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Good Sequel
claudio_carvalho12 September 2016
The reporter Chase Carter (Jesse Metcalfe) returns to East Mission City to investigate a mysterious building where prisoners are transported to be guinea pig on experiments to find a cure of the zombie infection. He uses a camera to record and transmit the images to the reporter Jill (Jessica Harmon) and to the skilled computer hacker Sandra Lowe (Marie Avgeropoulos) and finds that General Lyons (Dennis Haysbert) in involved in a secret government conspiracy. Carter is found and has to flee from Lyons's henchmen. However the editor is afraid to broadcast the images since the TV network would certainly be sued by the government. The former executive George Hancock (Ian Tracey) from the pharmaceutical corporation Phenotrans meets Carter and tells that the army is hunting him down. Further, they should go to East Mission City to shut down the servers since Lyons plans to kill 1.5 million-people that have an implanted chip, including Sandra, and stop the cruel scientist Rand (Billy Zane), who uses humans to test his experiments. Will they succeed to stop Lyons'evil plan?

"Dead Rising: Endgame" is a good sequel to "Dead Rising: Watchtower". The non-stop action in the zombie infected city is highly entertaining. The villain General Lyons is still alive; therefore there will certainly be another sequel. Jesse Metcalfe is a cool hero and now he is surrounded by the gorgeous Marie Avgeropoulos and Keegan Connor Tracy. The great deception is the cameo of Billy Zane, with a short and silly participation. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): Not Available
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As enjoyable (and generic) as the first movie...
paul_haakonsen11 November 2016
Having watched "Dead Rising: Endgame", I can honestly say that it was every bit as good and bad as the 2015 "Dead Rising" movie. With that being said, I am prone to say that if you didn't enjoy the first movie, then you will not like this 2016 movie either, and vice versa.

A continuation of the story and events that took place in the 2015 "Dead Rising" movie, "Dead Rising: Endgame" puts us back into the quarantine zone, following the brash reporter Chase Carter (played by Jesse Metcalfe) yet again.

As much as I enjoy zombie movies, then "Dead Rising: Endgame", like its predecessor, just never really rose up beyond mediocrity for me. Sure, they are enjoyable movies for what they are, but they are just not outstanding in the zombie genre.

The effects were good, and there is a good amount of action and a good amount of zombies throughout the movie. That is at least something. And the acting was adequate as well.

However, I guess it is the storyline that is just too generic or perhaps because it is something that has been seen before in other zombie movies, that just makes it so bland and generic.

Being a zombie aficionado, of course I had to watch it. And I have done so now, but color me unimpressed. It was a mediocre experience, as I mentioned earlier, and this is not a movie that I can see myself making a second trip back to watching. It just didn't have enough contents to support more than a single viewing. There are far better zombie movies available out there.

But I am sure that hardcore fans of the Dead Rising games will find great enjoyment in these movies.
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know what your going in to and you should be fine....
pakiboy-646-21497528 June 2016
seems like people expect to much from this movie sometimes forgetting that it is a B-grade movie

a lot of the review i've seen are complaining about the zombie action takes to long to begin but the thing they forget is that this movie is so much more than just are quick zombie flick...

this movie actually delivers well acting: (8/10) especially lead role he is a good actor and i never knew him before these movies

directing: (7/10) good story

action (6/10) i would say watchtower was a 4 on action they actually also upgraded that here so a lot of thing to be happy about.. so if you don't expect to much and just want to kill the time with a movie that is free on crackle than this will do just more than fine..
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Feels Like A TV Movie
elliott7821220 June 2016
Picking up 2 years after the events in Wachtower, Chase has been discredited, trying to redeem himself continues his investigation aided by new allies. Television series veteran director Pat Williams infuses better pacing. Stylish camera shots, yet somehow it never rises above that feeling of a TV movie of the week. Jesse Metcalfe shows of his action hero chops taking on faster moving Zombies. Billy Zane is wasted as a evil Scientist his scenes are few. Throughout there's this feeling that something is missing, in some ways it's better than the first in other ways it fails overall it's still above your acreage zombie movie. I might need to watch it again, I gave the first an 8 giving this sequel a 7 mainly because it the only improvement is in style and pacing.
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Half Life.
morrison-dylan-fan5 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
On the way home I went to look in a local DVD shop for horror flicks. Being aware of the game,I was intrigued to find that a second (?) had been made,which led to me getting set to see the dead rise.

