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Who wants to see something gross and utterly senseless?
Coventry10 April 2017
In case you are - like me - a lazy person who solely selects movies based on the title and poster images, chances are fairly high that you'll assume "Tonight She Comes" is a good old-fashioned throwback 80s slasher. Well, if it's a slasher you seek, than you should certainly not watch this movie! Everything looks promisingly familiar during the first 15-20 minutes, with a remote lakeside cabin setting and the introduction of four lead characters (2 guys and 2 girls) that are dumb, horny and basically just begging to get slaughtered in the most painful ways imaginable. They indulge in mindless sex and alcohol, although they should be looking for their friend Kristy, the girl who owns the cabin but is nowhere to be found. Then, suddenly, "Tonight She Comes" turns into a bizarre and disgusting mixture of body-horror and demonic possession flick, but unfortunately it's nothing even remotely resembling the original "The Evil Dead". Kristy does return to the cabin, butt-naked and covered in blood, but she apparently has a different type of rancid party in mind. As it turns out, Kristy was the victim of some sort of satanic ritual that a deranged father performed, together with his son and daughter, in an attempt to resurrect their dead mother. To make it things even crazier, the son (Philip) and daughter (Felicity) revolt against their psycho daddy and team up with the dumb kids. Admittedly all this doesn't sound half-bad, and "Tonight She Comes" easily could have been a decent horror sleeper, if only it wasn't filled with imbecilic and irritating defaults. Writer/director Matt Stuertz seemingly improvised the script whilst he was filming it, because 98% of the events are sheer random and utterly senseless. The character say or do things that are entirely against human nature, but that appears to be the standard in low- budget horror nowadays, and the film is full of continuity errors. For instance, except if the moon shines particularly bright in these parts of the woods, there are constant goofs with the daytime/nighttime switches. It's dark when they battle Kristy outside, but when they try to keep her locked out of the house five minutes later, bright sunlight shines through the windows of the cabin. Another thing Stuertz should consider in the future, if he intends to continue making movies that is, is perhaps hiring a more professional editor, as his own work is this section is badly amateurish and pitiable. "Tonight She Comes" certainly delivers in the blood & gore department, but it is bloodshed of the most gratuitous and repulsive kind. The film is quite gross without ever being able to genuinely shock or frighten. Remarkable though, even if not a slasher, the best death scene of the entire film is a blatant copy/paste of one of the cruelest kills of Jason Voorhees in "Friday the 13th". I believe it was in part VI ("Jason Lives!") that he pulled the trick with the sleeping bag and the tree before.
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One of the strangest films I can recall seeing
jtindahouse19 July 2017
You know that feeling when you finish a film and you think to yourself, what the hell did I just watch? There may never be a truer case for thinking that than after 'Tonight She Comes'. This movie is utterly bizarre. In a good way, you ask? That's a tough question to answer. It's a film that is very hard to get your head around how much you actually enjoyed it, because again you aren't entirely sure what you just saw.

What was the object of the film I would ask myself? Was it to be scary? If so, I'd say it was middle of the road. There were some genuinely creepy moments at times, but the overall theme of the movie didn't seem like it was trying to frighten you. There are no jump-scares that I can remember, for example (a good thing). Was it to be gory and gruesome? On that one I think you'd have to issue it a check mark. There are some goings on toward the end of the film that I actually had to turn away from. I'm generally pretty comfortable watching most things you put on screen, but this was tough to sit through. Or finally, was it simply trying to be as bizarre and unique as it possibly could? Again I think you'd have to issue a check mark. This is a film pretty unlike anything else. I can't even think of a film to compare it to.

So even though I didn't exactly enjoy 'Tonight She Comes' overall that much (it certainly had its moments though) I think whichever way you look at it the film pretty much achieved what it set out to, and for that reason should be applauded. It's a tough film to recommend to people (because I honestly have no idea whether they would love it or hate it), but I can say you likely won't be bored by it.
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Truly Brutal
omendata7 June 2018
Have not seen many movies that made me want to retch; but in a good way. So over the top its quite hard to believe they actually drank Jammy Rag juice - nasty but nice!

