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Season 1

7 Jan. 2016
Episode #1.1
Widow Annie Quaintain arrives with her children in the shanty town of Jericho, which has sprung up around the construction site of a railway viaduct. Annie's hopes of forging a new life there soon run into problems.
14 Jan. 2016
Episode #1.2
Annie unwittingly allows railway detective Bamford to get dangerously close to her family in his search for Red Killeen, while Johnny's participation in a wrestling match threatens to expose his involvement.
21 Jan. 2016
Episode #1.3
In a bid to protect the inhabitants of Jericho from rogue traders Coates makes some serious enemies. Martha's condition worsens leading to panic breaking out amongst the townsfolk as the fever spreads.
28 Jan. 2016
Episode #1.4
Johnny feels increasingly isolated as news of his true identity spreads through the town. Facing financial ruin, Charles welcomes an offer of investment from wealthy Methodists - until they insist he cleans up Jericho.
4 Feb. 2016
Episode #1.5
Annie finally persuades George to return home, but in doing so threatens to bring a dark secret back to the surface. As the money for the viaduct begins running out Charles delays paying the workers, prompting a strike.
11 Feb. 2016
Episode #1.6
Johnny and Annie are shocked to hear where Charles plans to open the new quarry - right where Red's body is buried. The townsfolk rally round Jack's widow to prevent his grave being disturbed but Charles wins her over.
18 Feb. 2016
Episode #1.7
Johnny is the prime suspect for the killing of Red Killeen and, despite Annie's pleas, his brother washes his hands of him. With a makeshift court set up in the tavern for Johnny's trial, George begins buckling under the pressure.
25 Feb. 2016
Episode #1.8
Things are looking up for Jericho with the success of the new quarry. However, the collapse of a mine-shaft leaves both Blackwood brothers trapped. Coates is the only man with the expertise to help.

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