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I didn't see that one coming...
paul_haakonsen14 November 2016
I sat down to watch "Patient Seven" for two reasons; the first was because this is a horror movie, and the second was because Michael Ironside was in it. And I had no idea what the movie was actually about prior to sitting down to watch it, so I had no expectations.

And as the movie came to an end, I must admit that I was genuinely entertained by what directors Danny Draven, Paul Davis, Ómar Örn Hauksson, Dean Hewison, Joel Morgan, Johannes Persson, Nicholas Peterson, Erlingur Thoroddsen and Rasmus Wassberg managed to piece together.

Each of the eight segments ("The Body", "Undying Love", "The Sleeping Plot", "Death Scenes", "Evaded", "The Visitant", "Banishing" and "Evaded") were actually equally entertaining in each their own distinct way. And that was quite some accomplishment in my opinion. And they were spun together nicely enough by a good narrative.

The acting in the segments was good, and people were really doing good jobs with their individual roles, both during the segments and also in the narrative lead up to the segments. It was nice to see an ensemble of cast putting so much effort and energy into their roles.

The special effects in the segments were good. And having good and believable special effects and CGI effects is crucial to a horror movie, as it is usually a make or break outcome. So thumbs up to the effects team for their effort on "Patient Seven".

"Patient Seven" does have some nice enough surprises and plot twists along the way. I will not reveal any of them here, because I honestly think that you should take the time to sit down and watch the movie, because it is well worth the effort.

All in all, "Patient Seven" lands a solid six out of ten stars rating from me. This is a movie that I can warmly recommend that you watch, especially if you enjoy a good horror movie that is driven by proper story lines.
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I liked it!
gothic-fiction13 October 2016
And why wouldn't I? Sure, it wasn't the most original out there, and it went the multiple story type, but hey, it was well executed, decent effect and quite lovely actors.

Ironside is one of the oldies actors I really appreciate and apparently the man still has it, can perform just right, make you believe, if you give him a decent enough script he will play his part just right. The plot itself is good, I loved the way the stories were told, I think some of the monsters looked quite nicely and some tension made its appearance here and there.

Patient Seven will most likely remain an unknown horror, but those of you which will find it, go for it, it's far better than most productions nowadays, and it surely made the best of its budget. I for one will recommend it!

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Truly the Michael Ironside show.
dean-20215 October 2016
With the inclusion of an absolutely stellar performance by Alfie Allen, Michael Ironside knocks it out of the park. This is a very solid 8/10 and impressive for featuring other actors and directors I have never heard of before - and it works. Alfie Allen is mesmerizing in his role and if they decide to expand on his story-line I am sure they will have a solid hit on their hands. Michael Ironside is quintessentially a good actor. You can't take your eyes off of him for each subtle eyebrow twitch speaks volumes. Well done, folks. I don't want to give away any of the story-lines, but the way the plot weaves in and out of context to suddenly be brought hard back into focus is astounding. If you get a chance to see this take it.
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A well made film, but pointless.
thejoudblitz12 October 2016
Patient Seven has great actors, a good score and interesting dialogue. It delivers seven horror short stories that are never boring.

Unfortunately the film makers never went through the trouble of connecting those stories, offering closure to each of the patients, or even giving us a proper ending.

Instead of reusing horror elements throughout the various plots, (same monsters, same crimes) they could have used the content to paint a bigger picture.

In all, an opportunity wasted.

I am giving "Patient Seven" 5 out of 10 stars.

Thanks. (10 lines yay, sometimes there just isn't more to say)
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Good performances in a horror movie?
jackmeat18 October 2016
My quick rating - 5,5/10. One of a few problems with anthology movies is they tend to have good episodes, and bad episodes. Just like anything else. This can also be good since you will have different audiences viewing the material and one or two bad doesn't pull you completely out of the entire movie. So this story is seen through the analysis of a doctor/writer (wonderful as always, Michael Ironside) interviewing patients of a mental hospital to get the "real" feeling of the crimes that got them locked up. Without breaking each down, they each are stories of various insanity levels that don't ever go over the top but are able to get just enough of a response for you and Ironside to to get a feeling of them. This is not done through cheap scare tactics but conveyed through quality performances from the actors/actresses. I would also not being doing justice without pointing out the astounding part played by Alfie Allen. I was also partial to the little girl in her segment, what a little brat. Anyway, the stories were adequate, some better then others, and none outstanding. Another positive note, they were able to tie the whole thing together in the end.
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clorimer1-165-7245216 March 2019
I thought it was great, kinda like an anthology movie. Really enjoyed the Zombies and vampire concepts.

