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The story keeps getting interesting!
vputhran-844086 September 2016
People who thought that this anime story is ruined after only seeing half of the episodes, are in hell of a surprise! this anime keeps getting better week after week. Its an emotional roller coaster. Anime fans shouldn't miss this amazing ride. A helpless boy struggling to do things right and returning from death to correct his mistakes is everybody's fantasy. Subaru the protagonist is the character you will fall in love with, although most of the times you might hate him, you might feel sorry for him or you might even get annoyed by him but at the end of the day you will admire him. This anime story is well written, it makes the viewer stay at the edge of their seat. With the end of each episodes every week, you just crave to know what might happen next episode. I hope they make more than 30 episodes for this series.
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Holy sh!t
atwood9627 September 2016
This show is - amazing.

Go watch this NOW.




Re zero is a 2016 anime series about a teenage boy Subaru transported to a magical world. He then met a half elf half girl Emilia. Then they go on a journey to find Emilia's stolen stuff. But, they then got murdered. Subaru then transported back to where he first entered this world. A 25 episode magical emotional adventure begins.

Don't fooled by this boring premise because this anime has SERIOUSLY GOOD WRITING. Everything in this anime evolves from meh, to omfg. I can't say anymore because it will becomes a spoiler, and so I just wanna advise you all dive into this series with an open mind.

The artwork and the sounds are also very great, although I won't say it's amazing. If you look closely to some of the frames, you might spot some quality down tier. But then they hide it very well so eh? Who cares.

Overall I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you guys to check it out. And so, yeah, do it. You'll be amazed.
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Very likable anime
newobr12 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
(Some minor spoilers included will be marked with big letters when done) Re: Zero is one of the best anime recently released. So far, up to episode 15, the plot has been enticing and I have loved what they have done with the characters. The protagonist, Natsuki Subaruis high school student sent to another world. He is a shut in NEET who presumably plays rpgs and has watched a few animes containing the boy sent to another world trope.(somewhat affecting his attitude and actions) The characters (9/10) What really ties this series together are the characters specifically the main character Natsuki Subaru.(Spoiler) Subaru while mostly powerless in this new world, cannot die. Whenever Subaru dies, he returns to a specific point in time. The conditions and limits of this power are mostly unexplained(Not going to give too much away there). Subaru's interactions with other characters are never the same in each time line because his death changes his perspective with each time. This allows us to see multiple sides of the same characters. Subaru's interactions with characters don't even necessarily improve with every reincarnation. Subaru's character development is not on a straight line. He is a realistic protagonist in that his actions frequently won't be liked by the viewer. There are other characters central to the plot but a lot of their emotional development spoils the plot. (end spoilers)

the Sound (10/10) The soundtrack almost always fits the mood of the show and it has a nice therapeutic feel.

The animation(7/10) Well, this is where the show falters a bit. The CGI backgrounds and background characters feel somewhat out of place sometimes but there can be some truly beautifully animated scenes despite this.(Don't worry even the bad parts aren't new Berzerk bad or even worse.... Food Fight..... (shudders))

The plot(10/10) (minor spoilers included) The show really does a great job with the plot for every alternate timeline it makes. There are some truly dark ways the story plays out depending on Subaru's actions or lack there of. There are usually emotional moments regardless of the timeline. (end minor spoilers)

Conclusion I really like this anime and it does a good job with its plot and characters. I would give it a 9/10 and would recommend watching it.
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Waiting for Season 2
pyaephyothihaaungygn20 March 2018
Can't wait to see season 2. As my opinion, this is one of the best anime series that I ever watch. White Fox Co., Ltd, please release season 2. Don't end like this because it is too good for not to end like this.
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You don't get it, A million sorry's is not equal to 1 thank you.
Throkell4 September 2019
Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World is one of the brightest gems of the Summer 2016 season. While it is not something flawless, as one might think, this series is definitely doing its best to be enjoyable and interesting for its viewer. In my opinion, the fact that the creator of the series actually cares is very commendable. However, it is an open secret that trying to be fascinating and being fascinating is not the same thing. Thankfully, it is not one of these cases. Allow me to share my opinion on Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World, on the anime that is able to leave one speechless, on the anime that bullies you, and on the anime that shows you many events, which are absolutely impossible to foresee.

Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World is a Japanese light novel series written by Tappei Nagatsuki and illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka that also has three manga adaptations and an anime television series adaptation by White Fox, which began airing on April 4, 2016. The series tells us a story of Natsuki Subaru, a normal young man that lives his normal life in the modern Japan. However, one day, he is summoned to another world. Without knowing the person that summoned him, or the reason for being summoned in the new world, he soon befriends a silver-haired-half-elf girl, Emilia. Due to some unknown circumstances, the girl is being targeted by an unknown assassin. The assassin manages to kill the two and everything seems to be over. Yet, a second later, Natsuki Subaru awakens and discovers his new ability that he names "Return by Death." That new ability gives him the power to reverse time by dying; however, only he remembers the events of the previous timeline. Why was Natsuki Subaru summoned in this mysterious world, who gave him the power to reverse time? Find the answer by watching Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World now.

