The Secret Life of Pets 2 (2019) Poster

Patton Oswalt: Max



  • Rooster : Why is the kid in a cage? Is there something wrong with him? Does he have the fever?

    Max : That's Liam. He likes to run.

    Rooster : So let him run.

    Max : Well, Liam's super fast. We blink and he's up a tree.

    Rooster : So then your kid's up a tree? What's the problem?

    Max : Well, he could fall.

    Rooster : He might.

    Max : And he hurts himself.

    Rooster : So he got really high up in this hypothetical tree.

    Max : I, uh...

    Rooster : He gets hurt, he learns not to do it again. You know how many electric cords I've chewed?

    Max : Like, multiple cords?

    Rooster : One. It shocked me. Walked backwards for a week, but I never chewed another cord again.

  • Rooster : The first step of not being afraid is *acting* like you're not afraid. So, are you scared?

    Max : [cowering down and shaking with fear]  No.

    Rooster : *Are* you scared?

    Max : [brings himself up to full height with confidence]  No! No, I'm not!

    Rooster : Now you're talking.

  • Katie : Hey, Maxie. Let's go for a walk.

    Max : [as he's going for a walk with Katie]  Ah, I gotta admit this is nice.

    [Max walks by another dog with its owner] 

    Dog : I don't want to go to the vet!

    Max : Uh, the vet!

    [he stops walking] 

    Max : No! No, no, no!

    Katie : Come on, buddy!

    Max : You tricked me!

    [Katie pulls on Max's leash dragging him into the vet] 

  • Snowball : [Snowball is dressed in his superhero outfit]  Good morning, New York City!

    [starts singing his superhero theme as he's posing for a flight off] 

    Max : Snowball, what are you doing?

    Snowball : What's it look like I'm doing? I'm doing superhero stuff.

  • Max : Gotta say, not a big fan of the farm.

  • Max : [Setting off on a dangerous mission ]  I'm going to find my inner Rooster.

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