The plot:

After getting a zombie outbreak (somewhat) under control,the army (who have taken over the government) put a chip under people who they suspect could turn back into zombies,so that they can flip the switch and kill them if needed in the future. Secretly following the army,a TV news crew capture an army officer revealing the plans. Spotting them,the army makes killing the reports the new endgame.

View on the film:

Taking on the "difficult" Video game adaptation genre,the screenplay by Tim Carter & Michael Ferris surprisingly present a rather coherent story! Using brief flashbacks over the opening credits to fill in the background detail,the writers level up with a brisk zombie Horror/conspiracy Thriller, neatly cutting from the remaining zombies evolving into something more cunning,to the reporters fearing death from the undead and the army.

Showing the game itself in the movie,director Pat Williams pays stylish tribute with smooth hand-held fight scenes,and rough tracking shots catching the dark corridor anxiety of the game. Offering a mix of "classic" slow zombies and the new "virus" kind,Wiliiams hits a strong combo in practical effects,with extended tracking shots building up the pace of the running zombies,whilst the slower zombies are treated to eye-catching slimy killings,as the rising dead reach their endgame.
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Marathon Whack-a-Zombie with zero plot and bad acting
musicreporter-120 July 2016
Fifteen minutes into this wasteland and first question popped out - How - or why - does junk like this get produced and actually make any money?

Boring and predictable plot quickly wears thin and gave easy odds on how soon we would bail out of this film. We made it to the 65 minute mark.

For those excited about the first movie, this sequel didn't do anything new or exciting - more stupid characters doing predictably stupid things.

We had the ability to fast forward on this (and we used it!) in the hopes of it getting better - it doesn't.

So many zombies where getting offed in predictable ways it seemed like a game of marathon Whack-a-Zombie. You lost track after the first 50 zombies.

Too much gratuitous profanity, too many characters without depth, all making it hard to care for any of the characters.

Skip this one - hundreds of better zombie flicks out there!

You been warned.
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Like the first one, only even more cheaper
cheighlee27 June 2016
Why do they keep making movies like this one? How do you exactly make money with this? Is it a long ad for Dead Rising 4? Probably. Is it a good one? No.

There are few returning characters and actors, story is whatever, acting is whatever and so on. While the direction is a bit better than the first movie, this one felt way cheaper and slapped on. For example, right off the bat, while Chase is sneaking around and Jil and Sandra are in the van that's supposed to be inside the restricted zone, you can actually see regular car traffic through van windows. Locations are nondescript and cheap. Zombies are just as scarce as in the first movie. Weapons are dumb and not impressive.

It's just not fun, not scary and except two or three very bland easter eggs, this movie really has no place in Dead Rising video game franchise.

Oh, and yes, that is actually Billy Zane if you were wondering.

Plot is even more of a black hole than before and this whole thing is on the same level as the first one, only slightly worse in general sense. You wont miss anything by not watching it except that hour and change you've just wasted on this movie.
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As shaky as malnourished zombie
quincytheodore3 July 2016
The first time Dead Rising transitioned into cinema was not met with critical acclaimed, but at least it has familiarity with the game's brash and quirky nature. This time around, it delves right back into zombie infested world using a lot of action movie settings, but surprisingly slim on action itself. It takes itself seriously with predicaments and characters audience would barely care about.

Story continues along with the group of journalists who stumbles on a government secret. The characters from the first movie are not that memorable and as they are dropped into hot zone straight away, there's no connection with audience, especially since they seem to squabble on every issues. The silly antics from the game are almost buried, which is ironic since that is the main draw, not the conspiracy thriller.

Cinematography looks bland, with occasional cool shots before more dialogues transpire blandly, even then it only looks like ordinary city scenery. It doesn't convey the hectic atmosphere for infected world. Action is thin as well, only occurring about halfway through and not that lengthy or well-choreographed either.

The sequel not only lost its core foundation, it strays too far into thriller with ill-equipped script and characterization.
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A waste of an hour and half
zishydabest24 July 2016
When there is a film adaptation of a video game, there is always huge expectations of the film being somewhat successful like resident evil however this sequel and watchtower have not lived up to it. Of course, there is no top notch director with a distinguished career and a star cast but this movie brings a new meaning to video game adaptations that should've just ended up in the trash.