The first thing that might come to your mind after reading the description of Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World's story-line is that this anime is a mix of Steins;Gate, Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!, and Boku dake ga Inai Machi. And I must say that you will be right to think so. Of course, this anime has nothing to do with comedy, but all these four anime do have a few things in common. Anyway, Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World reworks all mistakes of its predecessors doing its best to be entertaining and I must say that Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World manages to do it. It is an open secret that the most important thing for all story-lines is to be complex: one should never be able to foresee more than thirty percent of events that will happen in the next episodes. In case of the anime we are talking about, you might have theories on first, on second, ..., on thirteenth episodes, but all your theories will be destroyed in an instant. That is, in my opinion, the best part about the story-line of this anime.

The animation of Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World is mostly top notch. There are many characters, they have sometimes unusual and sometimes very beautiful outfits, monsters, demons, some unknown creatures, and magic spells and they all are beautiful. At the same time, when this anime should become dark, it becomes dark. It is so amazing that it helps you to dive in the universe of Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World. Without a doubt, it is not flawless, but it is on the level, which is very important for all anime that have such a setting.

The OST is on the level, as well. From pop music to amazing orchestral pieces, Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World even focuses on music, which some anime tend to not do. Of course, it is not that important, but the amount of attention this anime pays to its music only helps you to dive into the universe of Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World and to understand it better. I will not hide the fact that sometimes the music should have been more epic: when you see a good battle, the music should be epic very, but it is still able to make you have gooseflesh. Another part of this section, which is also worth mentioning, is the cast of this anime. All voice actors did one hell of a job making their characters vivid and lively. If it is a villain, you hate them with all of your heart, if it is one of the main heroes, you just wish that they succeed in everything they do and you cannot even imagine what you will do if something bad happens to them.

The cast of Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World consists of the main characters, Rem and Natsuki Subaru, supporting characters, and villains. While I would argue that the main characters do not receive enough development, I completely agree with the fact that supporting characters should have received more development. However, I believe that the main characters and the villains compensate for it well, since Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World has the edgiest villains that you have ever seen in your life. Anyway, let us talk about the main characters: Rem and Natsuki Subaru.

Natsuki Subaru is the male protagonist of the series. On the way home from the convenience store, he is suddenly summoned to another world. He later discovers an ability that he names "Return by Death" that allows him to go back in time, if he dies. And the most interesting part about it is that only he remembers what happened and he cannot tell anyone about this ability. Natsuki used to be a hikimori, being absolutely useless, he has never done anything in his life. However, in this new world he should not only try to become more powerful, but also to use his wit. He will not be granted with the power to destroy the whole world, he does not have a guardian angel, or a harem of cute girls that will help him in every situation. He just has no other choice but to do everything alone, which makes him change himself. His character development is amazing and you just want to not see him suffer. Rem is the second main character of the series. She has a younger sister and both of them work at Emilia's mansion. When Subaru meets her, she shows absolutely no signs of being interesting; however, as the story progresses, Rem stops being a doll and becomes a very interesting character.

The supporting characters of Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World do not receive enough development; however, as I have already mentioned, the villains compensate well for it. You just want to see their death, you just want to see their sufferings, and you hate them with all of your heart. While I understand that it is impossible to grant enough screen time for all characters, I still think that all characters are very interesting to follow and it should be more than enough for you.

All in all, I cannot guarantee you that you will like this series and I am not going to do it. Personally, I like the fact that this anime tries to rework mistakes of its ancestors in order to not make them again, I like the fact that the characters of this series are realistic and not overpowered like in some other series, I like the fact that it is never possible to guess what will be shown in the next episodes, which is very important, as well. With every episode, you are trying to prolong your enjoyment and to watch this series little by little; however, it is simply not possible. You just want to know what will happen in the next episodes. It is, of course, not flawless, nothing is, but if you want to see something very dark, I would highly recommend you to give Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World a try.
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Incredible anime and action
andrei_vostinar200012 July 2016
Top notch anime! one of the best there is out there at the moment. Each episode is better then the last and WOW OMG LAST EPISODE WAS FIRE PURE FIRE! Is incredible story intrigues mystery and action.

The characters, the world everything is incredibly well made and super different then anything else out there. Give it a try.

