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Shut up with those fake reviews.
louis-17013 April 2018
You just can't rate this film with 1/10 or with 10/10. This film is not trying to be mystery/thriller original. Even the film poster suggest what can you expect from this. Main girl cast was excellent, she did a great job, you won't believe she was 26 y.o. at film's premiere. Acting was very good and directing was well. Story was okay, but not so shocking. Camera angles were good, but I didn't liked the editing much. Not very violent film in my disappointment.

I will not watch this again, but there were entertaining 92 minutes today.
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For this genre it's not a bad movie at all.
deloudelouvain21 April 2018
Haha I just read a review where it said that this movie is worse than Twilight. Really? Did you really watched Twilight? That's one of the worse movies of this genre, only good for kids that didn't reach their puberty yet. Wildling is actually not a bad movie at all, considering that this genre has been milked over and over again. The performance of Liv Tyler was spot on, a young girl estranged from the real world, discovering things she had no clue about, to ultimately find out she's not like the others. To me it could have used a bit more horror but even without it, it still is an entertaining movie if you like those kind of stories. It's not the best movie in this genre but it certainly is high above the average stuff we got to see in the past.
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Predictable, But Really Good!
tryniti98714 April 2018
Honestly I loved it myself, but I can definitely see where others will be able to pick some things apart with this film.

The movie is predictable, you'll figure it out after about ten minutes. Regardless of that fact, it still pulls you in from the very first moment. You will want to see it through to the end, I promise!

Bel Powley really shines in this movie. Her acting is superb, and she portrays the character extremely well. Matter of fact she pretty much carries this film by herself. I've never seen any other movie she has been in, but after this, I can guarantee she is someone you will want to keep an eye on. The supporting cast did a really good job also.

Do you want to be entertained, or do you just want to complain? Leave it all at the door, just watch it and be entertained. It's not meant to be the best film ever, and win hundreds of awards.

I wouldn't so much call it horror, more of a thriller. I really liked the idea of the wildling creatures. I wish they had made the movie just a tad bit longer and fully played out some of the ideas that died towards the end.

Overall the movie was good, nothing award winning, but definitely a movie to keep in the collection. Watch it, enjoy, don't overthink this.
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Decently done - could've been better
TheAlmightyFinger25 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Positives: "Wildling" is an original, refreshing take on werewolf lore. Bel Powley is excellent as the main character, supported by believable performances from the rest of the cast. The cinematography is good and the story develops at a reasonable pace.

Negatives: I felt that the final quarter of the film succumbed to slash/horror tropes that detracted from the intelligence of the rest of the film. A more subtle or poignant ending would have made this film memorable, maybe even achieving cult status. It saddens me that the screenwriter/director failed at the final hurdle.

