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Season 1

10 Nov. 1985
The Creation
The three protagonists listen to a storyteller recount the creation as well as the Fall. At the same time, they learn their own lessons in honesty after tricking a gardener into giving them fruit for free.
17 Nov. 1985
Noah's Ark
The three protagonists find themselves in the time of Noah and help his family build the Ark then survive the 40 days and nights of rains that flooded the entire earth.
24 Nov. 1985
Joseph and His Brothers
The three protagonists first find themselves in the land of Canaan where they meet Joseph who is sold into slavery by his 11 brothers then jump again into future 13 years to Egypt where Joseph has now become the right hand to the Pharaoh.
1 Dec. 1985
The trio become slaves in Egypt with the Israelites then witnesses the ten plagues and follow Moses through the parting of the Red Sea to freedom.
8 Dec. 1985
Joshua and the Battle of Jericho
The trio find themselves in Canaan mistaken for Israelite spies, Moki is captured and force to work the walls of Jericho. With the help of an Israelite soldier and Rahab, Derek and Margo rescue Moki before the walls fall.
15 Dec. 1985
Samson and Delilah
The trio find themselves in the Valley of Sorek where they befriend Samson. The Philistines have Delilah seduce him into finding the secret of his incredible strength.
22 Dec. 1985
David and Goliath
The three protagonists are enslaved by the Philistines at Sokoh in Judah but escape where they meet the shepherd David who challenge the giant Goliath.
29 Dec. 1985
Daniel and the Lion's Den
The three protagonists find themselves in the Kingdom of Babylon where they befriend Daniel who has became the adviser of the new King Darius.
5 Jan. 1986
Queen Esther
The trio find themselves in Persia in the citadel of Susa ruled by King Xerxes. There they befriend Esther and her Cousin Mordecai in time when the King is in search of a new Queen.
12 Jan. 1986
The trio find themselves in Israel at the ancient port of Joppa. There they meet the Prophet Jonah who is writing his great experiences for the Bible.
19 Jan. 1986
The Nativity
The trio find themselves in Judea where first they journey to Jerusalem where they hear of the coming of Jesus Christ then they travel to Bethlehem to witness the Nativity themselves.
26 Jan. 1986
The Miracles of Jesus
The trio find themselves in the land of Canaan where they meet Benjamin. Together they journey to all the places Jesus visited and he tells them of all the miracles he performed.
2 Feb. 1986
The Easter Story
The trio find themselves in the garden of Gethsemane outside the city of Jerusalem. There they meet Mark who is writing his Gospel, then he tell's them story Jesus's life there then to his betrayal and resurrection.

 Season 1 

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