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Lucy Huston: [Knocking on door; Carisi opens it and let's Lucy in] Hey, Detective Carisi.

Dominick Carisi, Jr.: Hey, Lucy, uh, Liv's not here.

Lucy Huston: She's not? I'm a little worried. I sent her to the brownstone of another family I sit for. I had a really strange vibe from the mom...

Dominick Carisi, Jr.: What did Liv say about it?

Lucy Huston: [continues] Well, I haven't been able to talk to her. She sent this weird text.

Dominick Carisi, Jr.: [Carisi looks at Lucy's phone and returns to the squadroom] Guys, we have a problem here. Liv just texted this to her babysitter.

Odafin Tutuola: [Carisi hands the phone to Fin, who reads the text] Stuck at precinct all day. Pick up William from daycare. He has a play date with Lewis today.

Rafael Barba: William Lewis? That's not good when did you last hear from her.

Mike Dodds: I texted her a few hours ago about the push-i rapist. She answered back.

Rafael Barba: But you didn't actually speak to her?

Mike Dodds: No.

Rafael Barba: And now she's sending us a text about William Lewis?

Odafin Tutuola: That's gotta be a code for 10-13.

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