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So far pretty underrated
moonlander-9011624 September 2016
After binge-watching this amazing new Netflix Original in one day I was curious about peoples opinions on IMDb and was honestly pretty shocked to see the overall rating so far. First off I am not a professional writer and I don't write reviews very often, so this will just be my little, short take on the show, nothing more and nothing less.

Easy is a Romantic-Drama Anthology series (like Tales from the Crypt did with Horror, Black Mirror with Sci-Fi and so on...), which means that each episode of this show is a self-contained story. Sometimes characters from one episode will have small connections with characters from others, but except for two episodes (Which are also my favorites), the stories aren't connected to each other.

The show has comedic elements but overall I would definitely call it a drama. It is the brainchild of Indie-Filmmaker Joe Swanberg (Drinking Buddies, Digging for Fire). Fans of Mumblecore and artsy Rom-Coms will have a lot of fun with this little gem.

Easy aims at examining the small and big problems in modern-day love relationships and how the people involved deal with them. The writing and acting are absolutely superb, the stories engaging and realistic, the characters and their issues are very relatable and the cinematography is artistic without being pretentious. The overall style, pace and execution reminds me a lot of the even better (HBO) show "Togetherness" by the Duplass brothers. I also want to give a small shout-out to the musical score and soundtrack, great song choices!

Some of the actors in Easy are unknown and some are familiar faces, I was definitely surprised to see some A-Listers acting in here, but overall I thought that the lesser known actors fit in more with the indie-vibe the show is going for.

Not every episode blew my mind, but for the most part I absolutely loved Easy and can't wait for season 2! Highly recommended!
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This rating---just, no
Brave_TraveIer13 May 2019
This series is as underrated as it is, so I hate the idea that people make come here and be underwhelmed by a 6.8, however that seems to be the general consensus here.

Well, its wrong! This series is amazing! An anthology that returns to old episodes featuring actors that you will be very familiar with that perform a stunning job in the 30 minutes they have (in that specific episode).

Please read the professional reviews of season three and you will see across the board they're all positive and shine on this show. The creator holds no punches, so it is rather raw, so to speak. Its engaging, hilarious, and real! Watch it
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Strong Adult Series
howard69018 December 2016
Wow, I really like this show. I want it to keep going. I really enjoyed how the characters from the previous episodes appear here and there in the various episodes. I would like to see the show keep going, so I hope it makes it. The performances are strong and the character development is outstanding for the 30 or less minutes each episode. One thing I have to say is its not like what I normally watch. Its is NOT violent in any way shape or form and nothing tragically bad happens. It's just about people and their relationships. I enjoyed the episode "Chemistry Read" the most. Overall, the series provides lots to consider. Strong series. I would love to see the characters continue. This is a version of THIS IS US for a more adult audience. I have to admit I binge watched this series in less than 24 hours because it was that compelling it it's -20* outside. I'm ready for season 2.
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agabel1221 December 2017
I think this show is... if anything, real. The characters are genuine and dynamic - BUT! WAIT!!! They're TOO 'normal' or 'average' or dare I say "boring".... welllllll most people are a little boring. This doesn't make them any less interesting to watch, because boring doesn't mean they don't have something to say. You need to watch it for the interactions, authentic dialogue in a variety of settings and awkward situations. Such is life.

Some have said it's "boring" or "unwatchable" and there should be more "excitement" which I don't fully understand.... What do you expect from a show that focuses on relationships and the concept that "love isn't *easy*" to involve? Paternity tests? Violent murders? Dragons? There's tons of that already. This is something new: it's looking into complex relationships in a really simple and relatable way.

Also, by complex relationships I mean: feminists becoming hookers, open marriages, the-one-that-got-away appearing on the doorstep of the apartment you share with your partner, happy couples seeking a third on Tinder, affluent neighbours coming together to become Big Brother, and lots and lots and LOTS of sex) - I mean these don't sound like boring storylines to me but hey. I like it, so I'm biased.

I think it's easy to watch and it's not afraid to broach taboo subjects, like say - 'gang-bang fantasies', and maybe some don't like to see what's behind the curtain.

For someone like me who likes slow books and films that don't have you on the edge of your seat, desperate to reach the "big fight scene" - but have you there to watch, to enjoy, to think, to question.
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tscott-7450121 December 2017
Honestly, as a 22 year old raised in the millennial generation, this show shines a light on the very core of issues and societal trends that we are surrounded by. It makes bold statements about religion, sex, feminism, and relationships. It pinpoints the very truths about the world that I live in and shows the constant battle between my generation and other generations. It is a wonderful example of topics that are so relevant in society. I relate to this show in a profound way.
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A Man who loves laughing at life's commonalities
ekidd-136315 September 2017
I am sitting there, minding my own business, and this random show pops up.

