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Golshifteh Farahani: Laura



  • Laura : You're up late, honey. Your silent magic watch didn't wake you up.

    Paterson : Yeah, it was a little late today.

    Laura : Well, somedays something inside just doesn't want to get up. Ever feel like that?

    Paterson : Today.

  • [First Lines] 

    Laura : Mmm.


    Laura : I had a beautiful dream. We had two little children. Twins.

    Paterson : Hmm.

    Laura : If we had children, would you like it if they were twins?

    Paterson : Mmm... Mmm-hmm. Yeah. Twins. Sure, why not?


    Paterson : One for each of us.

  • Laura : I was dreaming that we were in ancient Persia. And... you were riding on an elephant. A big, silver elephant.

    Paterson : A silver elephant?

    Laura : Yeah. You looked so beautiful.

    Paterson : Do they have elephants in ancient Persia?

    Laura : [laughs]  I don't think so. Not silver ones, anyway.

  • Laura : Get any new writing done?

    Paterson : I did a little, yeah. Working on a poem for you.

    Laura : A love poem?

    Paterson : Yeah, I guess if it's for you, it's a love poem. It's kind of inspired by our Ohio Blue Tip Matches.

    Laura : Really? Does it mention the little megaphone shape the letters make?

    Paterson : [taken aback]  Yeah, actually it does.

    Laura : How beautiful. I can't wait to read it when it's done.

  • Laura : [half asleep]  I like how you smell when you come home at night.

    Paterson : [whispers]  What do I smell like?

    Laura : You smell faintly of... of beer.

    [Paterson kisses her sweetly] 

  • Laura : You look a little drained. You were home a little late. Was your day okay?

    Paterson : Well, it was until the bus broke down.

    Laura : The bus broke down? Was it dangerous?

    Paterson : No, it was just... it sputtered out. It was an electrical problem.

    Laura : Electrical problem? Could it have exploded into a fireball?

    Paterson : [chuckles]  No, no. It's just an old bus.

    Laura : Well, I think they should get their best driver who's also a great poet a brand new bus. It's the least they could do.

    Paterson : City of Paterson? Not likely.

  • Laura : I know it's silly, but I'm so excited about the new farmers' market. Because if my cupcakes are a big sensation then I might be on my way to a very successful business.

    Paterson : That would be amazing, honey.

    Laura : And you know what else? My guitar should arrive today. My harlequin guitar direct from Esteban.

    Paterson : Is Esteban gonna deliver it personally?

    Laura : [laughs]  Who knows?

  • Laura : Speaking of secret pie, I wanted to tell you something about your secret notebook.

    Paterson : What?

    Laura : Did you ever hear of the old Italian poet called... Petrarch? Is that it?

    Paterson : Mmm, Petrarch. He perfected the sonnet.

    Laura : I read online that one of his early books of poems was called 'The Secret Book', just like yours.

    Paterson : I didn't know that! You read that. You just happened upon it online.

    Laura : And also that he wrote all his love poems to a beautiful girl called... ta da! Laura!

    Paterson : That's true!

    Laura : So you have many things in common with other great and famous poets, you see?

  • Paterson : We're having pie for dinner?

    Laura : Yeah, but a dinner pie.

    Paterson : Oh.

    Laura : What do you think's inside?

    Paterson : Inside the secret pie? Uh... I don't know, fish?

    Laura : No, not fish, silly! Want me to tell you?

    Paterson : Yes please!

    Laura : Okay.

    [deep breath] 

    Laura : Cheddar cheese and brussels sprouts.

    Paterson : Seriously?

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