"Bones" The Monster in the Closet (TV Episode 2016) Poster

(TV Series)


Emily Deschanel: Temperance Brennan



  • Temperance Brennan : You hear that? It's the cocking of a Colt .45 pointed directly at your head. Now lower the knife.

    Seeley Booth : Thanks, Bones, I appreciate it. You know, you're lucky my partner showed up, or you would have had a bullet right in your chest. Where'd you get the gun?

    Temperance Brennan : I don't have one, but I do have these handy sound files. I considered going with the pumped shotgun, but that seemed like a bit much.

    Seeley Booth : Got to be kidding me

  • Christine Booth : The monster, it came out of the closet

    Seeley Booth : Oh, there's no monster in the closet. Remember when I tucked you in, you know. I came and I scared the monster away

    Temperance Brennan : No, you didn't, Booth. Monsters are not real, therefore you had nothing to scare away.

    Seeley Booth : Your mother is right, but what I meant to say is that, look, I would never let anything happen to you, okay?

  • Temperance Brennan : It appears you've done everything you could. Therefore, you should not feel any guilt that the killer has taken another life

    Arastoo Vaziri : Dr. Brennan, I assure you, my conscience is clear.

    Temperance Brennan : Good. I am relieved you are not burdened by such feelings. Shall we continue?

  • Seeley Booth : You don't want to get into this killer's head.

    Temperance Brennan : I don't know if I can help it. In a way, he and I are very similar

    Seeley Booth : Stop right there. You're not very similar, okay?

  • Camille Saroyan : Well, and the way she's dressed is really dated, this pleated skirt, the shoes...

    Jack Hodgins : So, not just a murder victim, but fashion victim as well

    Temperance Brennan : Hodgins! That was uncalled for. I must insist you show respect to the deceased

    Angela Montenegro : Yeah, don't hold your breath! These days he's not respectful to the living, so I'm not sure why the dead would be any different

    Jack Hodgins : Well, for one thing, she doesn't talk back

    Camille Saroyan : Enough! You hear me?

  • Christine Booth : You were right Mommy, there are no monsters

    Temperance Brennan : See? I'm always right

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