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A not quite fascinating midge modge
timstokes-5573222 April 2017
This apparently was made in 2011, I experienced it as filmed in 1972 and dubbed in 1956. I gave it a 5 as there is a possibility that it is not as bad subtitled or for viewers fluent in the language.

The actual film is a lot of people making a lot of short journeys over a short amount of time and meeting with a confusing amount of other people and each other, I think. This is interspersed with regulation action sequences often leading to boss fights that were akin to poorly executed modern dance.

to have produced a film of this quality in 2011 you must have broken into a well mothballed studio and utilised the worst 1970's production values, it was odd to watch.

What made it worthwhile was the dubbing, these people are genius, the lip syncing was actually pretty good, but the hamming.... at times almost made the film worth watching.
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