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Ladies and gentlemen .. homeland is back !
facebook-nebular20 February 2017
After the first four chapters slowly cooking, believe me this one does deliver. Not much to say, except grab yourself a projector with a proper sound system, turn off the lights and enjoy. I just hope the rest of episodes reach this height, and fortunately it looks like that's going to happen.I haven't enjoyed myself so much since the good old days of 24 or Prison Break
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Entertaining show
m-fallon6723 February 2017
Very thrilling episode that keeps you on the edge of your seat, as events take an interesting turn for Carrie and Peter Quinn. Some fans may be surprised to see a more left wing sympathetic view in the story line, than in past seasons but there are always good guys, bad guys, and the innocent sometimes caught up in the middle. Unfortunately one the reviews here,took to questioning the intelligence of some fans of the show who are pro- American and patriotic. Very condescending, arrogant, and actually quite ignorant to say something as pathetically narrow minded. This show is Hollywood fantasy. Yes, art sometimes imitates life, but this is Hollywood fiction. The freedom we have has been written on the tombstones of many patriotic Americans. Unfortunately not everyone appreciates it.
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Suspense returns
thecunn20 February 2017
The spy genre is my favorite genre. Homeland debuted with a couple of awesome seasons of suspense and intrigue along with developing the fascinating character of Carrie Mathison. That is what made Homeland one of my very favorite shows. After some less than spectacular seasons this season 6 has recaptured the suspense and intrigue and is broadening another element for which I applaud it even more. In this season they are developing the theme of corruption internal conflict and treason within the US intelligence agencies. They are exposing the shadow government. This takes great courage. It is a breath of fresh air amidst all the lying propaganda we get from the MSM. Hopefully it will alert some to start looking for the truth in alternative sources. This episode exposes intelligence involvement in terrorism albeit as fiction. This fiction is a mirror of truth. Without exposing any spoilers suffice it to say this is one of their best episodes to date. We'll see if IMDb or it's owner Amazon censors me here.
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"Homeland" Under Siege
85122221 February 2017
Greetings from Lithuania.

So finally season 6 of "Homeland" has exploded in "Casus Belli", fifth episode of the season. We got suspense like nothing since the amazing "There's Something Else Going On" episode back in season 4, tons of mystery (like always), great craftsmanship, script, acting and an ending wishing that the next Sunday would come ASAP. There are more questions then answer looking at the main plot of season 6 so far, and i got one very crazy theory of where it is going - it involves "Madame President", her plans of "renewing" the whole CIA in general and those out there who don't want these change to come (CIA) - but it's just a theory, lets see what happens.

Overall, "Casus Belli" was a 43 min. roller coaster from start till finish. Great suspense, terrific pacing and storytelling has reminded me once again of why "Homeland" is a national treasure of small screen market.
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The Moment The Season Turned Around
bobcobb30122 February 2017
This season has sort of been...there. It felt like a forced shift to left-wing propaganda, even though the show had never taken a bias before.

Then this episode happened. Suspenseful, surprising, a unique take on the hostage crisis storyline, but more importantly the best Quinn episode in Homeland history.

A little odd how quickly the police defused the situation and let Carrie just walk in, but reality is never been the reason we watch this show.

A standout episode though.
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The Sweetest Moment
ajbindel12 December 2019
When Carrie tells Quinn she has a crisis at work, Quinn asks her if she wants him to babysit Franny until the Nanny gets there. Franny hears this and says, "I'm not a baby!" Later, the doorbell rings and Quinn tells Franny, "That must be your COOL KID sitter." Then he gives her a little smile. Dammit, Quinn!! I love him so much.
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I agree, Carrie is not a good mother Warning: Spoilers
As one poster said, Carrie is not a good mother. She invites Quinn, who is a whack job waiting to happen, to live in her house with her and her daughter. And, voila!, Quinn turns whacko and creates a hostage situation that endangers her daughter and the nanny! But then again, it has already been shown that Carrie cares more about her job/career than for her daughter's safety and well being.

As for Dar, it looks like he's holding the president-elect as a virtual hostage, apparently incommunicado. Looks like a coup to me. Oh, and the phone he gave the president-elect, no doubt bugged up the kazoo so that he can keep tabs on her. It appears that Dar has been designated the turncoat/traitor for this season. Time will tell. (I didn't watch this series when it first aired, so I'm just speculating.)

So far, IMO, this has been a really poor season. Some suspenseful scenes, but not enough to make up for the liberal bs and ridiculous sub plots. Only Dane's excellent acting has kept me from rating all of season 6 episodes a 1.
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Carrie is not fit to be a mother
yjk31620 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
What Carrie tries to do with her life away from the CIA -- raising a child and providing pro bono defense of Muslim people -- is all disastrous. What was she thinking by trying to defend that Muslim young man? She got herself and others into a lot of mess, just because of her some idealistic notion of justice. She is in trouble way above her head and can't get out of it.
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A 2 star episode
CharlesBronson7225 February 2017
The season started off OK with episodes 1 and 2. With episodes 3,4 and 5 they got back to the usual Homeland quality.I think the show deserves 8.5/9 stars. This episode was a 9, BUT with Jake Weber's shitty acting, I gave it a 2. In my opinion, when you put that kind of shitty acting into an episode, it becomes a 2.
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