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This making-of piece divided into four segments: "The Great Hall" (five minutes, 18 seconds), "Building the Merovingian's Lair" (5:05), "Tiger Style: A Day in the Life of Chen Hu" (3:37) and "Heavy Metal: Weapons of the Great Hall" (3:08). These segments present remarks from first assistant director James McTeigue, supervising stunt coordinator RA Rondell, assistant art director Cindy Naptha, art director Catherine Mansill, actor Lambert Wilson, martial arts stunt coordinator Chad Stahelski, wire team Chen Hu, stunt player David Leitch, standby props Jaime Howe, set decorator Brian Dusting, and special effects supervisor Steve Courtley. We learn about the various elements of the "Great Hall" fight sequence. We see the costumes and choreography, the set design, various props and some weapons. We also get to know Hu a little better in his segment.

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