Very over the top movie - The gore dial has been turned past the max mark on this one - a good old homage to many of the old classics mixed into a blender of John Carpenter 80's Synth riffs to produce what can only be described as complete insanity but still a helluva lot better than some of the total trash high budget affairs being made by hollywood.

Watch it at your peril!
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If you get this in a gas station for 99 cents someday, you still paid too much.
horrorgasm19 July 2017
Scene: Naked girl very visibly completely covered in blood awkwardly stumbles up to people at a campfire.

Girl at campfire: "There's something wrong with her."

Guy at campfire: "She's standing right in front of us. Completely nude. There's nothing wrong about this."

That's just a small example of how childishly unpleasant the characters and dialogue are in this movie. These characters go far beyond the usual stereotypes of dumb teenagers in horror movies, to the point where it's not funny, it's just uncomfortable because it legitimately feels like this was written by a 12 year old child shut-in who doesn't know what real people act like.

Some poor dumb kid who thought "Gee whiz, it sure would be cool to make a horror movie where the monster is a nekkid lady!", but didn't consider that movies need things like writers and effects artists and etc., and so just slapped together a movie that's almost entirely dialogue, all of which is excruciatingly bad, and padded it out with a few horribly juvenile gross-out scenes that are entirely lack any humor, and a bunch of cheap jump scares.

If you're going to make a ridiculous gross-out movie, you have to at least bring some funny writing and good effects, because otherwise what do you have? Just another piece of bargain bin trash.
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Some originality and atmosphere. Seems to be a good, Retro Supernatural Slasher, but but ultimately devolves towards the very low end of the nouveau mindless wave...
lathe-of-heaven18 July 2017
I don't usually write reviews about films that I didn't like, but in this case I had such a nasty reaction to it, I thought I should come here and leave some of my impressions...

I really DO like the premise. It's very rare to see a truly creepy modern 'Devil Cult' film that is really effective, so I was honestly hopeful. I also really did like the Retro electronic score too. BUT... to me anyway, whenever film makers, despite a good premise or even some nice stylistic touches, like the soundtrack, immediately dive into the lowest, mind-numbingly STUPID behaviour and dialog, then they lose me right away. ANY Horror film where they immediately depict the young people as Oh-So-Excruciatingly-Hip with their bass level crude remarks, style, and manner, to me that honestly completely ruins whatever really GOOD story or any potential that a film may have. I like the review above by the fellow from New Zealand. He didn't really quite know what he just saw or if he really liked it, or if he could recommend it to others. He thought it was 'original', but not much else.

I think the reason why I feel such a strong negative reaction to this movie is because it's like the film makers come across as thinking that the audience is SO blindingly senseless, that we will automatically think it is SO cool to be barraged with painfully crude, UNrealistic dialog and behaviour. It's like we are supposed to 'buy' this idea that young people all act this way today, and it is somehow 'Normal' or expected. To me anyway, the characters come across as SO plastic and affected, and trying SO hard to be 'cool', that it completely takes a person right out of the movie and ruins any kind of resonance with the characters or involvement in the story.

Sadly, if the film makers would have just put the exact same story out there and pretty much developed the plot, tension, suspense, and even the violence in an ARTFUL way, WITHOUT all the 'cool' self-referential 'oh I am being so youthfully crude and hip' crap, THEN, sure, the story about a Devil Cult and the young people who fall prey to them could really have been quite good.

So, PLEASE... just leave out all the crude, supposedly 'hip' nonsense and give us characters, young or not, who ACT NATURAL & NORMAL enough, so that the rest of us can actually relate to them and buy into the story and the believability of who they are and what is happening to them. Otherwise, as far as I am concerned, the whole thing is pretty much just a pointless collection of crude, violent images strung together for shock value, and not much else because ultimately, you simply end up not giving a flying $hit for anyone here...

I fully agree with COVENTRY'S review above: Stupid, senseless, and above all, incredibly INSULTING to the audience that we have to have a story packaged this crudely for us to think it's so awesome. The current average '5' rating is honestly still far too high for this in my lowly and wretched opinion...

