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28 Nov. 2017
Campus Life Is Full of Temptation
Fresh start at university, and once again Uehara's popularity creates a challenge for him, for Nao, and their relationship. Old friends come by, and new ones appear.
28 Nov. 2017
Mission: Get More Girly!
A kiss incident with Natsume causes misunderstandings between Uehara and Nao. He takes a job in a lab while she scopes out clubs at college.
28 Nov. 2017
Love or Friendship?
Nao learns that Uehara is on first name terms with Saeko in his lab. She confides her fears to Natsume during a trip to a petting zoo with his sister.
28 Nov. 2017
First Love Never Lasts?
With Uehara's birthday approaching, Nao takes a job at the store where Natsume works. A customer's request makes them both think about what they want.
28 Nov. 2017
Playing a Tragic Heroine's Fun!
Natsume and Nao take lead roles in Abecchi's play, but the script's kiss scenes annoy Uehara. Meanwhile, Micchan and Marina are on the rocks.
28 Nov. 2017
His Birthday Surprise
Nao plans a surprise party for Uehara's birthday, but unbeknownst to her, he quickly finds out about it. Natsume gives Nao some advice.
28 Nov. 2017
For Friendship.
Uehara suspects Natsume has feelings for Nao. Natsume confides in Saeko, and Nanase and Nao discuss love while working on a project.
28 Nov. 2017
Careful When Camping at Night
Nao doesn't tell Uehara that Natsume kissed her, but he figures it out. Nao, Natsume and the group go camping while Uehara and Saeko attend a lecture.
28 Nov. 2017
Can You Fall Out of Love?
Nao stresses out after Uehara tells her he wants some space. Worrying about her, Natsume punches Uehara, then tells Nao how he feels.
28 Nov. 2017
Give Me a Good Morning Call Tomorrow
Uehara and Nao have broken up, and Nao is trying to reinvent herself. She hopes they'll get back together, but Saeko's feelings haven't changed.

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