The acting is wooden, some parts are acted out well, the camera is shaky like it was filmed by amateurs who had zero experience of using a camera on set, even a 6 year old with a camera phone would've done a better job, the script is somewhat poor and lacks any oomph.

It is awful and I wouldn't recommend watching this even if you have seen watchtower and have some hope for this.
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Average sequel at best
heerlien18 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The first movie i liked a lot. It really reminded me of the game-series, it had humor and campy zombie slaughter, but could have had more action. This sequel was a little less good. In short, the biggest issue of this sequel is that they tried to hard to create a more serious story and movie. At a few points the movie feels dull and too long, which is ironic since the first one was two hours.

What i liked:

  • more action - really awesome zombie kills and fights (the escalator scene :) )

What i didn't liked:

  • no humour - too serious and some dull parts - less zombie scenes and too much people vs people.

overall i think i won't buy this one on bluray, maybe if it's real cheap. But is was still fun to watch for one time.
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A Great Zombie Movie, if not one the Best
evansgc5526 March 2020
This movie was Amazing! The directors Learned from their 1st movie, and made it even better by taking all the best of the potential of Dead Rising and put it into this film! Whoever says this movie is crap Does Not Know What They Are Saying, because this is hands-down one of the Best Zombie movies on the list! It has awesome action scenes, a great build-up, sensible enough plot, and they don't make the ending a long montage about what happened! Definitely worth a watch if you want a zombie-action movie. I don't think the Very ending should have happened that way precisely, but it makes sense and I don't think it deserves any loss in score. Excellent job here, and worth the Shelf even if you don't watch the prelude movie! I'd rate this a 9.5 but I'll put 10 because it was just This great. Sure, every movie has some problems. This movie had an unlikely coincidence in the tunnels, the lady-ceo was Crazy-crazy which is (not) unrealistic, Dennis Haysbert could have had a larger role (but he is a General, not a Footsoldier), and the opening was a bit too coincidental; But That's About It. This movie has an Amazing action sequence at the end, lots of good cinematography, a quality story that ties in Watchtower (which is objectively Worse than this film in every way, so anyone saying it is better doesn't know what they are talking about), and a cool Dead Rising Cameo also! Jesse Metcalfe Nailed this role, and so did Keegan Tracey! This film is cool, makes sense, and the plot unfolds well and I have No problems with it overall. People who want to cry because it isn't a billion dollar super-action Marvel film are the haters on this film, because this film was Awesome. It also shows the direction of Dead Rising 3 And 4, with Direct References to DR1+2, so unless they played All these games then they don't know what they are saying about "not a good Dead Rising film," Which It Is. 100% worth a watch, and I'm adding it to my shelf. If I watch it 2 or 3 more times it Might go down to a 9, but that is the Minimum this film Deserves.

The game Dead Rising 1 is still well worth a play before (or after) this. Case West is also good except the last boss fight which the regular Dead Rising 2 did Way better if you get the full game ending. Dead Rising 1 and 2 are the "canon" preludes to both these movies while Case West is a spin-off but still a better game.
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It's fine
robbierobin24 January 2020
If you enjoyed the first one, I think you will enjoy this one as well. It's about the same quality etc. I didn't personally jump or get scared, but few movies do that to me anyhow.
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Political villainy and the living dead.
parry_na30 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
On occasions, you cannot beat sitting back and watching a society of the living dead getting massacred in graphic and bloody ways. Based on a video game, this sequel to 2015's 'Dead Rising: Watchtower', begins with a gaggle of earnestly perfect-looking females assuring hero, square-jawed Chase Carter (played by square-jawed Jesse Metcalfe) that whatever happened in the previous film, he's still a great guy. They are the core of a group of journalists who have stumbled upon a government secret, with a briefly seen Billy Zane popping up as the evil scientist Rand.

After an impressive pre-credits sequence, the pace slackens considerably. The direction, by Pat Williams, is first rate for a modestly budgeted adventure such as this, and ensures that, even during the extended periods when nothing of interest is happening, at least it looks good. But where are the zombies, you might be asking?