A little bit cheesy at times but that's all part of the fun. Give it a go!
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So much potential wasted...
joshfanguy14 October 2016
This movie set itself up to be great. It had me completely captivated for the first half or so but never delivered on anything. Well acted...decent effects and so much potential. The problem with this movie is that it takes you on a journey, and then just sort of leaves far more questions than resolutions. They could've taken this film in any number of directions and any of them would have been so much better than the route they chose to take. Basically this movie is a lot of segments without anything to tie them together or anything that would give you a feeling that it was worth the watch. I'm only giving this a 2 because the first half was quite enjoyable...but I'm literally angry now that I've finished watching it at how much wasted potential there was here. I don't remember the last time I've felt so let down by a movie that started out so well.
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Well made technically, but badly executed.
filipsalapa12 October 2016
The movie starts out like a cool story: we have a big shot doctor who is tackling every patient in this run-down mental institution. We have good actors, some more known than others, but even the lesser known actors do a good job here. The visuals and SFX are very good. The colors, lights, grading, sound effects, special effects, gore. It's all there. So why the 4/10 score?

The movie lacks everything else. It lacks the SSS: Sense, substance and scares.

This review is chaotic, I know, but still not as chaotic and rushed as this film was. The movie doesn't know if it wants to be a comedy, horror, sci-fi, drama. It just goes in circles and never seems to fit anywhere.

I honestly wanted it to end halfway through, but once it ended I was even more like "seriously.....?" Nope. That's not how you end a (boring) movie.

Don't watch it. Just let it be.

If you want scares, turn off the lights, put your headphones on and rent The Babadook.
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Great New and Imaginative Premise in Horror
texas-9850422 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I really enjoyed this film, mainly to see the wonderful Michael Ironside. His depth of character is spot on in this film, as a slightly demented psych doctor, or so we are to believe. Not even thinking of the title, I forgot all about "patient 7". I got so engrossed in each character, it slipped my mind. Alphie Allen's "killer" was a fun thing to watch. From the moment he curses at the children (and let's us understand what night it is, and why he chose to leave the blood on his face!). All in all, very pleasing film. I will point out however, a bit of continuity mistakes in the time line of the film. When Michael Ironside is reminiscing about his past and we see the scene of him as a young boy discovering the car, I was disappointed. If he had been imprisoned for 30-plus years, that car model wouldn't have existed! It would have been early to mid 1980s (since you see a smart phone being used by Alphie's killer, the film must be set in at least 2008 or higher). Also, the plastic water bottles they were drinking from didn't exist until well into the 90s.
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I am still going to have a good day
nogodnomasters22 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Dr. Daniel Marcus (Michael Ironside) you may call me Dr. Marcus, visits Spring Valley Mental Institute to conduct research for his latest book. He has unorthodox methods and forces patients to face the truth. The film is more of an anthology with the tales of six patients which can be classified: 2 demons, 2 killers, 1 zombie, 1 vampire. Then there is patient seven which ties them together.

The film is professionally produced, in case you are tired of all the amateur films out there. It even had a decent sound track and the stories were fair, even if short. Patient seven is the twist which we have experienced before and half-way expected even without any clues.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
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There's a good movie somewhere in there
callist16 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
... but it's never fully realized.

There were many things that could have been good - the patient "doctor" echoing the things he hears from the real doctor and making him his underling in his imagination was interesting and the style of several snippets too but even with these, more positive, aspects, I found issues in the execution. Like, why make that quick smash-cut to emphasize how he pretends to be the doctor? Was that needed? Do you think the audience is that stupid? Let it be an Easter Egg where people can discover more and more echoed behavior on repeat viewings. The snippets/ segments were also so very short - it's an almost 2 hour movie with lots of main plot and SEVEN small segments... It's just too much, you don't get invested in each story with so little time for each - and it doesn't help that most of them are incredibly generic, either.