I normally do not go out of my way to write bad reviews of films I don't like, but this is one of the rare cases where I honestly felt so insulted by the style and approach of the film makers, that I just had to write this. Sorry the review is so one-sided, but as you likely can tell, this movie really provoked a VERY negative response from me...
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very strange flick trying to combine all the typical horror elements but fails
trashgang13 September 2017
This is a really strange flick, and not in part of the story but what the production tried to do is to add all clichés of the horror genre into one flick. it's all there, stupid characters, horny chicks, nudity (a lot), camping, supernatural stuff, satanism and a bit of slasher.

Does it work, not at all. It starts really good and even a bit gory but once the opening credits roll over your screen this flick goes downhill with stupid situations. It takes too long before the wicked naked girl comes in and even that is so strange, laying naked in the woods no reason at all, being urinated and still doesn't move and suddenly she comes alive. From there that naked girl is out for some nasty killings but even there it's all strange because she can glow, you know, it doesn't work but still I kept looking to see what it's all about and I must say, the further this flick goes the stranger things are happening like used tampons being cursed and all of that. And towards the end there are a few references to old classics like a girl in a sleeping bag being squashed against a tree (Friday the 13th part 7 anyone) or eyes being crushed with thumps and I can go on.

So I think you get it, it's not for everyone but if you can stand the first half then you will see, still weird, a gory flick. But be advised, it's not a good flick after all.

Gore 2/5 Nudity 2,5/5 Effects 2/5 Story 1/5 Comedy 0/5
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A Period Piece
shawnblackman16 July 2017
Right from the start we're told this must be played loud as hell and then 70's grindhouse style titles are splashed on the screen. This tells me this flick is gonna rock.

Some friends and the mailman, get mixed up in a weird devil cult ritual with the local wackos. Things get very bad.

They come through on the soundtrack with the loud synthesizer type music and keep the violence gory. The effects were awesome with plenty of blood. They even use a totally naked woman smeared in blood as the demonic vessel who walks around taking peoples lives. So you'll have to put up with that for most of the film.

One aspect of the film you'll like is how they try and break every taboo imaginable just for shock value. For example the two girls are enjoying a bottle of beer as they drive down the road and a guy masturbates in the back seat of a mail vehicle putting the result all over the mail. This stuff happens in the first four minutes, so you know what you're in for. The end was cut short but overall a fast paced, kick ass flick. If you enjoyed Evil Dead this one will be right up your alley.

6 donations of period blood for the blood drinking ritual out of 10.
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The hate is from those who don't get it
hcampbell-7047318 May 2018
I thought this was a complete blast. An obvious homage to the grindhouse horror films of the 70s, it's not to be taken seriously. Those who can put their brains on pause and not try to make sense from insanity will enjoy this no holds barred horror/comedy, those who can't will badmouth it. At least for those people Blumhouse will have another lazy flick full of cheap jump scares for them soon enough.
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Pretty Cool Little Horror Flick Twisting Stuff You've Seen Before
wamwatcher7 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Towards the beginning (DISCLAIMER: I missed the start by probably about 8 minutes) the is a sequence that is just mind-blowing as it involves THE THREE MOST UNOBSERVANT CHARACTERS IN THE HISTORY OF CINEMA & what they DON"T notice...

Otherwise, a decent little horror indie. Icky Gore & LOTS of blood, decent acting, OK production values, funky characters, nudity, Shock Ending. What's not to like for horror fans?

I lowered my rating because many of the characters didn't act like real people given the situations, but that happens in sooo many horror films.

That's my only real complaint about the film. The women were better, although the wimpy male lead staying in character throughout the film became an important plot point.

Saw this at the Midwest Weirdfest in WI, March 3, 2017. Eventually it will show up somewhere you can see it.
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The cabin in the woods
TheLittleSongbird10 June 2018
Saw 'Tonight She Comes', being fond of horror regardless of budget (even if not my favourite genre) and being intrigued somewhat by the idea. Being behind on my film watching and reviewing, with a long to watch and review list that keeps getting longer, it took me a while to get round to watching and reviewing it.

Giving 'Tonight She Comes' a fair chance with being interest and apprehension, it turned out to be a little better than expected, having seen a lot of bad films recently. Won't say that 'Tonight She Comes' is a great film (mediocre actually) because it isn't and the potential, while not wasted, is not fully lived up to. Considering the large number of films seen recently being mediocre and less and wasting potential, was expecting worse and was relieved that while wanting in a fair few areas it was actually one of my better recent low-budget viewings if not by much.