Ps The Pilot episode is a little dull to introduce the watcher into the world and action,

PSS : Watch until the last second! Usually in anime you get a preview for the next episode, but here you get the most important part Summary: A must see! Can't wait for the next episode to appear.
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Ever seen a normal distribution graph?
AltizGremlin26 January 2019
Re: Zero gave me some of that Steins;Gate feeling I was longing for, and made me go crazy theorizing about conspiracies and figuring how the world worked. It was growing within me faster than the episodes aired. And it was from studio White Fox, the same one that did Steins;Gate, another good sign. I can't pinpoint the episode, but it peaked sooner than I thought. I was very intrigued by everything by the middle, and some episodes were pure joy to watch. Slowly, it started to forget everything that made it cool and mysterious, flat out ignoring things that they told about the story and plowing through content as if there was no tomorrow. The last fourth of the anime was barely watchable, with a very lackluster ending. It made a perfect bell graph, or a roller coaster with a single bump if you prefer. The overall experience still makes it a nice watch and can hold the score enough, but it gets really painful if you think about the true potential it had.
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An entertaining anime, No way you could waste your money on this!!!
michaelsoft-4105219 February 2017
This anime obviously has some flaws which may seem bad but if you can get pass the flaws, it is very entertaining! Though the main character is not particularly likable i found that the character Rem seemed likable due to her having a personality rather than a robot programmed to have a personality. The thing i like is that the main protagonist Subaru has the power to go back in time every time he dies. This may seem boring as there might not be much thrill but IT DOES HAVE THRILLS!!! Every time a main character dies, usually Subaru dies as well to go back but the way they present the death is very thrilling. Another thing i like is how they focus on how traumatic an event is so that every time Subaru comes back, he has gained knowledge on how to defeat enemies or has mental trauma on what has happened. One of my personal favorite episode episode 18 is (without spoiling too much) one of my favorite anime episodes of all time and it is really touching though it is basically only dialogue but i totally loved it.

Overall, I would rate this anime 9/10 as the flaws kept it away from the 10/10
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BRUTAL, Heartwarming, and amazing world building - SEASON 1 REVIEW
badcgishark11 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Not since Magical Girl Madoka have I ever been so floored by an anime series seemingly being one thing on the surface, yet being something so much more sinister and brutal at the core.

Going into this show, I only knew one thing; that the main protagonist, Subaru, can come back to life after dying. This is a pretty cool plot device and I decided to give it a go.

The first episode is decent- Subaru is essentially a gamer nerd that for some reason is not at all shocked or surprised to be transported to this other world. There is some slap-stick comedy and it is pretty light hearted. It didn't seem like this was going to be that different or a show, until he is straight up butchered and returns to when he first showed up in the new world. Now he must re-trace his steps...and then gets butchered again in only a few minutes. Now he must re-re-trace his get the idea. It is a great concept and creates an aspect of a thriller/ horror, especially when he meets his (First) killer in passing several hours before he was previously killed.

The first half of the season does some great world building and the main characters are all likable and three-dimensional. It does a great job helping Subaru grow as a character as his total lack of social skills that in the beginning were annoying, slowly get better and he becomes pretty likable. I will admit that there are some love-interest tropes here that are pretty cringe, but this is how I would imagine a person with no social skills to act in some strange new world: Like the protagonist of an RPG with very rigid gender roles and only a fictional understanding of how relationships work.

The second half though...BRUTAL. This is where I liken this to Magical Girl Madoka. Subaru had success going back in time during his previous deaths, but when he literally is butchered and destroyed over and over and over again, he starts to go crazy. It is shockingly well done and I'd even compare it to some David Lynch type horror: Watching your friends, innocent children, and yourself be butchered and murdered over and over without making any headway into finding a way to break the cycle.

When he finally does, and the White Whale battle happens, the series really transcends into 9/10 territory. Yes the romances are still weak, but everything else is so well done that I can forgive that.

I cannot wait for season 2!
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Educating a Jerk
peterfmodel18 August 2019
This TV-series consists of great episodes and episodes which are difficult to complete. This is because of the story itself, which is an attempt to subvert a common isekai trope. Instead of an overpowered person arriving in a new world expecting to have a lot of fun, we have an immature jerk arriving in a new world who is anything but overpowered. The result is predictable; he has the worst time of his life. He does have one power, which is the ability to come back to an earlier point in time each time he is killed, and he dies a lot. The basic story is one of an immature child learning how to be an adult and it's a painful process. This is well worth a watch and if you come across an episodes when the main protagonist is just too painful to watch, preserve as it will be worth it, in the long term.
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Nice start
obradovicstefan24 July 2016
It started of modestly with decent character introduction, very good animation and a dash of mystery about the plot itself, all in all very promising. The main protagonist gets thrown into a parallel world of some sort and starts exploring it. Damsel in distress also makes an appearance but it turns out she isn't just any damsel and furthermore, she seems to be quite capable of taking care of her own distress. Now enters the mystery and the plot starts to thicken and the story beggins to evolve. And then after some 10-12 episodes the mystery becomes irrelevant because the plot crumbles and becomes a wailing disaster and i mean that literally. Episode seventeen the protagonist is crying out for the 20-th time that he doesn't want to die and i personally found myself wishing the life out of him. At the moment of this review, the show is ruined and worthless and i fast forwarded the latest episode as fast as i could.
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Great show
randy-2655620 May 2019
This show is brilliant and amazing, it was dark, mysterious, and sad at the same time. What an excellent anime it was.
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What the hell happen when you enter in your fantasy
puneetsharma95 September 2018
A boy who are into too much manga one day just jump in the world and taken in the his fantasy places that he always dream off. First he like everything but he realise something he had to full-fill however it is his own interpretation but there he set goal for himself.