Then there are the things that just were never really good - the dialogue didn't seem amazing, and I am pretty sceptic about the mental health system aspect. Of course, I've never been to an institution for the criminally insane, but it still seems a bit harsh and counter-intuitive for people who have mental issues. The doctor was a horrible doctor - I doubt any psychiatrist would consistently treat his patients as he's apparently done. Last but not least, the title was a dead giveaway that the doctor would be patient number 7 - after seeing him with the first patient, I knew that yep, that would definitely be it.

The last thing, that was probably the biggest issue, was that it wasn't really scary. It might have been if the overall level had been higher (and some of the mentioned issues had been fixed - like the too short segments) but it was more thriller than horror.


All in all, it's not horrible - there's potential in there, the acting isn't bad and the cinematography was okay but nothing really special. I probably won't watch it again, but it was fine for a lazy Sunday watch.

Favourite segment: The one with the girl who wanted to bury her friend.

Award: Fakest looking tree in existence in Alfie Allen's segment. Seriously, WTH? Also, dullest wooden stakes to ever be used against vampires. Buffy would be disappointed.
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The better than expected seven
TheLittleSongbird30 May 2018
Was drawn into seeing 'Patient Seven', with its cool and quite creepy poster/cover, an intriguing and quite creative premise and as someone with a general appreciation for horror. That it was low-budget, which from frequent personal experience is rarely a good sign due to that there are so many poor ones out there, made me though apprehensive.

'Patient Seven' actually fares reasonably well compared to other recent low-budget viewings seen recently. Have seen some mediocre to awful ones recently, but this was far better than expected. Sure, it doesn't do enough with its premise but far from wastes it. 'Patient Seven' is not great has a fair share of problems (fairly big ones too) and could have been better . There are however a number of decent, even good, qualities in 'Patient Seven'.

Lets start with the positives. The scenery is atmospheric, likewise with the decent way it's shot. The music is suitably spooky and quirky and doesn't distract at all from the atmosphere, while not exactly enhancing it. The effects are nowhere near as ropy as feared, they're not cheap and they're not overused or abused.

A few unsettling moments and horror tropes, especially in the second segment and am definitely not going to look at plastic wrap in the same way again, and the acting is better than average and often more. Alfie Allen and especially Michael Ironside actually being very good.

However, the story structure does feel over-stretched and some of it feels vague, under-explained in the later stories where the film especially became duller, more predictable, more senseless and less scary. It is too much like a disjointed patchwork. Too many characters are too sketchy and with nowhere near enough to make one want to endear to them. Their irritating and illogical decision making and behaviours frustrates.

Dialogue can be stilted and rambling while the pace is uneven, quite gripping in the first few segments but dragging in a lot of the second half and never is it exciting. Found too many the supposedly shocking moments in the latter parts of the film not surprising or scary and the supposedly creepy atmosphere dreary, due to the excessive obviousness and the lack of tension and suspense.

A lot of the film has underdeveloped plot elements and often nonsensical and confusing character motivations. There is not enough threat here and what there is of it is used to variable success, while the psychological elements are unimaginative and are more odd than scary. Some badly sagging momentum too.

Overall, not great but surprisingly better than expected. 5/10 Bethany Cox
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A very entertaining Halloween anthology type flick
NekatsiEmanresuSiht4 September 2017
I'm so glad I didn't miss this one due to poor reviews!

Yes, it's far from revolutionary, and it isn't super scary, but it does have that awesome, spooky, kind of old school charm to it. Honestly, in the seas of pretentious horror crap with pathetically weak story lines, this simple yet entertaining 7-piece has an almost soothing effect. It WOULD'VE been awesomer if they pushed that clichéd oldschool angle a bit further, but it works just fine the way it is.

Some of the sequences are downright 100% awesome, some don't work that well, but overall it never gets boring. I see many complaints about the main story, but that story is basically just a glue to tie the 7 shorts together, and it works more than well in that regard.