Verdict: Definitely worth a watch, if only to revel in Bel Powley's amazing eyes.
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It's Something
nonnahs-4094511 June 2018
So this movie is VERY VERY INTERESTING, it has an odd enough storyline to keep you into the movie... I think Most will really enjoy the mystery that is this movie. However just as interesting as this movie is, is how crazy the shift in story will be. So I think if you're in the mood for an interesting movie this is definitely one to watch !!! You'll love it , be let down by it , maybe hate it or just be confused but either way it's not bad
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Wildling is a coming-of-age horror fantasy with feral implications.
TheMovieDiorama20 April 2018
Not something you see everyday, trust me. Part pubescent teen drama, part authentic horror and part whimsical fantasy. Do they all blend together to create an original piece of indie magic? Unfortunately not. A young girl is raised in captivity residing in a remote woodland cabin. She is discovered and must adjust to modern culture whilst on a journey of self-discovery. The initial hurdle that the film needed to jump was originality. It being an contemporary indie flick allowed the art to come forward and convey themes of motherhood and maturity in creative ways. However, despite the best of intentions it was all too familiar with inconsistent narrative tonality. 'Mama' meets 'Room' would be an apt description for the plot. Taking the fairytale horror from the former and embedding it into dramatic scope from the latter. The two didn't blend, at all. The separation from the first half to the second half was resolute. A simple *click* and the narrative shifts as if we are watching two short films consecutively. For what it's worth, both halves were independently engaging. The fantasy horror elements were produced with authentic makeup and succinct gore while the dramatic character development was thoroughly explored. A fantastically committed central performance from Powley who was enigmatic throughout. Wouldn't be surprised if she turned vegetarian after this. Tyler on the other hand, not so much. I just find her weak in everything. She lacks the "oomph" required to elevate the drama. The most unconvincing sheriff ever. Some character relationships, particularly Anna and Ray, were underdeveloped and came across as rushed. I wasn't invested in the chemistry thus consequently resulting in me becoming disinterested in the metaphorical subtext that Böhm attempted to convey. I always say indie films are hit and miss with me, sadly this is a miss. By all means a well produced flick with some interesting genre blends, just bites off more of the hamburger than it can chew. What can I say, not every film is to my taste.
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ctatroe14 April 2018
I loved this movie's originality, which is hard to come by these days. The main complaint is that the pace was way too quick which left the story with way too many things unsettled, or glossed over. Even if there were a sequel, this story wasn't told to its full potential. The main actress carried the movie with a brilliant performance which is why it earned my 6 stars. Would have been a solid 8 borderline 9 if the story was told with a little more detail.
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Good start - bad finish
Lugo198916 April 2018
Wildling has a promising start even though it is very reminiscent to The Room in its early scenes. As the story unfolds, the film basically disintegrates before finally stopping with a badly written ending. At times, you could also connect the story to the one of Raw, the French film from 2016. I would advise you to see that one since it is incomparably better than Wildling. The acting is quite decent but the story feels underdeveloped, sloppy and it also contains some unecessary cheesy teenage romantic moments. There are not many special effects, but even the ones present are poorly executed. I know this is a harsh review and I wish I could list some more positives but they are simply not there. It is a shame since the opening minutes are not bad.
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its not that bad
nndydw22 April 2018
With so many bad ratings here, i thought that the movie is really that bad. but for me its good, not that really good but its worth watching if you want to kill time (like me). maybe because im not that into this kind of movie (like, twilight) but i found this movie quite good.
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Better than some gave given credit
akridgeray16 April 2018
Lots of negative comments on the ending. So, maybe my expectations were low. But, it wasn't that bad. You know with this kinda film it was going to be dark. Anything else would've been corny. Overall, a pretty decent flick. The actress playing Anna did a great job. Wild that she's actually 26.
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An effective new take on the Werewolf trope.
Pairic22 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Wildling: A new take on the Werewolf trope. Anna (Bel Powley) has been raised in a room by a man called Daddy (Brad Dourif), he feeds her on a vegetarian diet and warns her about the Wildling that will try to get in to eat her. The window is barred and the door handle gives her electric shocks. Daddy injects Anna to prevent her menstrual cycle from developing, this makes her ill and eventually on her 16th birthday Daddy tries to commit suicide and Anna is discovered by Sheriff Ellen Cooper (Liv Tyler), who fosters her while her relatives are sought.

Anna befriends Cooper's teen brother Ray (Collin Kelly-Sordelet) and defends him when he is attacked by school bullies. Her strength is developing, her hearing is ultra-keen and new teeth are growing as she begins to eat meat, her periods start to appear. She chases a deer through the woods and encounters a character dressed in wolfskins (James Le Gros), a Shaman like figure who helps her to adjust to the changes.

This film has some faults, a couple of plot holes, but it is an effective Horror/Thriller with great acting by Bel Powley who at one moment is gentle and vulnerable and shortly afterwards bites a tormentors throat out. There is no swift change to the Wildling state, new teeth grow, nails lengthen, she becomes more hirsute. She longs to see the Aurora Borealis, wants to head North. She feels at home in the woods.

Liv Tyler is effective as the empathic Sheriff and Dourif convinces as the conflicted Daddy. Production design, art direction, make up and effects all coalesce to crate an eerie dark feel, choreographed by Director and co-writer Fritz Bohm (with Florian Eder) who adds a new and powerful twist to the Lycantrophe legend in his debut film as director. 8/10.
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I enjoyed Bel Powley, but what's with the ending? (spoilers)
cohenmitch5 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I thought Bel Powley gave a compelling performance. She was believable with her huge wide eyes that saw the outside world for the first time. I did figure out the twist about her being the wildling early on.

I felt a tug between two different movies. Was this a horror film? Or was this a character study about what it would be like to be totally sheltered and then see the amazing outside world for the first time? I don't think it holds up well as a horror movie. Nothing was very scary to me. I was much more interested in Powley's character as she experienced the outside world for the first time. Her scene as a passenger driving in a car for the first time was great. She held on for dear life as they traveled 25 MPH! I found myself thinking what it could be like to be locked up for 16+ years never experiencing the outside world.

