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Didi Costine: Adrianna



  • Kurt : Did you touch the thermostat, did you turn it up?

    Don : Well, of course, not... did somebody fiddle with the thermostat?

    Kurt : Yes, it's 85 degrees!

    Don : 85?

    Kurt : 85!

    Don : Do you have any idea how much even a few degrees can impact the gas bill?

    Kurt : Of course, I do, it's unthinkable!

    Brad : [Walks in]  Dad, Kurt, what's going on in here? Why is it so hot?

    Don : Somebody fiddled with the thermostat!

    Brad : What? Who would do that?

    Kurt : [They hear a noise and look out in the hallway. Adrianna walks to the thermostat and starts to turn it up]  What do you think you're doing?

    Brad : It's roasting in here!

    Adrianna : [Matter-of-factly]  I like to sleep with my window open.

    Kurt : Hey, kid, are you allowed to touch the thermostat at your mom's house?

    Adrianna : Pfft, duh!

    [Walks back to her bedroom] 

    Dusty : [Joins the others in the hallway]  What is going on?

    Brad : Adrianna, she turned up the thermostat!

    Kurt : Said she fiddles with the thermostat at your house any time she damn well pleases.

    Don : Dusty, is that true? Tell me that's not true!

    [Dusty, speechless, just sighs] 

    Don : Oh, criminy, Dusty. You might as well give her your wallet and your 401k while you're at it!

    Kurt : Brad, do you let the kids touch the thermostat at your house?

    Brad : What, no! The thermostat is a sacred covenant! I can't believe we're even talking about this! This is *madness*!

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