'Tonight She Comes' started off quite well, the first twenty minutes or so starting the film off on a promising, unsettling and atmospheric note that really does intrigue.

Production values did have some eeriness and nowhere near as cheap as expected.

The setting is effectively spooky. Initially, there are spooky and suspenseful moments, it isn't dull, and the storytelling initially does intrigue. Admired that it tried to be more than a standard horror, the supernatural element does intrigue.

However, the story was severely wanting in the second half after starting off promisingly. It is very disjointed and after the promising start the final third especially loses atmosphere, one loses interest and things start to not make sense. Too much of the film is vague and doesn't explore some elements and story strands enough, some dropped soon after being introduced, go nowhere or serve much point. Nowhere near enough is done with the more mystery elements.

Ending is unsatisfying, on top of feeling hasty there are too many loose ends hanging in the air and it all felt abrupt. Got the sense that the writers didn't know how to end the film. Would have liked much more tension and suspense (where there is barely any of either), scares could have been more consistent (again nowhere near enough) and some weren't surprising enough and had no atmosphere, the over-obvious sound not helping. Coherence wasn't a strong suit either, where structurally it felt very random, disorganised and with little sense.

Found too the script to lack natural flow and with a fair bit of cheese and blandness going on, and the characters bland with some adopting some annoying and not always logical decision making. There is very little menace or urgency to the conflict, uncreative and unscary kills, the direction is phoned in and generally the acting is subpar. Some elements were overused and gratuitous, adding very little to anything.

Overall, mediocre. 4/10 Bethany Cox
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Does not even deserve the 4.6 it has on the rating but I cant VOTE LESS THAN ONE
racistnproud21 July 2017
I Don't COMment very often but i thought i could help someone out and Save their precious time. "SHOUTING LOUDLY". "Don't DO IT MAN, Don't WATCH THIS MOVIE". Its just plain lame they try and take a tried and true standard of freddie and Jason and botch i up from the word go. I mean a kid masturbating in the back seat while his friends drive? C'mon on be real. Go ahead and waste your 1.5 hr and watch this stuff and im sure you would agree with good nite and happy watching!! Just like i wasted my time writing this review on this junk board
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Insomnia Instantly Cured
nagle7128 July 2017
I'm an insomniac. I have trouble sleeping. This film cured me. Within an hour. In fact I not only fell asleep, I went into a self-induced medical coma. Messages appeared in blood under my skin: "Please do not revive me until this alleged movie is finished. Please. I beg you."

The characters are unpleasant, but more importantly they are tedious. The plot is derivative, second-rate, incoherent and childish - but more importantly it's tedious. The screenplay is laboured and leaden, and quickly becomes, yes, tedious. The acting is wooden and amateurish, (despite Larissa White occasionally coming close to showing signs of life) but never entertainingly or compellingly so, it is merely tedious. The directing, the camera-work, and the editing are equally cheap, tediously cheap. This is not one of those entertainingly bad films. It's just bad, tediously bad.

I've spent a considerable amount of time wondering why nobody involved in this production, not one of them, had the guts to say to the director, "Why are we bothering? The world would not be diminished even one iota if we abandoned this asinine project, packed up and went home." Why did they bother? I have no answer to that question.
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Best dark horror movie of the year (NO spoilers)
deeomen20 April 2017
A group of strangers find themselves fighting a supernatural evil in a remote cabin in the woods. As night falls dark magic must be invoked and extreme rituals performed in a desperate bid to end the madness but will anyone survive until morning?

Tonight She Comes is deliciously deviant and divinely deranged. Like Raw from earlier this year Tonight She Comes is the very definition of a divisive movie. It has some intense insanity on display and moves so fast that many may feel out of their standard "Hollywood horror" comfort zone.

As I saw Tonight She Comes at a festival there were a number of fellow podcasters and critics present. A few suggested afterwards that "there wasn't enough back-story" and the filmmakers "threw everything at the screen just to be shocking". I can see how they think that but I would humbly suggest that they are missing the point.