This show is great. Anyone who has been in a relationship and lived with their spouse for more than 5 years will understand this show. It doesn't all have to do with love and the functions of a everyday relationship; However, there are 'thesis statements' to every episode that you will miss if you haven't gone through your own version of the experience being acted out through the show(what....).It's got a lot of very captivating scenes where you understand the exact moment because you can put yourself in the shoes of the actor(s).

TV shows now-a-days are filled with intense/in your face drama. We got dragons, trump (ha! Autocorrect didn't capitalize it), music producers fighting with each other, you name it. I just like seeing more sincere/genuine scenes. I don't need heart clenching drama or suspense. I appreciate good 'ol painful life moments, the stuff I have laughed at myself for later on, get placed on my TV screen (computer screen, you get the gist).

This show is boring for a lot of people, from what I see for the reviews. It's not gonna be your "13 reasons why" replacement, it will be over before you realize it, and you will be off to another show.

Good night, and good luck.
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great view on relationships
mehrjadidi23 September 2016
this show just feels real, the fact that this show is a anthology and has a different relationship in each episode starring lets it show all the stages and different ways people deal with relationships.

All the characters live in the same world but they don't let that force them to write a character from the last episode to be mention or show up in though out the rest of the series. characters only show up when it works.

the only thing that even slightly brothers me is in the second episode the relationship featured is annoying to me. the black girl(forgot her name) seems like a really dumb person. she just seems superficial with no real personality but even saying that, the episode works cause she feels like a real person. a real superficial person that I wouldn't like in real life. she is a dumb person you would see just partying all day, she's great cause she still feels real.

And I think that's the thing I want to end on, is that this show has this way of showing you a family, couple, or even just a person going though their relationship in such a realistic way that it doesn't feel like watching a show but looking into another person's life.
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This is the best show on TV
lptsimpson15 May 2019
We love every episode. So fresh, so well acted ( with the possible exception of Orlando Bloom's cameo). Genuinely sad that the third season is the last.
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The mumblecore guy reaches out to a wider audience
The_late_Buddy_Ryan10 October 2016
Joe Swanberg must've cashed in a lot of his indie cred to line up such an amazing cast for this N'flix series, though he stays true to his mumblecore roots with flat, functional dialogue (lift a glass of foamy craft lager every time somebody says "Awesome!") and rambling, open-ended plot lines. Even if you're unimpressed by the first few episodes, hang on for Ep 5, starring Mark Maron as a dickish graphic novelist who gets punked by a sexy artgirl. The others range from merely watchable to totally involving---gorgeous, posh-voiced Gugu Mbatha-Raw is perfect as an ambitious actress at a romantic crossroads in Ep 6. Btw, I never thought we'd get to see a sex scene involving Orlando Bloom and Kate Micucci (the brunette half of Garfunkel and Oates); I'm guessing they didn't either.

Season two is more of the same, which is mostly a good thing: the inarticulate craft-beer guys turn up for another dud episode, but OTOH Mark Maron's dickish graphic novelist is back, and the package-thief and open-marriage sexcapade eps are especially entertaining.

The third (and possibly final) season reprises some of the same characters and introduces a few new ones, but the writing seems uninspired. Nice to hear Melanie Lynskey speaking her native Kiwi in the Mark Maron episode, and Jacqueline Toboni ("Grimm") displays unexpected romcom chops in the only ep we really enjoyed.
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Appropriate title
cyaneidae-781792 October 2016
The title 'Easy' seems appropriate: the show is the TV equivalent of Easy Listening. It's visual elevator music. No less pleasant and no more exciting than going for a leisurely walk. It is realistic to the point of being banal; the episodes bumble along for twenty minutes and (in some cases) ultimately build up to a mildly interesting premise that might have potential to develop into a good story line, just to finish and launch into the next mildly engaging idea in the next episode. Rinse and repeat. There is no tension whatsoever. Some of the cast is great and I am pleased to see that Orlando Bloom is aging very well; I sort of enjoyed watching this show, but I cannot quite work out why it was made.
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Enjoyable everyday life...stuff
typhoon743 October 2016
Its not a show that will end up with awards and all that, but its quite enjoyable and pretty perfect for a Sunday chill on the couch. Either alone or with your boyfriend/girlfriend. If you're single you may be glad you are after watching this. If you watch it with your bf/gf you may end up having a discussion about...well, you'll see...

