

In conclusion, Narcos: Season 2 tops off its predecessor in nearly every way, with further depth given to its characters, a much more intense and frenetic pace, brutal shootouts, indescribably good performances while setting up the perfect antagonist for Season 3

Narcos: Season 2 gets a 10/10
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The End Of Pablitos Misadventures
85122227 August 2017
Greetings from Lithuania.

"Al Fin Cayó!" wasn't the best episode this show has produced, but it perfectly concluded the excellent season 2. This season was simply great. I loved the first one as well, but this one was better. Everything worked here superbly - writing, story, acting, directing, cinematography and set design - you really have to admire this show who amazingly told this story.

Overall, i will be looking forward to upcoming seasons, and i'm sure they will deliver. As much as good shows goes - "Narcos" is a must see.
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Excellent Conclusion to Season 2
gregberne118 December 2018
This is a great way to wrap up the first two seasons of Narcos and I can't wait to see what they do in season three! The actor playing Escobar is absolutely fantastic and deserves Emmys, Golden Globes, whatever other awards there are. Just awesome. It follows the real life story very well with some artistic license but less than most shows resort to, the acting is superb, the locations seem real and are stunning, the show is just epic.
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It's not over.
deepakdst1 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The season end with the death of now Broken Pablo but also with the rise of now more dangerous Call Cartel. But now Penia is the new encharge of the show. let's see what new season will unfold. But it was emotional to see that Pablo do not met his family for a very long time before his death. Whatever happened was a cruel reaction of his action and now Al Fin Cayó.
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