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Very Intense Series of Events
Hitchcoc24 October 2017
Because so many of these characters are utterly unlikeable, it's almost impossible to root for them. Pru, for instance, is a sorry mess. Mark is emotional and volatile. On and on. Then, of course, there is Slade and his erratic behavior. But, still the plot is interesting and leads one on from scene to scene. Pru's husband is distant and paranoid. He is seen at the beginning as a workaholic who has little interest in his own wife. The most significant event is the death of Britnay that follows as a result enhances the angst. Anyway, there are some contrived scenes and they don't always work.
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Quick watch!
cybogdan18 November 2019
Definitely pulls you in... strange, thrilling easy to binge on a weekend. Not a 10 but good!
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Avoid at all costs
stratus_phere25 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
What a piece of crap show. One thing I've learned by now is that you will not get any satisfaction out of this show. Characters will do bad things, and there will be no retribution, and you will be angry.

A woman a festival beats up an older lady, curses her out, and walks off. Of course she gets away with it and we will never see that woman again. That's what passes for entertainment? Oh please. I was frustrated with the show up until now, but at this point I turned it off. I don't need to watch crap like that.

Here's a clue to the useless, clueless writers of TV dramas: give the audience some satisfaction. We are not interested in the bad guys always winning. We see that enough in the real world. Show the good guys winning. Show the bad guys get what's coming to them. And I don't just mean at the very end, at the last possible instant. I mean throughout the show. If you can't do better than that, do NOT write again. Stop doing it now! I don't care if you get another career, or just crawl in a hole and wither away. I don't care. But stop writing. You are terrible at it.
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