Each episode is 30 minutes and (more or less) has a story of its own. Mostly about dating, love, sex and relationship struggles - in other words, everyday life stuff. The acting is good enough and the stories are to the point and short enough so it never gets boring or too cliché.

If you're a fan of Togetherness, you may like this one.
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naqyah_ros7 June 2019
It's real, everything. The issue, act, script and content and people who rate this 6,you guys should not rate.ever.
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What a pleasant surprise
ersbel18 July 2017
I usually get bored at the TV series format. A short script made long to fit one, hopefully two seasons when there probably wasn't enough material for the 90 minutes of a feature film. With easy things are different. I get back to the old series where the theme was bounding the episodes together and not the same cast chasing their own tail waiting for the season finale to shout "Gotcha!" The episodes are independent here.

The acting is also surprisingly natural. Usually the TV series get the ones who failed in movies. That combined with the diluted story and everything is fine if you go take the water out of the fridge as not much has changed. And in Easy things are beyond screen natural and almost like watching the people at the next table in a restaurant at lunch.

This is about snapshots. There aren't true stories in. Finally the snapshots are about today. As even movies seem to have a board of old white men who want to resonate with the story, meaning action set for "now" is happening more like 20 years ago. Easy is about today: phone apps and all.

Contact me with Questions, Comments or Suggestions ryitfork @ bitmail.ch
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Insufferable: this show is Woody Allen as a millennial
Loebner5 October 2016
I will start of by saying that I've liked and enjoyed some of Swanberg's other work. This, however, was mind-numbing for the most part and agonizing at its worst. One or two of the episodes were okay but the rest are like being the sober one at a party full of drunk people who love nothing more than to hear themselves talk about nothing. The only reason I even watched the whole season is because I was struggling through ulcer pain and needed something to anesthetize me. It deserves 10 stars for serving that purpose. It does have a strong cast, but the characters and dialogue are too often almost unbearable.
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Interesting but unrewarding
gamester8013 January 2018
Easy is filled with excellent performers giving excellent performances, but, ultimately, each episode has the feel of a good (but not great) indie-style character study. The series centers its focus squarely on relationships of all sorts: functional, dysfunctional, romantic, platonic, lavishing attention on details major and minor in an exhaustive effort. Ultimately, it even sacrifices the telling of an engaging or even simply complete story in service to an (admittedly) engaging performance.

Taking each episode on its own, this leaves a fairly satisfying experience, but as a series, the lack of plot progress can be draining at its worst, and merely disinteresting at its best. The rotating cast of interconnected characters can function to draw the viewer in, but signifies nothing of importance to the individual story lines each indicates.

Nuanced performances abound, though, from a collection of very talented actors, giving some sense of excitement as episodes progress and the cast is revealed, but without a worthy story to drive the action (as it were) forward, even this grows stale rapidly.
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Mediocre Drama
Mynameisroman29 September 2016
First word to describe the show that comes to my mind is "Boring". Just a couple of Episodes put together that have something to do with love. At times it feels like something you might improvise and film with a couple of friends and then cut it down to 30 minutes. I think the majority of people won't enjoy it too much. If you want to see a Show where each Episode focus on another person then you might try "Skins" (UK Version). But this one... The only reason i watched it was because Jacqueline Toboni and Kate Micucci was in it. Not much else to tell about it. Maybe try the first Episode yourself and if you don't like it don't bother watching another one. it won't get any better
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Excellent actors, unwatchable show
tambourinist22 January 2017
The show is really well made, the acting is impressive, the story flows easy. The problem is that the plots of the episodes are simply not interesting enough for this show to be worthwhile.

I've watched 3 first episodes. After the first one I expected the show to get better after introducing the characters at the beginning of the series. But the second episode focused on a different story and different characters, unrelated to the first one. And stayed at the surface of the events portrayed just as the first one.

The stories are incredibly banal. These are stories that happened to you and your friends. The show doesn't add any humor or observations, which could have saved the otherwise boring story line. Also, I had the impression it got quite patronizing/ preachy at some points, as if the movie makers wanted to show the audience what a good communication in a relationship looks like.