It takes a good while for them to appear, but when they do, the cinematography does them proud, although for such a project as this, the various impressive action sequences are light on gore - although what there is looks great.

I think the jokeless, daytime-soap earnestness that permeates every scene is my main issue with this. The actors are fine, but their characters have no real spark about them, nothing for the audience to latch onto or care about. Apart from this issue, I enjoyed 'Endgame'. It could perhaps be described as an espionage zombie story, with as much attention paid to political villainy as there is to skull-like living cadavers having their brains splashed across the concrete.
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Kill Everyone
nogodnomasters6 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This is the sequel to "Dead Rising: Watchtower." You are given a very quick viewing of the first film during the credit run and are suddenly thrust into East Mission Zone (2 years later) where Chase Carter (Jesse Metcalfe) and friends are investigating what the military is doing there. It turns out General Lyons (Dennis Haysbert) and the evil pharmaceutical corporation are up to no good with Project Afterlife. Chase and company discovers the particulars of the project and must return to the mission to hack a computer. In doing so they must battle fast moving Z's, chemists, doctors, and the military. There is a scene where after they lose their weapons, they must manufacture their own. The military is after Chase with "extreme prejudice." There is no character introduction and they all seemed like strangers. At one point it appears the video game on which the first film was based was being played on a TV. The movie has pauses (for commercials?) as if this was made for TV. The production seemed to be going through the motions as if they were in a hurry to get on with the third film as it leaves some loose ends. Should have been better. Soft 3 stars.

Guide: F-word. No sex. Brief zombie nudity near end.
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Mr. OpEd9 May 2017
The opening credits action is great!

Then the movie proper starts.

The film makers mistake non-stop profanity for well-written dialog. EVERYBODY swears every fifth word. Profanity is a spice, not the whole meal and this kind of writing got tired in the early 80s.

Cussing crutches made this unwatchable.
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Leofwine_draca5 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
DEAD RISING: ENDGAME is the sequel to WATCHTOWER, a middling zombie flick and video game adaptation that starred Jesse Metcalfe. This one's far worse, a make-it-up-as-they-go-along kind of film that offers bad direction, boring scripting and routine action. Metcalfe returns and is on autopilot throughout, joined by Billy Zane in a small role at one point, and Zane should know better. As for gore and zombie action, you can pretty much forget it as it's all inherently disappointing.
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Good use of story and actors
foden123413 May 2017
I'm an avid movie fan....ANY movie fan. So I want to say something about the 2 Dead Rising movies, Watchtower and EndGame.

I enjoyed the first outing of Watchtower, it left me with wanting more, I get bored with constant Zombie attacks and munching down on the unfortunate, and just running around gnarling and falling to pieces here and there. Watchtower HAS a story to it, something to keep me interested.

The acting although not Hollywood style, it has a fine leading actor, fine leading actress, the dialogue is strong, the interaction between the survivors works very well. a mix of comedy / horror / thriller and action all work at the right places.and yes I loved the opening cop and clown scene Then came Endgame, now this was something I could get my teeth into (pardon the pun),introducing new actors into the mix really worked well, again the mix of the comic/horror/thriller and action scenes were great,I also liked the FEZA angle (FEMA)...if you missed the connection..take another look. The action comes thick and fast, the dialogue same way, the fight scene in the operating room is excellent...if that was me...yeah I too would use anything and everything I could get my hands on...terrific. The story carries on from the first movie, not from day one,but it all ties in very well, friends are reunited and the bad guys are....well watch it and see. It was good to see a cameo role from Billy Zane as the doctor, good job.

As conspiracy movies go, this uses a different angle, it's not in your face angle..very subtle.

All in all...if you watch these 2 movies back to back...comes the end credits....I promise you will want more.
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Very scary
jacobjohntaylor114 September 2017
This a good horror movie. It has a great story line. It also has great acting. It also has great special effects. Dead rising watch tower is better. This is a sequel to Dead rising watch tower. 4.8 is a good ratting. But this is such a great movie that 4.8 is underrating it.This is a 8 out 10. This a great movie. If you like horror movies that you will like this movie. See this movie. See all the Dead rising movies. This movie scarier then A Nightmare on elm street and that is not easy to do. This movie is scarier Friday the 13th V a new beginning and that is not easy to do. This movie is scarier then Halloween resurrection could ever be.
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