"Fear the Walking Dead" Wrath (TV Episode 2016) Poster

(TV Series)


Danay Garcia: Luciana Galvez



  • [Luciana sees Nick concerned at the Colonia] 

    Luciana : What is it?

    Nick Clark : [Nick pauses]  Just worried about time. We don't have a lot.

    Luciana : It is faith what matters most. It is this what will protect us.

  • [Nick tells Luciana that they have to leave] 

    Luciana : What is it?

    Nick Clark : I'm leaving. We're leaving. Faith is not going to protect us when the shooting starts.

  • [Alejandro tells Luciana he's not immune] 

    Luciana : What are you talking about?

    Alejandro : I am not immune.

    Luciana : [Luciana feels Alejandro's forehead]  You're warm.

  • [Alejandro tells Luciana the truth about the story of him being bit] 

    Alejandro : You saw what you wanted to see. I was bitten by the boy. The addict I tried to save. People told a story they wanted to believe. I didn't disabuse them of it.

    Luciana : I told the story, not people. Me, my brother. You let us believe you. Why?

    Alejandro : When they started to rally around me, I knew that we could build this place to protect ourselves.

    Nick Clark : You mean they could build it to protect you.

    Alejandro : I have fear. I didn't want to die. And I knew I would out there. But more people survived because of this place. More people survived than died because of my lie.

    Nick Clark : No one survives what's coming, okay? Look, I'm sure as shit not committing suicide for a fraud.

  • [Luciana tells Alejandro that he is dead to her] 

    Alejandro : Lucy.

    Alejandro : [in Spanish]  I brought you here under false pretenses... but the love you feel is real. You are my daughter. And you...

    Luciana : [in Spanish]  I have lost so many.

    Alejandro : [in Spanish]  I know.

    Luciana : [in Spanish]  And when someone is dead to me, I let them go.

  • [Luciana tells Nick that the Colonia is her home and she's not leaving] 

    Luciana : This place, this is what matters. This is my home, like I've never known one.

    Nick Clark : But you don't have to die for it.

    Luciana : I'm not planning on dying. The faith we have, it has protected us. It's a lie. It doesn't mean it hasn't worked. We have fared better here than out in the world. Better than we fared even before this all started. For most of us this is the first time we have a place, a family.

    Luciana : [Luciana cries as she holds onto Nick]  I'm not leaving.

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