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Uninspired and boring
duskajulius6 February 2017
I was really expecting so much more from a Netflix production. Usually the show they are involved with are interesting, innovative and memorable. The TV Show Easy is about the most dull, boring and mediocre I have seen in a very long time. I know 30 minutes is not much to create a jewel, but there was no effort even. The stories have no development that is significant, no tension, no adventure....they are simply useless. I wish North American directors would cast their eyes to Scandinavia and see how engaging and interesting everyday stories of life can be.

Don't bother watching, total waste of your time.
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Maybe too easy?
sophieoirdi11 July 2018
The first episode had the effect of a not strong enough coffee, leaving a frustrating taste on the tongue. As I've seen this happening with other series before, I decided to follow my curiosity and give it a further chance. The second episode was actually better and revealed a connection with characters of the first episode, as in some other anthology series.

Then, a few episodes passed by and I recognised the disappointing pattern: beginning, middle and end are all wrapped up in one episode, without even an ounce of drama. If this was a book, or if we wanted to precisely target the writing, this would definitely not be called a page-turner. There is no suspense whatsoever, and no attachment or interest for the characters, who barely have a name.

Some plots could have been really interesting to explore more deeply and include more conflict, but the whole thing just felt like some kind of intrusion in someone else's life. You're sitting comfortably watching the show, expecting an incident or dramatic situation, which.. doesn't happen.

The way it's filmed - as well as the dialogue - can make you feel like it's a documentary, because of the extreme realness. The dialogue itself sometimes actually suffers from its reality, lacking depth and creativity, as well as allowing one too many times speech patterns such as "humm", "you know", "like". It does no other thing than reminding you that if you chose to watch a fiction show, it's not to face your real life (friends) on screen. I did like on some occasions to see some seemingly improvised scenes and the idea that some lines may have not been scripted, but overall the abundance of it was quite disappointing, especially if it adds no value to the character.

The performances delivered were, in my opinion, very good. The genre is quite difficult to identify: it doesn't feel like drama per se, and there is in my opinion no comedic element, apart from maybe 1 or 2 episodes.

I would conclude by saying that if one has nothing to watch or has some time to kill, it's not horrible, it flows, but I wouldn't put it in the "worth it" category.
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High School Dialogue & Acting
chiguy-7907323 May 2019
Can we talk about the acting? OMG, stilted conversations, always talkovers, and amateur sounding. This could be an awesome series, it has good characters and lots of diversity, yet the below par dialogue is hard to take.

How on earth is this in it's third season?
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geekerr3 February 2018
Terrible acting, superficial depictions of relationships, creatively dry, nothing to say
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Just. No
aliases-5333413 January 2019
I did like the first two episodes. Before I realised this show is obssessed with couples having sex and you are compelled to watch their couple drama. Nope.
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Easy to Skip
roxyangelkisses17 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I watched "Easy" based on two things; the reputation of Netflix and the quote, unquote "star -studded cast". Therefore, I went into the experience thinking good thoughts. Boy was I in for a surprise. Unlike most other Netflix Originals, "Easy" is dry, pointless and humorless. The plot lines are vague, the peoples lives are boring and trite, and the cast members in every episode but one are not stars. They are in fact largely marginal extras with speaking lines at best. Orlando Bloom is the biggest guest star in the whole series unless you count a multiple episode returnees to "Grey's Anatomy " a star or the sideshow brother in a Kristen Wiig film; which I do not. I only enjoyed two of the episodes, which is why they received anything above a "1" from me. Therefore, my "5/10" rating is also generous and this was completely based on how hot Orlando Bloom was in his episode alone. This is easily boring and easily missed.
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Trying to be contemporary
tahitiblkpearl1 December 2017
Gawwd. Aufool. The stuttering, overlapping and the (ad lib) makes this tedious to watch. It is Trying to be a hip contemporary look at marriages, but so very unbelievable. These husbands are so not pleasant to look at. Not being superficial, just how in the heck did they get cast? Save your time Don't watch.
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Netflix and chill
tstrijdonk7 November 2016
Easy to watch. Really good acting. You recognize a lot of things in your own life. It's easy, makes you smile and makes you think about your relationship. And the threesome episode was a surprise on more levels. It's also fun that the episodes are standing by themselves, but that some characters are seen in more episodes. Also, I love that some subjects are still taboo. It makes you think outside the box. Only some parts are a bit boring. You can let it on on the background and do some housework.

Nice way to spend your evening. Absolute Netflix and chill ( sometimes even with the " dirty" parts)
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