Ultimately, she did make a horror transformation. I was disappointed that she never changed back and had to live out her life in Wildling form. I would have liked to have seen her change when she became one with nature or more sexual, but then change back to human form when just living her every day life. Major Issues for me: 1) I had a major issue with the ending. It was like the movie ran out of budget and had to end it. Did she really get to the Northern Lights by foot with a helpless baby? I didn't understand this at all. I know it was her dream to see the northern lights, but sorry, she couldn't just walk there could she?

2) What was with the "Daddy" character? Why did he save her to begin with? He was hellbent on destroying any trace of the wildlings. And if he knew that she wouldn't become a wildling until puberty, then why did she need to stay locked up until then? Didn't anyone notice him buying all this baby stuff? It's a really small town. People would notice. How did he care for the baby by himself? I have about 10 other questions about this "Daddy" character that made no sense to me.

I viewed this movie on Amazon Prime, and I found it an interesting movie to experience. I wasn't crazy about her ultimate transformation. It seemed like she had to live her life isolated with no friends and just her baby to take care of. Others have said this is the tale of a girl becoming a woman and dealing with mens' expectations and more. I would hope that after becoming a woman, you weren't left alone in the woods. I would hope you would be able to enjoy being part of the community and fully embrace your power and independence. I got none of this from the ending.
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What started out as a nice story with great acting ended out being a chewbacca movie
lollipopmkb22 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Don't waste your time it's complete garbage. The movie feels like it was subjected to a lot of cuts and the make up of the girl transforming into a monster later is the WORST. The actress did what she was told to do and you can feel she has great potential but honestly the makeup artist and the scenarist should quit doing their jobs.
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A twist on the old tale of coming of age.
benjaminlauriesmith15 April 2018
Its hard to say exactly who the film is aimed at as I can see it appealing to all ages and genders for different reasons.

In essence its a coming of age movie about a young girl discovering herself and adapting to the world she finds herself in.

Its quite obvious to see why Bel Powley was cast as the main lead as she does such an amazing job of portraying someone with animalistic characteristics and equally as a child stepping into a young adults world for the first time.

If you are looking for a horror slasher gory monster movie then this really isn't it although there are some scenes of gore and violence its really more of a tangled love story about a girl finding her belonging in the world she finds herself thrust into.

While its entertaining and intriguing for the most part and as others have already stated it is obvious where the film is going but this none the less doesn't detract from the enjoyable experience.

Would I personally pay full price for this in a cinema? Probably not. Pay to stream it on download for the family; sure.
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Not as bad as you may think...
tattoopig17 April 2018
Interesting, if somewhat predictable, film about a young girl found locked in the attic of her house. She is saved by Liv Tyler, but is she really the one who needs saving, or should all the other characters run for the hills? Great acting all round make this very thin plot work. Beautiful camera work and lighting also add to the illusion that this is a big budget movie (It isn't. It's a cheap little indie pic). Def worth a watch to see the lead actress (Bel Powley) act everyone else off the screen.
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A surprisingly good film
mjsreg15 May 2018
I thought this was going to be a decent but predictable film about a girl who returns to society after being locked away all her life.

Well - it is - sort of. I had only read taglines so the film was much as I expected to begin with, then everything changes and the story goes in a different and unexpected (for me anyway) direction.

A strong cast and excellent production really involves you in the characters and story.

I wouldn't say this is a 'brilliant' film - but it is damn good and well worth watching.
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Move over, Ginger Snaps.
ariannafelidae-113 December 2018
I adore werewolf movies, so I'm going to be more biased and forgiving than someone looking for the next award-winner. Entertain me for an hour or two, that's all I ask.

The tone of this movie is creepy from the get-go and even though you can put it together as you go along, the top-notch acting pulls you in and keeps you there. I was never bored waiting for something to happen.

Bel Powley was absolutely brilliant in the lead role from start to finish and the make-up was so well-done. They went with practical effects and it is so appreciated!