Backstory. Tonight She Comes drops the audience directly into the madness, just like the characters in the movie. This is a movie where a group of strangers (to both the audience and each other) are thrown together and have no time to think, only time to act. Real life doesn't always come with a neat little backstory, doesn't always provide a 'why'. Sometimes you just have to deal and hope you can figure stuff out in time. Accordingly sometimes the characters in Tonight She Comes make the right choice, sometimes (uh-oh) not so much.

Far from simply "throwing everything at the screen just to be shocking" I would suggest that writer / director Matt Stuertz knew exactly how far the characters in the story would need to go to accomplish their aims within the logic of their universe and was brave enough to go there. Kudos here to makeup effects team of Adrienne Wilkerson, Haley Hall, Katherine Shae Spradley, and Megan Adele Juen for making it happen.

I especially loved that all the 'good' characters were at best misguided and dumb or at worst unlikable a-holes. It didn't matter that I didn't care for them. Tonight She Comes is all about endurance in the face of unimaginable madness.

For me the standout character was Felicity fearlessly played by Jenna McDonald. Her father Francis portrayed by Frankie Ray and brother Philip (Brock Russell) were also suitably off the charts. I also really liked the creepy asshat with issues Pete as brought to life by Adam Hartley.

Regarding the much talked about "gratuitous" gore, I would simply suggest that the story demanded it and the filmmakers were brave enough to step up. Kudos to them for doing so. Some may find the images shocking but, hey, when you're dealing with ancient dark forces it ain't always PG-13 pretty to look at.

People have mentioned The Evil Dead when speaking about Tonight She Comes and I think the comparison is valid. Like The Evil Dead, Tonight She Comes is grueling, dark, occasionally funny as hell, and has a reality all its own.

Before I go I have to mention the awesome music from composer Wojciech Golczewski who penned the soundtrack for one of my top movies of last year We Are Still Here. The Tonight She Comes soundtrack is divine.

The only thing I am unhappy about is that I have to wait weeks or months to see Tonight She Comes again (and again). Despite the strength of Raw and other movies on the horizon for 2017, right now for me Tonight She Comes is far and away the best dark horror movie of the year.
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Innovative Bloody Unapologetic Horror without Clichés: Soyboyz Need Not Apply
Dark_Lord_Mark22 July 2017
I found this movie by accident and it was bloody disgusting, fun, innovative and left you wondering, what the heck is going on?

This movie is fresh, and original and unique. I must add the music score is excellent. One of the best I ever heard for a horror. It complements the film atmosphere very nicely with thunderous rhythms.

It drops you in the middle of the story, and it is balls to the wall grotesque scenes and it was very fun. A man shows up at a house with 2 women and strange things happen. The story unfolds, you put together what/who "Tonight She Comes," is about.

The story is never boring and there is slight comedy mixed with horror.

This movie leave you asking questions and MOST times, the questions lead to more questions. While some questions are never answered, it leaves you with one thought, "wow that was fantastic." Bloody scenes, disgusting bloody scenes, a lot of questions, some nudity, some cruelty and some crudeness.

This movie deserves praise for being well shot, well acted and original.

10 out of 10...highly recommended watch. New, innovative, refreshing and disgusting. Do not let the soyboys or the Liberal feminist tell you otherwise because they are WRONG. FUN well made horror!!!!
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I must punish myself for watching this pile of garbage
rodrigoalderete31 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
It seems like a film school project, but a bad one.

No story line, no plot, no dialogue. It stars bad, and gets worse.

Stupid voyeuristic boys, drinking, pissing, a drunk girl vomiting, and yet i was so naive waiting for some slasher to kill them all. And that never happened.


There is something i need to do right away to erase it from my mind: WATCH ANOTHER MOVIE WORTH WATCHING.
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Only one reason to watch.....
Dave_douell23 June 2018
There's only one reason to watch this movie, the hot girls! Call me juvenile or pervert, get over it. I fell like it could have been a better movie if it wasn't for the bad acting. Especially the old man, I don't know where they found that clod but he needs to go back to the rock they found him under. The movie is more comedy than horror which is ok. It has some pretty funny parts especially if they had better delivery from better actors. Of course kristy's acting was flawless!!
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Meth and Scratchoff Lotto Tickets
brittenour-795-94471622 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
If you choose to watch the trailer, you have seen too much.