In this he is weak but have special power of time that nobody know as he can't tell because of curse whenever he dies he just reset to last checkpoint kind of thing that is very cool about it. But he suffer every time and terrified every time and that's actually make him different person then before. But how was it that is too much interesting and change in character is also very good with the different levels.

Starting show are little bit off may be sake of plotting but there is no explanation how he enter the fantasy world.
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Isekai of the decade
syedafzan26 December 2019
Too much mystery, too many emotions, too much gore and too unique. This is what makes it worthwhile to watch.
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Pretty great
gerwynlibay-6930517 December 2019
One of the best anime that I've watch if you haven't watch it I recommend you too watch it :)
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This anime floored me
EarlGenesis10 November 2019
Before watching Re:Zero, I already knew what this anime was about. I've seen YouTube videos of all the torture the MC went through. I knew that it was going to be a stressful ride throughout, and honestly, I was under the belief that it would spoil my enjoyment of the anime. Fortunately though, this anime is so well-written that even knowing the main idea of it still didn't keep me from the edge of my seat. The main character simply steals the show. His complexity and development as a character drove the entirety of the story, and I was completely hooked from beginning to end. I took a several-week hiatus from the anime at about episode 20, and once I got back to it, I was instantly reminded of how enthralling it really is. This is something you really need to watch. It's easily one of my top 10 favorite anime of all time.
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It's worth every star
dustinfrench6 October 2019
Initially I gave up on this anime. After the first episode I boiled it down to every other anime. except with a different twist. I restarted it based upon it's high MAL rating. Boy was I wrong. This anime takes you on an emotional rollercoaster. It becomes torment, with the main characters will slowly breaking to such a degree that I personally found almost hard to watch. If you can connect with it on that level, than you will find not many other anime that can portray that kind of hopelessness, frustration, and pure agony. It's not all traumatic, except for the parts that give this anime grip. This anime needs not more explanation than that.
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bibinraj-5944522 March 2019
I cried when I watch this anime rem is so cuteeeeeee 😍😍😍😍😍😍
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lohitakshtrehan30 July 2017
This anime is greatest that i have ever watched, it has a spot among Death Note and Seven Deadly sins for me. First season is amazing, so much thought is put into this great piece of art. By this time, the written Novel of this series is far ahead the season1 so, just a request to directors, to go ahead and make season2. I know it will be a big hit.
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ryanlucas-3613728 June 2019
And an anime totally not predictable, he manages to maintain a tense and exciting episode 14 until the end, great for those who like strained works The Protagonita, Subaru, and great, different from the other Isekai Protagoniatas or any anime, he is not the hero, he and weak, well human but different from "Nikki Mirai " and "Evangelion ", the protagonist always tries to give the maximum of himself, and different from other anime and Le does not always achieve, showing something much more real
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I honestly wanted to like it but just couldn't
Irishchatter30 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I so badly wanted to watch Re: Zero for ages and finally got to watch at 4 episodes of this today. However, I just couldn't like it and this time, it's nothing to do with the girls on this being overly cute. It's more like the story was getting me lost especially on episode 2 where Satuella was getting rather p*ssy with Subaru for no reason and then suddenly she runs away from him. Honestly the story and character development here really put me off, even Ren and Rem were totally annoying.

3/10 i have to unfortunately give for this anime...
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Subaru worst protagonist
reecetaylormaynard11 June 2019
Honestly with each episode he makes me hate him more and more and hes a disgusting man who wont even die to save the ones he loves and to sort out problem at certain points even though he has the power. But this is my opinion and i know others see it differently.
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Overrated anime
mrbundeskhayal20 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Everything about that anime is wrong, many events that actually are not good for the story, many characters are not introduced well, the only character I really loved was rem and Subaru chose Emilia over her... The character of Subaru was really disgusting. We were left with no answers about many things
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