Ginger Snaps has been my go-to for the quintessential female (coming-of-age) werewolf film for years, now. This will need a few more viewings before I swap this one for that one, but I feel like there's finally a contender and I LOVE that.
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Just a little dull for my liking
jtindahouse23 April 2018
A movie needs a hook. It needs an element to it that keeps you intrigued and needing to know what's going to happen next. 'Wildling' has it for a little while, but then loses it in the second half of the film. In fact it starts out with a very intriguing scenario. A quite bizarre and seemingly twisted one in which you really do need to know what's coming next. Then about halfway through the films puts all its cards on the table and what plays out from then on was simply not interesting enough to sustain the story.

It's a great looking film there can be no question about that. A surprising amount of work has gone into making every shot in the film exquisite to look at. It's also very well edited and put together. I would happily put a big-budget feature in the hands of writer/director Fritz Böhm.

The acting was also pretty good for the most part. There are some quite strong actors/actresses among the cast. I did have a lot of trouble buying Liv Tyler as a policewoman though I have to say. Her voice was far too soft for the role and her personality didn't convince me either. There's just enough in 'Wildling' to keep it from becoming completely unwatchable, but it's certainly not a film that will stick with me in any way I suspect.
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I personally, loved it.
EmmaD33b14 June 2018
I simply loved it. It was as mentioned by some before me, rather (actually very) predictable, this did however not ruin the movie experience for me the slightest.

The acting was amazing, by the one and only Bel Powley, and of course Liv Tyler wasn't so bad either!

The special effects were to no complaint, except maybe at one point towards the ending. (Trying not to spoil anything!) If you watch it, and as myself if a big fan of special effects, I'm sure you'll know what I'm talking about.

Original, but predictable, very, HIGHLY enjoyable, and I definitely do recommend seeing this movie at least once.

HOWEVER! If you are looking for a horror movie, this is not it. I'd call this more of a .. Mystery/fantasy-ish kinda movie. So as I said, don't expect to be spooked by this film, as it should not be classified as a horror. I say this with confidence as a horror-lover.
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Pretty good movie
the_doofy3 August 2018
I don't really get all the 'for this genre' reviews. Maybe its 2-3 people spamming. Its not a dam zombie movie or some such.

Good--The acting was extremely well done. The direction stayed on track. There were no hanging loose ends, there was closure to the ending. Yes, the viewer may not get what they want (for a change, thank god).

In any event, I personally found the movie reasonably original.

Bad--The wildling and humans turn out to be the same species, 'they' sacrificed plot believability in order to inject some empathetic drama. The primary antagonist does not add up, and this character gets typical Hollywood closure.
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Interesting but not spectacular
muamba_eats_toast20 May 2019
I did enjoy watching this film and the concept was very interesting and nice to see a coming of age story with a twist for a change. The film was good but very understated and whilst i was never wowed at any point I did enjoy it throughout. Worth a watch if you get the chance.
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So much potential but failed to deliver
vonna-0562412 May 2019
The story itself is a good story. So much more could have been done to develop this into a suspenseful thriller with a climactic ending, leading to another movie. However, instead of developing the story and the characters, it relied on gore and horror. The movie had some great acting talent whose talents were not at all displayed by the shallow script and character development. If you are looking for a mindless movie with a predictable plot and ending, this is it. If you are looking for something more thought provoking, pass this one by.
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Better than expected.
dave-w-brown26 May 2018
Although predictable and generic, the atmosphere of the film keeps you hooked and rooting for Anna. This is probably due to the superb, and non-cliche'd, performance of Bel Powley.
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You're not sick. You're a woman.
nogodnomasters21 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Anna (Bel Powley) grows up locked up in a room by her daddy (Brad Dourif). After daddy attempts to pull a Budd Dwyer, Anna winds up in the custody of Officer Ellen Cooper (Liv Tyler) in a small upstate NY town. Anna fears the Wildling, a creature with sharp teeth, claws, covered in hair and eats children. Things are not hard to deduce early as Anna has acute hearing, loathes shoes, and eats only meat.

The film grabs your interest from the start. However the grip slips as the film moves beyond the point of no return. I would have liked to have seen her first response to television. She watches a computer like she had been around them her whole life. They needed a rewrite on that scene.

Guide: F-word, sex, nudity?
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Not bad as others make out
desertship-7824621 April 2019
This was an enjoyable slow paced thriller. I enjoyed the cinematography more than anything else in the movie. The story is predictable, for an old geezer like myself, but for those new to the genre this movie would be thrilling.
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