This movie will make you feel like anyone can be an actor/actress. This will also make you feel as though making a movie based off a waking fever dream is a good idea.

There is no plot, very little script that doesn't feel improv-ish, and the constant timeline cutscenes are a reminder that you are wasting what precious little you have left on this planet.

Do yourself a favor and avoid this at all cost, even if it involves breaking the law.
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phranzyscko30 May 2019
Senseless, stupid and bad. Period. Bad acting, worst direction and hilarious effects. POsitively skip this garbage
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Wild, different, and fun.
TdSmth521 September 2017
Two guys are driving around the country delivering mail. They are looking for someone named Kristy. Earlier we met two girls driving around also looking for their friend Kristy. One of the guys, James, finds the address, but no one there, so he decides to take a break in a hammock he finds. But there's someone else there that apparently attacks him.

The two girls also make it to Kristy's lake-side cabin, while James' friend Pete watches them. While he's wondering around the woods he finds a naked girl. She's dead. But then she opens her eyes. Eventually the girls run into James. And the naked girl, who turns out to be Kristy reanimated, appears. But she's violent.

By now there's only James and one of the girls, Ashley, left. They run into the house were they meet a rather strange family. The dad, a daughter and a son. There's a dead body nearby. They cover the door in blood which keeps Kristy from getting in. The two kids are informed that they are needed for a ceremony. There's a pentagram on the floor. Let's just say there are a couple of hiccups during the bloody ceremony as midnight approaches.

Tonight She Comes is unlike any other horror movie out there. And yes, it's gross and adolescent, and the dialogue and the character's behavior at times makes no sense, but so what. This movie really surprised me. When you've watched enough horror movies, you know that most fall within a handful of storyline categories that are entirely predictable. There is nothing typical or predictable about this movie. It does the retro feel very well with synth music and by putting the time of the day repeatedly on screen. In that regard it reminded me if The Guest and It Follows. The wild gross stuff in turn is also something seen in Night of Something Strange, which came out a bit later than this movie.

I was somewhat blown away by the sheer gutsyness and originality of Tonight She Comes. Plus, a movie that features a naked girl for a good part gets bonus points right away. There was one scene that I found very creepy, something which rarely happens. Sure, there is some truth to the negative reviews, but those tend to overlook the many positives of this movie. Give this movie a chance, it will surprise and amaze you and yes, it's stunningly gross, but that doesn't make it as bad a movie as reviewers try to make it. I look forward to what this crew will come up with in the future.
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jonnothingmusic7 October 2018
If you love 80's horror, this film delivers. Including a plot that ... well, doesn't really exist or at least doesn't explain much at all. A bit of a throwback to the glory days of horror. Most notable area for praise; the score.
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Never more Satisfied
Beowulf-x19 January 2020
I have never been happier to see cast members die than in this trash film. Everyone is obnoxious and hipster to the nth degree. Just an annoying mess of poorly written and executed story. Ohh and the pseudo synthpop it should have died too.
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Not exactly good
jwbleonard28 October 2018
Not Pumpkin Head. Characters were underdeveloped, but I did like Jenna Macdonald. It was not that bad.
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Worst movie you can see
andylautakhwah19 September 2017
This movie, as the previous one from this spoiled child director, is a complete waste of time. Bad acting, worse directing and a plot that goes nowhere.

Please do not waste your time. Heed my warning.

I wasted mine.

All in all, a teenager's wet dream.
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A typical modern horror movie - bad
leem-saintfield17 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Pretty much the same as any horror movie coming out these days - terrible. You might get the impression that you are about to see a 80s style slasher until this takes a somewhat unusual twist. This will go down well with horror enthusiasts but anyone not overly enamored by the genre will probably stop watching halfway (or less) through. One redeeming feature is the perfect naked body of Dal Nicole which truly is the star of the show.
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mrslisabarber21 January 2019
This movie was all over the place. It seemed to have no plot. It had two gross scenes that stood out. That's about it. I still don't know what was happening. But ok to pass the time. There was so much that could have been done with this.
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