If you love Halloween anthologies as much as I do, you'll probably like this one, too. Give it a go. If you have older/teen kids, invite them as well. Cheers!
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Much better than expected, thanks to Ironside
Leofwine_draca1 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Given that PATIENT SEVEN is a very low budget horror anthology, just above the level of an indie, and given that the material contained within it is entirely predictable without a single surprising twist, I was fully prepared to hate it. That I didn't is testament to the efforts of the cast members, who are far better than expected in a film of this type.

Headlining the show is an aged Michael Ironside, who delivers a wonderful and convincing turn as a shrink whose job is to interview a series of mentally ill patients in order to discover the answer to a larger mystery. Each patient's story is told in flashback which is where the short horror films come in. The best one is British and features Alfie Allen and Hannah Tointon in a well-shot story. Despite the familiarity of the vampires and zombies and the like, Ironside's excellent acting sees this one through, successfully, to the finish.
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There's hit and miss but overall I enjoyed it
jtindahouse15 November 2017
Something I really appreciate in a film is a clever title. 'Patient Seven' has that, and for multiple reasons, but the biggest one being that it makes you crave the knowledge of who the seventh patient is and what makes them worthy of having the film named after them. The film is presented with seven stories and then the central film tying them all together. Here are my brief thoughts on each of the segments.

Segment 1: A bad way to start the film. Bland and unimaginative.

Segment 2: Probably my favourite segment of them film. Smart, funny and a wee twist to top it off.

Segment 3: Another boring segment with very little going for it. Not sure how it made the cut. More filler than anything else.

Segment 4: I'm from New Zealand and I can tell you that patient four's accent was nothing like that which we have here. The segment itself though the accents were much better (and even featured real New Zealand money which impressed me). Not a great segment, but far from the worst. Very much middle of the road.

Segment 5: Probably the second best segment. A little drawn out but has a nice ending to go out with a bang.

Segment 6: Yuck. Nothing to like about this one.

Segment 7: Would have liked this one to be better. It should have been, but again it just ran out of steam.

The best part of the movie though is the story tying all of this together. That's where the real fun is to be had. Michael Ironside does a great job playing the creepy main character and he has more than enough to work with in the script. The film finishes very strongly and that is always a good thing for a movie to do. Leave the audience with a good taste in their mouth.
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Stay away from this stinker
ncere30 November 2016
The only good thing that this movie has going is acting and that's the only positive thing I can say about it. Everything else is disastrous.

Most of the shorts were filmed during 2013 and someone had an idea to make a movie about mental patients who are telling their stories from the aforementioned shorts and just glued this one together. No, this is maybe not that bad and can't be called one of the worst movies ever, but the problem is that it's just flat, dull and it doesn't have an ounce of originality...

Maybe I'm being too harsh, but to me this one is just a waste of time...So, as one genre lover to another - pass on this one.
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katana-890-29966120 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers

Movie is a waste of your time. If you're 12, you will be scared- but who is 12 watching this?

This movie is a prime example of how writers who CANNOT write an entire story long enough to make a film, instead can have their 10 minute stories all lopped in with other people's stories and hey, lets just say these stories belong to mental patients and reveal the stories through flashbacks.

This is the same lazy film making that was produced for VHS.

Cant write a real story? Just write a 10 minute one, we will find 15 more 10 minute stories and just pretend they all belong together.

Lazy Lazy

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Stinker Alert
Rob-O-Cop12 October 2016
ewww, should have known this was going to be a bad watch. I liked the premise, mental patience with a connection.

It could have gone places, but it didn't.

It's just a crappy b grade late night cheap horror that doesn't have a brain or good acting or decent cinematography. Just cheapness, dull cliché ridden script, high school actors and nothing to pull you in or keep you there.

Is that 10 lines?

let it be ten lines.

This movie doesn't deserve more.
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Stolen ending, amateur conclusion, a blunt and unworthy disappointment.
nitzanhavoc12 October 2016
I'm sure you've read the short plot summary or seen a trailer. Seven mentally ill criminals, telling their stories to a psychiatrist writing a book, and all that in a Horror story... what could go wrong? Well, if you've sat down to watch this with high expectations - everything. If you haven't - well, just enough to make you feel alright about taking the time to give it a chance, but a bit guilty for enjoying parts of it, as altogether - Patient Seven is far from good.

Let me start with the good parts, firstly the acting. I was pretty impressed, but I couldn't tell you precisely with whom (and if you try to look at the cast list here, you'll understand why, perhaps they used the time an effort they should have used to make a better film to make the cast list cryptic and incomprehensible, good for them!). Secondly, the stories are well presented and fun to follow.

Now the bad parts - anything and everything else. The "plot twist" bluntly stolen from another film, the sorry conclusion, the realization that yes, it was actually made this badly and I've just spent 2 hours watching it... Yes, the stories are enjoyable, but having a build up crash so pathetically really destroys the experience for me. I honestly felt like punching the screenwriter. Besides, the plots are too "all-star", meaning trying to combine as many horror aspects as possible (vampires, haunting, zombies, psycho killers etc.) and doing a mediocre and below job.

Watching it was kinda fun, until it ended and became the most disappointing Horror film I've ever watched (and that's saying something). Do NOT watch this. I guess rating it a 1 isn't all that fair, but neither was making this film to begin with or stealing an ending. Yeah, I'll go with 1.
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The very definition of a patchwork movie
antoniokowatsch15 October 2016
Have you ever wondered what a movie would look like if you took 7 completely unrelated stories and stuffed them all into a single movie? Well, look no further. That's the entire premise of this movie.

The stories themselves are actually quite interesting on their own but if you jumble them together like this they lose their magic. It just seems like sloppy storytelling to me: a doctor just barges into a mental institution and interviews six severely disturbed individuals. So the entire movie basically consists of nothing more than 1 on 1 interviews between the doctor and the patients and everybody's origin story.

Disclaimer: The movie ends with a big plot twist which kind of undermines the entire narrative that led up to the event. I still don't really know how I feel about it to be honest. Just thought I'd give it a mention.
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It has potential
shelletieman22 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The movie is divided into segments that are horror themed. The plot summary listed is inaccurate. There is no true conclusion therefore it leaves you wanting more.
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Worth Watching as a Mild Horror/Thriller Multi Plot Line Feast
tdwillis-2627318 September 2017
The low score (4. something as of 9-18-17) has got to be a matter of personal preferences since the acting, camera use, special effects, and storyline, are all presented well above the quality of an average independent or lower budget non Hollywood movie!! This film's story line is original. Each patient that comes before the doctor, has their own short story line, keeping the movie fresh, interesting and fast paced.

I saw many familiar faces of soon to be stars, (two will be in Game Of Thrones in future years) and I agree with most reviewers who state that the acting is very adequate up to very well done.

Any Horror fan who doesn't need the physical violence and bloody gore to consider a film a true horror will be very satisfied with this horror/thriller. There is a bit of blood/guts but certainly not the main focus which is how I prefer my movies.

Any Thriller fan will enjoy this film and the twist at the end.
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Every bad reviewer has no idea what anthology is
missbestworst15 November 2019
If you're into anthology you'll enjoy it. Campy, ridiculous and funny. If you hate anthology you'll hate this with a passion. Lol. I enjoyed it.
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I like the side stories...
elizrug29 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I think the abusive doctor is a bit of an over-reach. The whole dark asylum theme is way overdone. Mental hospitals haven't been dark and dreary in decades, so I don't know why film makers still think they should show them that way. It would be scarier if it were a modern, well-lit facility. And why does patient 5 knock to say "yes" or "no" when she can nod and shake her head? That's just plain stupid, and a huge oversight on the writers.

Overall, despite the kind of cool side stories, this movie was a huge disappointment.
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Poor film
sckala21 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I can honestly say that this is the worst film I've ever seen in my life. The only reason I watched it till the end was due to the fact that the trailer gave me some hope! Dialogue was terrible, acting was terrible, story was terrible. It was a very very very poor mans shutter island.

It's like the director got the most basic horror film elements (zombies, vampires, demons, murderers) and tried to cram them all into a 2 hour film.

The whole mental institution idea and the patients being connected had the potential to be a really good film, but it was so poorly executed that it was actually embarrassing to watch.

So many loose ends that were never tied up. I can't stress enough just how bad every aspect of this film is.
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